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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 14th November 2011

Funshades just £4.00!

It’s been a dull old week, and we’ve seen nothing but grey skies and drizzle. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the sun will come out soon, but we do have an offer that will brighten up a dreary day!

This week buy any Funshade for just £4.00!

Available in red, pink, purple, lilac and orange, they are perfect for giving your hens, rabbits or guinea pigs a shady, dry spot in their run, whilst bringing a dash of colour to the garden.

Can’t choose which colour to buy? At just £4.00 each why not go for one of each, and create a rainbow in the garden!?

Click here to buy your Funshade before it’s too late!

This week Funshades are just £4.00!

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