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New Run Door Self Fit Kit



The Run Door Self Fit Kit lets you add an extra access door to your Eglu run or Walk in Run.Simply cut out a section of your run mesh, cover the edges with the supplied edge protectors and clip the door in place.(You will need some good quality pliers to cut the hole in your run panel.) If your pets move their toys to awkward parts of the run or occasionally lay an egg just out of reach, the Self Fit Door Kit is just the thing for you! Note: The door opens inwards not outwards, so remember to take that into account when deciding on the location of your new door. If you are using it on an Eglu Go run or an Eglu Cube run, the angle of the Run panels will mean you need to mount it slightly higher to avoid it colliding with the ground when you open it.




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#UnlikelyLove Valentines Day Competition



This Valentines Day we’re celebrating #UnlikelyLove! Do your cat and dog have a blossoming friendship? Are your horse and your chicken inseparable? Has your rabbit taken a liking to the goldfish? Or are your kids and your pet goats besties?

Courtesy of Omlet and Shaken Udder, you could be in with a chance of winning a New Eglu Cube and a bundle of milkshake goodies.

All you have to do is share a picture of a time you’ve captured a surprising friendship on our Facebook post, tweet us or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #UnlikelyLove, winners will be announced at 12pm on Valentines Day so you have until then to enter!

The competition closes at 11:59am 14th February 2017. The winning entrant will be selected and notified by social media on 14th February 2017. Omlet and Shaken Udder reserve the right to withdraw the competition at any point. Prizes cannot be transferred. This competition is only open to UK residents. You must have the rights to the image you enter. 

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The Royal County of Berkshire Show

We recently attended the Royal County of Berkshire Show up at Newbury Showground. We wanted to give everyone a chance to come and see the New Eglu Cube in action and we were amazed by how many people came out to see us, especially the troopers who came on the very windy and rainy Saturday.

We appreciated everybody’s feedback and welcomed any questions or queries with regards to the new model.

Berks Show

We will not be featuring at any more shows this year however we do have the opportunity for you to come and see the New Eglu Cube at Omlet HQ in Wardington, Banbury.

Please give our customer service team a call on 01295 750094 or just drop by and a member of the team will be happy to help you!



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3 days….

Mr Barbara has followed the chickies and has managed to send us a clearer image of where they’re headed, he sounds very excited about it and can’t wait for you to see it.

“I can see clearly now”…..well not quite but almost there! Hang on, only 3 more days until the big reveal….




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7 days…

It appears as though our little chickies have seen something intriguing….can you work out what it is? Their camera can’t quite pick out the details from this far away but we hope to bring you some clearer images as they get closer over the next few days.




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Free Starter Kit with Every Chicken Eglu & Find the Golden Egg to Win!

Omlet Newsletter March 1st 201


Free Eggstras worth over £35 with Every Chicken Eglu!

Spring is just around the corner so now is the perfect time to introduce a flock of hens to the garden. In fact this month is better than any to order your Eglu Chicken Coop because we’re offering you a whole bundle of eggcellent accessories for free!

Order an Eglu Go, Go UP, Classic or Cube and you’ll receive:

A high quality A2 poster featuring over 50 breeds of chicken. Specially designed by Omlet and printed using the finest inks on a German made Heidelberg press this imposing poster will not only help you choose your chickens it will look fantastic framed and hung on your wall. (worth £4.99)

The No. 1 best selling book, Keeping Pet Chickens. This book is a great introduction to chicken keeping and will appeal to all ages. (worth £6.50)

Spring’s copy of Practical Poultry. A monthly chicken keeping must, this magazine is packed full of tips and advice. (worth £3.80)

Red Egg Ramp. The chic way to store and display your eggs with the added bonus that the Egg ramp automatically sorts your eggs in date order so you always use the oldest first. (worth £9.99)

Beware of the Chickens Plaque. Made from weatherproof and hard wearing resin, this cheeky plaque will make the postman look twice. (worth £4.59)

Organic Omlet Chicken Feed. Something for the chickens to get their beaks stuck into! Created for garden hens with just the right combination of protein, vitamins and minerals to keep your birds in tip top condition, in a 10kg sack. (worth £9)

To take advantage of this fabulous offer simply add your Eglu to your shopping basket and enter promo code: FREEBIES316

Your Chance to Win an Eglu Classic Chicken Coop!
Order an Eglu Egg Cup this month and you could be the lucky winner of an Eglu Classic Chicken Coop worth £449.99!

We’ve hidden a golden egg in one eggstra special Eglu Egg Cup and you just need to find it to win.

