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Omlet Newletter April 16th 2006


We share about 2.5% of our genetic sequence with chickens, (it’s true just ask the International Chicken Genome Sequencing Consortium!) which does explain why we sometimes feel a bit broody. Although we’re not sure if it explains why chickens in pink eglus lay the most and biggest eggs but after collecting over 50 sets of data and putting it through our supercomputer E99 SH3LL that is the conclusion of our fascinating experiment.

But before Professor Penelope can present the findings at the IEC (International Egg Conference) held in Suflaye, Switzerland she needs your help.   Prof. Penny needs to write a conclusion that’s not full of hot air, there’s quite enough of that in Suflaye already.  So she would like you to read the report and then email her with your eggsplanations to .  The best will win a box of very special chocolate eggs – yummy!   You can read the full report here

Professional Equipment was used to ensure weights were recorded in accordance with the EU Oeuf Protocol 1029375

Scientist Jonathon Reading with two good samples to add to the laboratory report.

Eggs of every shape, size and colour counted.

The results of National Science Week emerge from the supercomputer E99 SH3LL

This is one of our favourite times of year: daffodils are out, the sun shines a bit longer and the whiff of fresh cut grass is just starting to filter through the air. Oh and it’s Easter!

Easter Competition

If, like the whole of the Omlet team, you haven’t touched a piece of chocolate since the beginning of lent then you’ll be looking forward to Easter day.  To mark the occasion we have a delicious competition.  Simple guess the number of chocolate eggs in the glug and send you answers to  . You only have 1 guess and the person closest to the actual number will win all the chocolate eggs!  .

Guess the number of eggs

Guess the number of eggs

How many chocolate eggs does a Glug hold?


New Chocolate Eglu

Talking of chocolate (and we could quite happily all day long) we are launching a new cocoa brown eglu. Before you get really excited, no, its not made of chocolate! But it is highly desirable, have a look at the bottom of the newsletter to see for yourself.

Elsewhere in the Newsletter, Barbara’s chickens announce the arrival of the egg laying season and she has a fantastic recipe that is guaranteed to impress at a dinner party. The star photos have a bit of an eggy theme and the forum members give some sound advice on what to do if your chickens aren’t laying.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter,

PS. If you’re reading this in America don’t forget to visit!

PS. Technically if someone feeds the chocolate to you it’s not really touching!

The Omlet Team

Star Photos

Pootle and Popsie two of the greatest chicken names ever.


Has someone just found their first egg!?


Calm down dear, it’s only an egg!


Have marmite and hovis been

You can see more photos in the gallery


Barbara’s Weekly Diary!

Eggs are back on the menu!

After telling you all last time that my girls were taking an egg-laying break, eggs now appear to be back on the menu accompanied by an awful lot of announcing by my best layer. She started to produce eggs again about a week ago and now every time she feels the urge to provide me with something for my egg basket, she feels duty bound to tell everyone! She paces up and down the run making “baaark-bok-bok-baaark” noises then scuttles off and sits on the nest, emerging 20 minutes later having left a little gift for me in the middle! Once she’s back into the swing of things, she’ll be quiet and just get on with things. She does this everytime she returns from a break from egg laying. It used to worry me that the neighbours would be annoyed but if you consider that the noise is quieter than a barking dog or one of those infernal car alarms, there’s really no need for me to have been concerned. Most of the time, it’s even quieter than some of the garden birds when they start singing! We can hear the Thrush a long way off!

Anyway, the arrival of eggs again means I can spend more time in the kitchen using them up and one of the nicest puddings I make for my family is a Meringue Roulade.

Meringue Roulade

4 egg whites

Preheat oven to 180C and line a Swiss roll tin with greaseproof paper.


Please don’t eat me!


What’s on the forum?

Forum Chatter

Barbara has not been the only one to have chickens on an egg-laying break. Chocchick has also been worried by a lack of eggs and asked “No Eggs since last Sunday – Do I need to worry?”

“Trinny has not laid an egg since Sunday (the last day of Science week).

She has only been laying since 21/2/06, and only a few days a week, should I be worried? When she was laying it was big eggs like 85g-100g bigger than her Amberstar pal Su who now lays most days, and started a bit after Trinny. She seems alright and does what the other two do.

Sheila – “As long as her behaviour is like the others, I wouldn’t be worried. Perhaps she needs a rest after those big ones! I can’t remember, do they freerange? It’s just that a while back I thought some of mine had stopped. Then I found a beautiful garden nest! Under shrubs & conifers are favourite places. Do post again if you find any, or if she shows any different behaviour.”

Chocchick – “They do freerange in the mudbath that was our lawn. Should have a careful look round, though so far they all seem quite good at laying in the nest and it’s a fairly open area. I found T’s first ever egg in the middle of the lawn in the rain. It had been there overnight!”

Kate – “Don’t worry, Chocchick, mine often go a while between eggs, especially at this time of year. Jenny missed a fortnight! You know what signs to look for in a sick hen so if they are behaving normally, don’t worry, the eggs will return!”

Chocchick – “Waiting to get home and to look for eggs. Trinny was behaving suspiciously and loitering around the eglu. Hoping she wanted to go in eglu when I wasn’t looking.

When I was leaving she was nowhere to be seen Fingers crossed…..”

Linda – “Hope you come home to that eagerly awaited egg!”

Chocchick – “3 eggs today! Yay!”

Sheila – “Egggscellent news! Glad all’s well.”

If you aren’t egluowner then you can have a trial access to the forum, simply by clicking this link here -> forum


Egluowners of the Week

Tamsin Hughes

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Where do you live? Thorpe,Surrey

If you were stranded on a desert island what luxury item would you have? Frying pan so i can cook allll my eggs!!

What pets do you have?

Which chickens do you have?

How old are they? mixture, all under 3

What are your chickens called?

will only name a few as have lots,Muffin,Jim,Dorothy,Vera, Millie,Fleur,Jess,Teresa, Humbug

How many eggs do you get a week and what is your favourite way of cooking them?

21, fried on buttered toast

Do your chickens have a party trick?

They shout out “WOLF” when little Pixie runs down the garden!!

Spending time with your chickens

Spending time with the chickens.


On the car walk

On the cat walk

Featured Product

The new Cocoa eglu

Chocolate eglu!

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Chicken Horoscopes by Mystic Peg

Mystic Peg is staring deep into her crystal egg so that she can tell you wattle happen…next time!

Omlet Team

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