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Meet Widget, the star of our new Fido Nook Video!!

Widget was recently rescued from a dogs home and now lives with his owner Gill who is a professional stunt dog trainer!

Gill has trained many dogs over the years and is the founder of Stunt Dogs. who are specialist suppliers to the film, TV and advertising industry of trained animals.

Stunt Dogs have supplied many animals for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White & the Huntsman, Sherlock Holmes II, Wolfman, Thor II, Young Victoria, The Duchess and many many more!

When we saw Widget we knew he was perfect for the Fido Nook launch video.

His skills include:

Down, Go to a mark, Sit, Sit up and beg, Speak, Stand, Stay and Walk Backwards

…and we’re sure we’ll spot him in lots of films and tv programmes in the coming months!

We asked Gill to tell us a little more about Widget…..

What Breed is Widget?     
Jack Russell terrier/Westie/Papillon

How old is he?
He is 12 months old

How long have you had Widget?   
Since November 2017, most of the Stunt Dogs live with my trained handlers but when I saw Widget I knew he was going to live with me.

Has Widget done much tv/video work?
He’s done quite a lot of work, commercials, TV and films.

Please tell me a little more about Widget… 
Widget is very outgoing, loves everybody and everything, he’s a huge character and loves to train and work.

Does he have a favourite toy?
All toys, he has a lot!

He’s got such a great personality I think he’s going to be a big star!

The Fido Nook is available from only £114.99  


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#UnlikelyLove Winner!




For Valentine’s Day we asked our lovely followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share their pictures of #UnlikelyLove. We wanted to celebrate the unlikely pairings of animals who you wouldn’t normally expect to be friends and we were overwhelmed with entries. It was very hard to pick a winner but in the end we came to a unanimous decision at Omlet HQ that the winning due was Henry and Lexi the springer spaniel leopard gecko entered by Julie Barrett on Facebook.



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Pet of the Month: Maverick and Goose

A little Q and A with the owner of this month’s Pets of the Month:

When and where did you get Mav and Goose from?

We got Mav and Goose in May 2015 from a lovely breeder in Northampton, we found them on Gumtree.

What are their personalities like?

Goose is overly affectionate, loves cuddles, bit of a daddy’s boy but clearly is the boss of the street.
Mav is shy and timid and gets picked on by the other cats in the neighbourhood, but he has a very cheeky side (e.g the time he ate the bolognese off the stove) and loves to be around people. Goose always has his back.

Caught orange handed

Caught orange handed!

Do they have any favourite toys or things they like to do:

My partner plays golf, so the cats love to steal his golf balls and hide them around the house, much to his dismay.

Funniest thing they do:

They play fight with each other all day but when they go to sleep they always have to be next to each other (they’re softies at heart.)


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Pet of the Month: Louis the Cockapoo Puppy!


Interview with Augusta Henning, Louis’ proud new owner!

When and where did you get Louis from?

We got Louis from a local breeder, about twenty minutes from Wokingham, at the end of September.

What’s Louis’ personality like?

Louis is very affectionate – he loves people and is always trying to jump up at passers-by when we go for a walk. He also likes to lick our faces to show his affection! He likes to play a lot, but also understands when it’s time out.

How have you found training Louis?

Louis is a great learner so we’ve had good fun teaching him obedience at our weekly puppy class and after! We have crate trained him right from the beginning which means we can leave the house in comfort that he won’t tear our flat to shreds. He loves his crate and now sees it as a safe haven – he even knows when it’s bed time and hops right in.

What’s his favourite toy?

Because Louis is still teething, he likes toys that he can sink his teeth in to – he’s got a soft cuddly elephant and hedgehog, and some harder pulley toys which allow us to play with him. He also loves his squeaky Brussel sprout toy – which makes a funny noise.

Funniest thing Louis does:

When he gets over-tired, he runs around the garden like a mad-man – we didn’t know what was wrong with him at first! He also likes to watch TV, especially if there’s an animal on the screen. Finally, he can see his reflection in our fridge, so will sometimes claw at it because he thinks it’s another dog!

If you would like to put your pet forward for next month please email with a picture and a brief introduction. All pets are welcome 🙂



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Here Come The Girls!

We are very pleased to introduce you to our new #HollywoodHens.  Each one as pretty as the next, we’re proud to have these new additions to the team. There’s some exciting new products on the horizon here at Omlet HQ so we thought that our fabulous products deserved models to match. Let’s introduce you to the Omlet Angels….


First up we have Marilyn. Marilyn is a lovable hen, who likes to keep herself to herself but when the camera comes out she’s ready. She’s very professional and gets the job done as and when she’s needed. Known amongst the staff here for her fluffy feet and elegant feathers she’s hard not to love. Marilyn has always been about the footwear and prides herself on her unique features, she said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world“.  We also asked Marilyn what drives her, she said “I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful!” 