Why not treat yourself to this adorable replica of a design classic to make your boiled egg breakfast even more magnificent than usual!? You never know…you could soon be collecting that egg from your own chickens too! And with Easter just around the corner, this offers the perfect gift alternative to a chocolate egg.

Feeling clucky? Click here to order your Eglu Egg Cup today for just £8.99!

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The Free Eggstras with Every Eglu offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Omlet offer. The offer expires at 11:59pm on 31st March 2016. Offer applies to UK orders only. Previous purchases are not eligible for this offer.

The Eglu Egg Cup competition closes at 11:59pm 31st March 2016. Competition open to residents of UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain. An Eglu Egg Cup must be purchased to participate. The customer that finds the golden egg is the winner. The winner will need to follow instructions inside the golden egg to claim his/her prize. The prize is an Eglu Classic with 2m run. No prize alternative will be offered.

Omlet Ltd, Tuthill Park, Wardington, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 1RR.


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Win an Eglu Cube for your Mum this Mother’s Day!



Win an Eglu Cube for your Mum!

Is your Mum a good egg? Has it always been her dream to keep chickens? Would you like to be able to treat her to an eggstra special gift this Mother’s Day? Then you’re in the right place…

This Mother’s Day we are going to surprise one lucky Mum with an Eglu Cube Chicken Coop worth £699.

The Eglu Cube is the ultimate abode for a small flock of chickens, with a private nesting box, snug roosting area and spacious fox-resistant run. It is quick to clean, easy to move and it will keep hens at a comfortable temperature whatever the weather.

Once Mum has recovered from the eggcitement of her amazing prize, she will not only have the ongoing delight of watching her new pets but she will get to experience the sheer pleasure of collecting that first warm, fresh egg from the nesting box. (Perfect for treating her to breakfast in bed!)

So, how do you go about winning this fabulous prize for your fabulous Mum? Simply tell us, in 100 words or less, why she would love an Eglu Cube Chicken Coop.

Click here to enter this fantastic competition!

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The competition closes at 11:59pm 28th February 2016. The winning entrant will be selected and notified by email on 29th February 2016. The winning entrant will need to confirm the name and address of the prize recipient by midday on 2nd April in order for the prize to reach her in time. Delivery will be made via Parcelforce on 4th March.

Omlet Ltd, Tuthill Park, Wardington, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 1RR.

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Omlet Newsletter February 12th 2016


Valentine’s Day is upon us again and that means more than just giving your loved one (or pet chicken) a kiss… you may not be aware that February 14th is also traditionally the time that hens go back to full lay. If you keep two chickens, that means you should soon be back to getting a dozen eggs a week again. Hooray!

So, as well as your roses and chocolates you should have an eggstra special breakfast to look forward to this Sunday.

Happy (Late) Pancake Day!

Did you have a flippin’ fantastic pancake day? It looks like it! We asked for photos of your flips on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win an Egg Ramp and Rollabowl, and you didn’t let us down. Here is the winning gallery, and check out this impressive Star Wars scene, all created from pancakes!

In between eating pancakes, we’ve been doing some research about the tradional Shrove Tuesday treat and these are our three favourite findings:

1 – In 1995 Dean Gould tossed a pancake 349 times in just two minutes.

2 – The biggest ever pancake to be flipped was just over 15m wide and three tonnes heavy.

3 – In France, it is traditional to touch the handle of the frying pan and make a wish while the pancake is turned, holding a coin.

For any of your planning on pancakes this weekend, here’s our foolproof recipe (perhaps a good idea for Valentine’s breakfast in bed?) …

Is your hutch looking worse for wear? It’s time for an upgrade!

Save Over 10% on Eglu Go Rabbit Hutches!

Spring will soon be here and there’s nothing more spring-like than watching your pet bunnies hopping around the garden enjoying the sunshine. Now is the perfect time to swap that damp wooden hutch for a colourful, cosy Eglu.

The Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch, like all Eglus, has twin walled insulation to keep your pets cool in summer and warm in winter. Unlike wooden hutches, it is easy to keep clean and fresh, with no cracks for nasty bugs and waste to hide in. Your bunnies will love being able to hop in and out of their house as they please to bounce around the fox-resistant run and the underfloor wire (included) will stop them digging out.

Order your Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run today for only £299 (usual price £360).

Use promo code: UKUPGRADERH (valid until 29/02/15).

We also have great savings on our Eglu Go Chicken Coops and Guinea Pig Hutches – click here to find out more!

