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The Omlet Blog Archives: July 2006

Omlet Newsletter July 26th 2006


Welcome to another Omlet newsletter. It’s been a while since the last one so we have packed it full of great stuff including Barbara’s diary,  news from the forum and the launch of two new eglus!  By popular demand we have added a new perfectly purple eglu to the range (pictured left).  And if you keep pigs (small furry ones that squeek rather than oink) you can now treat them to their very own eglu.  But first some news just in from the world of Omlet…

An eglu for a horse?
There’s nothing unusual about someone ordering a green eglu as it’s the most popular colour… but we should have realised something was up when the instructions on the delivery note said to go through the gate, left at the water trough, over the jump and park anywhere next to the horse box.  An eglu for a horse!  What other animals are living in eglus that we don’t know about? If you keep an unusual pet in an eglu, maybe a tortoise, a ferret or even an iguana then email with a photo and we’ll star the best ones in the next newsletter.

A very well appointed eglu
We always treat our customers like royalty so we weren’t surprised when Princess Michael dropped by the Omlet stand at the Warwickshire Show to stroke a rabbit and admire the eglus. Damian Oliver (proud eglu owner and star of a national Omlet advertising campaign)  was on hand to ensure the royal visit went smoothly. An aide later commented that she was very impressed with Damian’s curtsy (surely he meant your courtesy Damian!? – Ed) and that the Princess has her eye on a purple eglu and a couple of chickens but first she has to persuade her husband.

Help bring back the beetles
Also at the show were the fantastic volunteers from the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species who are leading a campaign to save the magnificent Stag Beetle – which is now worryingly scarce in Britain.  Take part in their snappily titled Bury Buckets 4Beetles project – it’s easy and you could make a stag-gering difference. Click here to find out more.

Are you free on the 19th?
Fancy spending the evening in the company of friends, dining on a delightful spread of locally produced fare and supping on summery drinks whilst being entertained by a great band?  Thought you might!  So lets get together at the Omlet Summer Party it’s in Oxfordshire in August and there’s more about it in the forum section below.

Lots of other great stuff in the Newsletter, including Barbara, the forum and a new addition to the eglu family for the nosey little chap pictured below.

Enjoy the newsletter and the sunshine!

The Omlet Team

Who does this little nose belong too?
Answer at the bottom of the page.

The new purple eglu – it’s so very magnificent!

Do you keep an unusual pet in an eglu?  We’d like to hear from you if you do.

Could Damian’s position as Face of Omlet be under threat from a member of the Royal family?


Star Photos

You’re sure you want to lay an egg in there?

Who needs a World Cup anyway?  Lifting the first egg from the nest box is much more satisfying said this Zidane look-a-like!

Kate’s wonderful pavlova made with own eggs and home grown strawberry’s.

This is definitely not the recommended way of clipping your chickens wings.

Barbara’s Weekly Diary!

Compost bins and worms!
I love my compost bin. I feed it every day and marvel at the wonderful stuff which it gives me in return for a few vegetable peelings and the contents of my chickens droppings tray! The resulting compost is dug into flower beds, used as a mulch or mixed into pots and tubs before planting anything new and the results are very good indeed. We put all we can into the compost bin including clippings and prunings from the garden and any raw fruit and vegetable peelings that come from the kitchen. I even put used kitchen paper and torn up newspaper in there every now and then too.

I’ve just invested in a Can Of Worms and that is even more exciting because you can see the worms at work every time you lift the lid to put something in it. The nice thing about the wormery is that it isn’t restricted to peelings and weedings. We have a lot of cooked leftovers thanks to rather fussy children and they delight in feeding these to the ever hungry worms every evening after their meal! Cake (though there’s never much of that leftover!), bread, cooked vegetables, paper, cardboard and toilet roll inners go to feed the worms. We have a bag of worm treats to give them too and are getting into the habit of sprinkling some of the special lime treatment that comes with the wormery on once a fortnight to keep the pH of contents nice and comfortable for our little wriggly friends. It’s all fairly new so I’ve not managed to siphon off any liquid feed yet but my tomato plants are crying out for it so I do hope it hurries up!

We don’t have a lot of space in my over filled garden so use a lot of pots for summer fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, runner beans, strawberries and peas so they are always started off with at least half a pot full of homemade compost and they love it.  The plants are healthy and grow so much more vigorously than those grown without any of my magic compost!



What’s on the forum?

Omlet announces the Summer Party

Buffie and Kate are going!