Marilyn resize

Next up we have the youngest in our flock, it’s Shirley! She’s lively, full of energy and is our Little Princess. Most famous for her early chick work, Shirley has come to join the girls at Omlet in search of a more mature acting career. We love the pattern of her feathers and think that they really add to the texture of the picture when she’s photographed. Renowned for her tapping feet it’s very difficult to get Shirley to sit still, luckily she agreed to speak to us for a short moment earlier in the week. When we asked her how she copes with the paparazzi and attention she said “Any star can be devoured by human adoration, sparkle by sparkle.”

Shirley resize

Walking the catwalk next we have Rita!  She is a true goddess who oozes glamour wherever she struts. Known in the industry for her fiery temper, enviable feathers and iconic collar, Rita is a real legend. We’re sure she’s going to make a great Cover Girl for Omlet!

Rita resize

We’d like to introduce you to Betty ‘The Million Dollar Legs.’ Betty is a kind, demure and elegant hen. She is more than happy to be the leading lady or sometimes just as an extra in the background. She’s a tremendous all rounder, with her flawless ‘Million Dollar Legs’ we can see a great deal of success in her future.  She said “There are two reasons I’m in show business, and I’m standing on both of them.”

Small Grey Resize

Ginger is the dancer amongst the group. Breaking off from a recent partnership with a Cockerel who she doesn’t wish to name, Ginger auditioned for us and we thought she was perfect for the role. When Ginger’s not rehearsing or choreographing new routines she likes to laze about in her Eglu Cube and unwind.

Ginger resize

And last but not least we have Beyonce….she’s the tallest and sassiest in the flock. She’s a triple threat, coming from a background in singing, dancing and acting she is by far the most experienced in the group. The other girls not only physically look up to her but they also find her such an inspiration even with her diva tantrums. When asked “Who runs the world?” she replied “GIRLS!” #HenPower

Beyonce Resize

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Pet of the Month: Badger and Melanie


Meet Badger and Melanie, our Pets of the Month for June! These adorable Guinea Pigs belong to our Omlet Graphic Designer, Jen.

She got Badger from a pet shop 2 years ago and Melanie was from a rescue centre a year later, they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Jen said she was looking for a pair of pigs but felt too guilty leaving Badger in the pet shop after buying his brothers Oink and Pearl so she bought him too.
“Badger tended to get bullied though so we decided to separate him from the others and buy him a girlfriend.”
“Badger is a bit pathetic and makes a terrible fuss about things but is very affectionate, Melanie is rather quite and content but does put Badger in his place when he is flapping and annoying her.”
Here at Omlet HQ we find it quite difficult to tell them apart (is it Badger on the left…?) but Jen said that it’s easy to tell the difference as Badger squeals all the time. He’s also very smooth despite his hair lying in the wrong direction whereas Melanie is wirey, fuzzy and big.

They like hay and green vegetables and spend the majority of their time climbing up a ramp in and out of their hutch and jumping onto the roof of their sleeping pods. SO CUTE! <3

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Pet of the Month: Truffle

Truffle is a 5 month old Cockapoo.  She lives with her owner Lynn and her family including 2 chickens called Octavia and Florence. Each morning Truffle races out to see the chooks although her devotion is not entirely reciprocated!  Truffle enjoys a fresh raw egg twice a week thanks to her feathered friends.
Lynn said “Truffle’s delighted to be pet of the month! She was bought from an excellent breeder  – Anzil Cockapoos in Knowsley near Liverpool. We got her in January and she now lives with us in Chester along with our four cats and two chickens who are lovely Pekin Bantams.”
 “She has a wonderful personality and has almost got us trained to pander to her every whim. She is fun loving and very devoted to us.”
Apparently her favourite toy varies but is currently a small teddy bear made for dogs. She also loves squeaky toys!
“Truffle has bags of character. When she is hungry she goes into the kitchen and looks pointedly at her bowl. As you can see she has very expressive eyes.”
According to Lynn she’s funniest when she has a mad half hour and races frantically around the garden. Much to the concern of the chickens watching from their Eglu.
Look at how photogenic this dog is, we <3 Truffle!
If you think your pet deserves to be ‘Pet of the Month’ please email with a picture of your pet and a short description.

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Pet of the Month: Lani

Lani is a 10 month old working English Springer Spaniel who belongs to Elise one of our Customer Service Team. Elise went and got Lani from Hereford in September 2015 and they have been inseparable since!
Elise describes Lani as a very sweet and calm dog who loves to roll on her belly and apparently she ‘enjoys her tickle wickles.’ As she is still very young, Lani is like a rocket, she flies for the ball any time Elise throws it. She also loves her kong, in the morning it’s the first thing she wants, “she will grab it and run in circles with her blue kong in her mouth.”

According to Elise, the funniest thing Lani does is she rolls on her belly every time she sees a dog or human and starts to lick their hand.

If you think your pet should be our next ‘Pet of the Month’ please email with your entries, include your pet’s name, age, breed and a picture. We’ll be in contact if we would like to know more about your pet.

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