Eglu Stand Up to Pennsylvania Snowstorm

Just how weather proof are Omlet chicken coops? Very! Kathleen Gannon was recently affected by the extreme snow storm in Pennsylvania and despite a coverage of 30 inches, her hens were happy as can be in their Eglu Cube. Click here to see a photo of them comfy and cosy inside their run. Luckily, the girls seemed oblivious to their frozen surroundings!

The Eglu Cube has twin-walled insulation to keep your chickens warm during winter weather. An Extreme Temperature Jacket can be added for extra protection, and adding a run cover or two will keep the run nice and dry through rain and snow.

Just How Fresh are Supermarket Eggs?

Buying eggs as part of the weekly supermarket shop is the norm for many of us, but did you know that by the time you’ve popped them in your trolley they could already be four weeks old? Although EU legislation ensures that eggs have to be sold by 28 days from lay, this could still mean you end up buying eggs that are weeks old. Perhaps not as fresh as you thought!?

The easiest way to check if your egg is fresh enough to eat is to drop it into a container of water. If it floats upwards in a vertical position, it’s stale. If it sinks to the bottom and lies horizontally it’s fresh.

Of course, the best way to ensure your eggs are fresh is to keep your own chickens, and nothing beats the taste of a newly laid egg! Click here to read our guide to keeping chickens!

Cold Weather Accessories

Extreme Temperature Jacket – Slip this jacket on your Eglu Cube for extra weather protection- just £99

Snugglesafe Heatpad – Microwave for a few minutes to give your pets up to 10 hours of warmth – only £19.95

Wind Break Kit for Fencing – Use with your Chicken Fencing to give hens shelter from the wind – just £14.99

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The strangest egg you’ve ever seen, top winter hen tips & your eggsclusive Eglu discount!

Omlet Newsletter January 14th 2016


How Eggstraordinary!

Keeping your own chickens is fun and fascinating, especially when you never know what you’re going to find in the nesting box! Eglu Owner Emma Postlethwaite recently had quite a surprise when she went to collect her eggs in the morning; her Light Sussex hen, Wendy, had laid a whopper. Weighing in at 5.9oz, Emma knew it was going to make for a cracking breakfast but she was not eggspecting what happened next. Breaking open the shell she discovered something sp’egg’tacular – an egg within an egg. Watch a video of the eggstraordinary reveal here!

Have you found any weird and wonderful eggs in your Eglu? Let us know your story and send us a pic if you can!

Is your coop looking worse for wear? It’s time for an upgrade!

Treat your Hens to a New Coop and Save over 10%!

This month we have a very special offer on some of our best-selling pet houses – save over 10% on Eglu Gos, Eglu Go UPs and Eglu Go Hutches! There’s no better eggscuse to treat your pets to a stylish new home and you’ll love being able to look out to the garden to something bright and colourful on a cold winter’s day.

Don’t have a chicken coop or rabbit hutch to upgrade? Don’t worry, this offer is open to new pet owners too – just use our special promo codes below to redeem your secret discount.

Eglu Go Chicken Coop code: UKUPGRADEGO / Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop code: UKUPGRADEGOUP

Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch code: UKUPGRADEGH / Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch code: UKUPGRADERH


Keeping your Hens Happy this Winter

Following a mild but wet December it’s time to say hello to the big freeze again. Brrr! You may not be welcoming it with open arms but you can at least be prepared with our top tips for winter chicken care. And don’t panic, your hens are hardier than you think!

  • Always shut your hens in the Eglu when it gets dark and open again in the morning. The twin-walled insulation will keep them nice and cosy.

  • Invest in a spare drinker or two to have on hand for frosty mornings – simply swap their frozen water for fresh! Alternatively try using a water heater to avoid your hens having to drink slush puppies.
  • Move your Eglu to as sheltered a spot as possible and add a suitable run cover to allow your hens to roam around without being rained on.

  • More poop in the chicken coop? This could be down to your hens eating more regularly to stay warm. Pick up the frozen droppings every couple of days and clean your Eglu more often than usual.

  • Thought porridge was just for bears? Chickens love it too. Use feed pellets instead of oats, add boiling water, stir and allow to cool before adding a touch of poultry spice. Perfect for a warming evening snack.

  • An Eglu will keep your hens warm enough whatever the weather but you can always add an Extreme Temperature Jacket for eggstra protection on freezing nights.


A Very Happy Cube Customer!