You can’t miss this!

Has all this sun inspired you to spend more time outside with nothing but flip flops and sun cream on? Oh yes, your chickens are watching you and sending us the photos!  Ok, we won’t put them in the next newsletter if you promise to come to our party!

It’s all happening in the sweet smelling setting of the National Herb Centre.  Located in the beautiful oxfordshire countryside, the Herb Centre is just a short distance from J11 of the M40.  View a google map.

Live music comes from the fantastic Superfunk4, and there will be plenty of entertainment for children – big and small – including egg and spoon racing!

The date is Saturday 19th of August

Evenings Schedule

5.30 doors open
6.00 onwards – BBC
6.05 One man band
6:30 Raffle in aid of Battery Hen Welfare Trust
7.00 Egg and Spoon Races
7.30 – 10.00 SuperFunk (possiblity of breaking the record for most number of people doing the funky chicken)
10.00 Sun set and last orders

There’s also a childrens play area, Omlet stall (for you to stock up on goodies) bar, parking, toilets, camping..

Of course everyones invited so don’t be shy if you don’t use the forum this is the perfect opportunity to meet people without having to use a computer!

Tickets are limited so best to book early. They cost £15 per adult, children are half price (that’s £7.50) and you can book your tickets online by clicking on the big yellow tickets on the left.

Here’s what the forum had to say…

Superkate – I’ve just got off the phone with Jan and I’ve got the date!!!! It’s Saturday the 19th of August at the Herb Centre, Warmington. There will be room for anyone wanting to camp but you will need to be packed up and gone by around 9am the following day.

AnnieP – Yippeee…that date seems clear for me! FINALLY I might get to meet some of you!

dtrc1969 -Debs and I are adept at camping now… (Have done it twice and put our tent up on our own last time) so we are provisionally “in” (just need to check with Debs that we are not double booked)…

Superkate – Jan is going to find out about B&Bs for those who aren’t fancying a night under canvas! I’m hoping there’s a Travelodge nearby so we can stay late!

Afamily – A TravelLodge sounds good Kate…. I’m not exactly your night under canvas kind of a girl… I like my home comforts too much. I may see you there. Does any one know where exactly this place is? Banbury area I’m guessing.  

ClareT – It is 5 miles out of Banbury in a place called Warmington it is in a divine location on top of a hill with great views, there is a children’s playground, chickens, and a woodland trail. They do fantastic wholefood there and great homemade cakes too. Very Happy. We SHALL be going!

Helen G – Looks like I’m good to go!

Paola – Only just seen this. Obviously when I go on the forum I keep my eyes closed. Can make it. Ooooooo it’s very exciting. Hubbie will be at work so it will be just the kids and me

If you aren’t an eglu owner then you can have a trial access to the forum, simply by clicking this link here -> forum

Order your tickets now

Eglu Owner of the Week

Emily Feld

Age: 12

Occupation: Looking after my pets

Where do you live? Saltdean, Brighton

If you were stranded on a desert island what luxury item would you have? Probably an eglu to look after all my pets and wild ones too.

What pets do you have? 2 rabbits (expecting babies), 2 guinea pigs, 1 hamster, 3 cats, fish.

What breeds are your rabbits? Mini Lop and Dutch

How old are they? 6 months and 4 months..

What are your rabbits called? Mini lop – liquorice,  Dutch – Star

What’s their favourite food? Fresh green grass, which they get everyday.

It’s such a long way to the eglu from here, couldn’t you just bring me some hay?

The purple grass totally confused Liquorice


Featured Product

The guinea pig eglu has the same house as the rabbit eglu but a shorter run.

An eglu for Pigs

People often stop us in the street and say “we love our chickens, collecting our own eggs is so much fun and now we want to keep pigs too so can you design them a house that’s as brilliant as the eglu?”  Well we’ve been scratching our heads and we’ve finally come up with it – the eglu for guinea pigs!

Available exclusively from Omlet, the fantastic guinea pig eglu comes in the complete range of colours including the new royal purple.  It’s the same house as the eglu for rabbits but the run is shorter at 1m long making this the ideal home for 2-3 of your favourite furry little friends.

It’s definitely a great way to keep pigs in a back garden but don’t expect too much in the way of bacon.

£320click here to order

Chicken Horoscopes by Mystic Peg

Mystic Peg is staring deep into her crystal egg so that she can tell you wattle happen…when she gets back from holiday!

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