What’s better than having an Eglu in your garden? Having three! Jenny Evans loves our chicken coops so much she now has a rainbow of Cubes for her feathered friends. She sent us this email to let us know how happy she is with her products.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we & our feathered family members are with their new living accommodation! It makes such easy work of keeping them, they are very well designed & thought out.”

To find out more about the cracking coops we have on offer, visit the website. And don’t forget our Eglu Gos and Go UPs are on special offer this month!

Today is National Best Dressed Pet Day

Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day and we are eggcited to see our High-Vis Chicken Jackets in Inc’s ’13 coolest outfits’ list. Now, we agree, these jackets are cool, but they are functional too. Not only do they make your chickens easy to spot in the dark, which is great if you feel like you end up playing hide and seek every evening, but they also give protection to hens that are a little on the bald side. They offer comfort and warmth in cold weather and they have been designed for ease of use and manoeuvrability. Please note, your hen may take a few days to get used to her new garment and it should be removed at night so she doesn’t get too warm.

Make sure you check out our Camo Chicken Jackets too, or, if you’re a dog owner pick up one of our stylish tweed numbers.

December’s Competition Winners
Thanks to everyone that entered December’s terrific competitions. Wendy Jackson was the winner of our Personalised Pet Painting competition and she is soon going to be the proud owner of a piece of unique artwork by artist Nicola Metcalfe. You can see Wendy and her pals above and we will share the painting when it’s complete.

The lucky winners of the Your Chickens Magazine competition were Rosalind Cunliffe, Susan Moffat, Keith David, Alison Botting and Monica Bagley. They will each receive a year’s subscription to this perfect poultry publication.

Winter Warmers

Water Bottle Covers – A nifty cover to help prevent your rabbit’s water from freezing! – £4.95 each

Drinker Heater – Ensure your hens’ water doesn’t freeze with this drinker heater. Two sizes,
from £24.99

Snugglesafe Heatpad – A microwaveable heatpad that can be popped in the Eglu on cold nights. – only £17.25

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Save over 10% on Eglus with the Omlet Upgrade Scheme!

Omlet Newsletter January 5th 2015


Happy New Year! Are you looking out the window at the cold, wet and miserable weather but feeling wam and snug in your lovely home? Are you sure your pet is feeling just as cosy as you? Is their home looking a bit more Fawlty Towers than Buckingham Palace? Could it be time for an upgrade? Then don’t miss out on this very special offer.

Order a new home for your pet this month and save over 10%!

Use one of our promotional codes and get your Eglu Go, Eglu Go UP or Eglu Go Hutch for a discounted rate:

Eglu Go Chicken Coop just £199 or £299 with 2m run – use code: UKUPGRADEGO

Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop just £249, £399 with 2m run, or £449 for wheels too – use code: UKUPGRADEGOUP

Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch for just £199, £249 with 1m run, or £299 with 2m run – use code: UKUPGRADEGH

Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch for just £199 or £299 with 2m run – use code: UKUPGRADERH

Click here to choose your upgrade product today!

Facebook Facebook Twitter Youtube Google Plus

This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Omlet offer. The offer expires at 11:59pm on 31st January 2016. Offer applies to UK orders only. Previous purchases are not eligible for this offer.

Omlet Ltd, Tuthill Park, Wardington, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 1RR.

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Free Delivery on Omlet Gift Cards!

Omlet Newsletter December 17th 2015


Time for Christmas shopping may be running out but fear not! Omlet Gift Cards make the perfect gift for everyone. Available in whichever amount you choose, from £10 to £500, these cards can be used to treat the recipient to whatever they choose. From a Qute Hamster Cage to and Eglu Classic Chicken Coop to a dashing new apron, they’ll have a brilliant choice of products and you won’t have to make any tricky decisions!

Until Christmas eve, get Free UK Delivery on all Omlet Gift Cards! No promo code required.

Click here to order yours today!

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This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Omlet offer. The offer expires at 11:59pm on 24th December 2015. Royal Mail Signed For Delivery will be free. Offer applies to UK orders only. Previous purchases are not eligible for this offer.

Omlet Ltd, Tuthill Park, Wardington, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 1RR.


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Honey, I Won the Cup!

Now this is what you call a poultry paradise! Not only has Omlet customer Pauline treated her hens to an Eglu Cube and a Go, she’s now attached a 3x4x2 Walk in Chicken Run to the coops too. With all that grassy space, multiple feeders and drinkers, weather protectant covers and the perfect houses to roost and lay, her chickens must be some of the luckiest chickens in the UK!

Inspired to upgrade your chicken keeping area? Check out our cracking range of coops and wonderful Walk in Runs today!


Prize Winning Honey from the Beehaus

We were buzzing to hear the news that our good friend, chicken keeping and beekeeping expert Sara Ward recently had great success with the honey from her Beehaus bee hive. She was awarded 1st place, 2nd place, very highly commended and a cup for her bees’ honey at the National Honey Show last month. With such bee-rilliant news we asked her a few questions about her beekeeping success!

How long have you been keeping bees? I’ve been keeping bees since August 2011, then met Johannes and the Beehaus at the London Honey Show a month or so later and, as an Eglu fan, decided that I wanted to keep my bees in a Beehaus and they’ve been very happy in there for several years now.

What’s the most amount of honey you have harvested? This year has been really good, I bottled up 50lbs and ran out of jars, so maybe 60lbs?

What does your honey taste like? My honey has a lovely botanical taste which is probably from the wide variety of herbs, flowers and fruit that is growing in local parks and gardens.

What do you do with all your honey? We love to eat it with fruit and yoghurt and as a fantastic accompaniment to goats cheese, we also sell some to friends, family and those who come on our bee keeping courses. Last year we sold half of the harvest to BAFTA for them to use in their restaurant.

Do you talk to your bees and if so what do you say? Of course I talk to my bees! Those girls work very hard and I need to remind them that the weekly inspections are for their own benefit, that I want to keep them well fed, healthy and safe from wasps & mice. Opening the hive and removing frames can be a big shock to them so I usually say ‘Hello my girls, thank you for working so hard, I won’t be long and will leave you alone soon.’


High-Vis Chicken Jackets on The Apprentice

In case you hadn’t heard, our High-Vis Chicken Jackets recently appeared on BBC’s The Apprentice. Demonstrated to the contestants, as part of a pet-related task, the jackets were quite a talking point. Even Lord Sugar couldn’t resist tweeting about them! After the show, the interest grew, with radio stations demanding interviews, news stories about High-Vis mania and even a rap about them by radio 1’s Matt Edmondson.

You’ll have to watch the episode to find out what they made of the product. Meanwhile, if you want to get your hands on the must-have winter garment for your hens, visit our website. They’re available for £12 each, or buy a twin-pack for £20.

Winning Pumpkins

Did you all have a spooktacular Halloween? If your pumpkin carvings are anything to go by, it must have been particularly frightening – we were certainly scared! There were loads of entries to our competition and we were seriously impressed by your creativity. Deliberation was tough, but the winners are… Maya and Hope Leahy in the UK with their Harry Potter inspired Hedwig pumpkin – click here to see more photos of the girls’ magical set up! And, Murphy’s Chicken in the USA with a design that is simply cracking!


Could you Ho Ho Home some Hens this Christmas?Forget 5 golden rings or 4 calling birds, could you give a home to 3 ex-bat hens this Christmas? Thousands of hens are soon to be given the Christmas gift of a second chance in life thanks to hen welfare charity, the British Hen Welfare Trust. The lucky hens, which would otherwise go to slaughter at the end of their commercial life, will hopefully be re-homed to kind hearted members of the public, and go on to enjoy a festive free range retirement.

Jane Howorth, founder of the charity told us: “What could be nicer than to embrace the spirit of Christmas by welcoming a few new members into the family fold? Ex-bat hens make gorgeous, endearing, funny pets and will usually lay an egg in return for good hospitality. They need a home for keeps though, not just Christmas, so please give adoption serious consideration.”

Take a look at the charities re-homing dates coming up this month:

14th November: York – San Hutton, Bristol – Backwell, Somerset – Farrington Gurney, Wiltshire – Cheltenham, Dorset – Sturminster Newton

28th November: Lancashire – St. Helens & Haslingdon, Lincolnshire – Aunby, Shropshire – Overton, Milton Keynes, Coventry – Allesley, Rotherham – Thurcroft, Oxford – Didcot

If you would like to offer some hens a home or have a little more room in your hen house and space for another Christmas stocking please call the charity at Hen Central on 01884 860084.


Chicken of the MonthNovember’s Chicken of the Month is Lily. She is a beautifully fluffy Frizzle and looks nothing like a snowball… Thanks to xyrisrae on Instagram for nominating such a fabulous girl!

Seasonal Stars

The Chicken Swing – Preorder yours today to give your hen the best Christmas gift! – only £19.99

Egg Skelter 12 – Keep a dozen eggs in age order – the perfect present for every chicken keeper! – only £9.99

Combi Cover for Eglu Cube – Keep your chickens protected in the wet Autumn weather! – only £20

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