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Omlet Newsletter October 18th 2006

Ello, ello ello…  What’s all this then? Another cracking newsletter from Omlet!?  Indeed it is and with the Omlet tour bus now safely back at HQ it seems like a good time to have a cuppa and see what everyone has been up to the last few weeks.

Those of you with good memories will remember that in the last newsletter we announced a Caption Competition for the picture of the two policemen looking at an eglu.  Little did the two boys in blue know what they were letting themselves in for when they stopped to admire the pink eglu!  Here are some of the best entries:

“That reminds me Bill, I’m feeling a little peckish”  Davina Kehoe

“It’s a fair coop'”


“Same shape and colour as my tummy when I lie down.”

“I know these eglus are spacious, but I’m still not sure they’re really the answer to prison overcrowding.”

“eglu eglu eglu what’s all this hen?”

‘The winner of the £20 Omlet gift voucher was Mr K J Macklam ( see caption on the right ).  What an image that conjures up!

Moving swiftly on, the Omlet Summer Party was a great success with entertainment from eglu owner Andrew, a fantastic barbeque and the chance to have your picture taken with a giant chicken.  We also had a raffle for the Battery Hen Welfare Trust which raised over £150, and although Dan walked off with the star prize of a goody box from Omlet, chickens were the real winner.

How about this for an unusual pet in an eglu? We’re just a bit concerned that after snuffling all that chicken food Molly the pig might try and lay an egg in the nest box!

Now onto serious matters and a safety warning. With Halloween fast approaching you can be sure that every ghost and ghoul that ever there was will soon be doing their best to put the frightners on your chickens and rabbits.   But don’t worry it’s easy to scare them away with a spooktakular pumpkin.   Last year’s competition was extremely good and we’d love to see your entries this year, you can email them to  Entries accepted until the end of October and the winner will receive a £20 gift voucher to spend in the Omlet shop.  Just imagine all the cool things you could buy with that, egg cups, calenders and maybe a shopping bag or three!

Lots more in the Newsletter below including the latest on the forum and of course egluowner of the week – which is hilarious.  You know we always love to hear from you so if you have something you would like to share with the other Newsletter readers send it to us!

“Are you sure this hen party wanted

Winning Caption by Mr K J Macklam in Wetherby

Eglu owner Clare said meeting a giant chicken was “a childhood dream come true”

Now, I’m no expert but I don’t remember seeing this breed in the Guinea Pig guide!

The Omlet Team

Star Photos

The Omlet summer party was a great day out for the lucky few who managed to get tickets.

Singing sensation Andrew belts out another number to the delight of the fans wearing a rather fetching pink chicken feather boa.

James from Omlet completely unaware that he is about to get a peck on the cheek from an attractive blonde.

That’s Will, Emma and Claire but the chicken kept his real identity concealed.  (Probably in case someone from KFC had infiltrated the party! – Ed.)

There were rumours that Omlet was offered a multimillion pound deal for exclusive photos of the event by hot gossip magazine Hollywood Hens. But even the tight security couldn’t stop the Peckerazzi getting this photo of the mysterious Superhen leaving with two gorgeous chicks.

You can see more photos if you click this link:  gallery

 Barbara’s Weekly Diary!

I can’t believe that it’s nearly time to put the clocks back! Winter is on the way and I’m starting to get lots of e-mails asking how to keep the hens warm now the cold weather is approaching. Chickens are remarkably hardy creatures and their feathers keep them nice and warm.  However, hens have been known to moult in the winter (the lengths  we girls go to to look good!) which will obviously leave them a bit more exposed to chilly draughts.  Adding chicken spice to their layers pellets will help them grow their new feathers back as quickly as possible.

When the temperatures drop below freezing, make sure that the water feeder doesn’t freeze by taking it into the house or garage overnight. I like to think that the hens appreciate having their water at room temperature when they get up for breakfast so it’s not quite such a shock to their tummies! It’s also important to make sure that hens with large combs don’t get them frost-bitten by rubbing on some Vaseline to protect them. This is really easy to do and the hens seem to enjoy having their combs massaged.  The Eglu will keep them nice and snug overnight and will protect them against even the coldest weather and the winter shade will keep their run dry underneath as well and will give them shelter from the rain and wind.

Another good way to help the hens when it’s really cold outside is to feed them food which releases energy slowly to keep their bodies warmer for longer. Foods like wheat and oats are wonderful slow energy releasers so if you can get some wheat from an animal feed store and sprinkle it on the ground as a scratch feed in the late afternoons, they will love it and they’ll be happily occupied as they search for it. Alternatively, making wheatgerm or oats into a porridge with warm water for an afternoon feed will keep their little bodies warm overnight and will not make them put  weight on as corn would.

A good winter health supplement to keep sneezes and sniffles at bay is Citricidal. This is a natural grapefruit seed extract and is a powerful antiviral.  Unfortunately it isn’t anti-phantom and with Halloween fast approaching you’ll need something stronger to keep ghosts out of the eglu!

Just as well then for the annual Omlet Pumpkin Carving Competition and I’ll be doing my spookiest to carve a really scary entry this year.  And if you’re looking for something to do with the leftover pumpkin flesh, I’ve got a lovely Pumpkin Soup recipe which I’ve shared with you below.

Pumpkin Soup

1 ½ lbs pumpkin flesh

8 oz carrots – chopped

2tbsp olive oil

1 onion, finely chopped

1 garlic clove, crushed

1 tsp ground ginger

1 ½ pints vegetable stock

2 tsp fresh thyme or 1 tsp dried

1 bay leaf

salt and pepper

rind and juice 1 lemon

Heat the oil and cook the onion and garlic until soft but not browned.  Add the pumpkin flesh and chopped carrots with the ground ginger and cook, covered for 10 minutes. Add the stock and the herbs and bring to the boil. Simmer,covered for 40 minutes.  Remove bayleaf, purée, season and add the lemon rind and juice. Reheat and enjoy with a nice jacket potato or some crusty homemade bread.

…and whilst their owners were out enjoying themselves the chickens made themselves a coffee and  put their feet up in front of the tele.

What’s on the forum?

Forum Chatter

Poor Fee has made her hens a lovely dustbath and they don’t seem to want to use it. Is she alone with hygienically challenged chickens?

Feemcg – Hi folks. When I got my chickens I filled a plastic under-bed box with play sand and each day when they’re out the run I take the lid off and hope that they use it – they don’t! I’ve even sat Beauty in it and poured sand over her to see if she got the idea! Yesterday I put a smaller tray of sand in the eglu run. They didn’t go near it and this morning I let them out the eglu and they immediately surrounded the tray and started eating! Do all chickens dust bathe or are mine just not into personal hygiene!?

Harveypup – HI Fee, You are not alone I too dutifully provided a bath with play sand and neither of them bothered with it at all, much preferring to bury themselves in the bark or soil in the garden so I took it out. As long as they can do it somewhere I can’t see it being a problem.

Ali-S– HI fee. If your girls are free ranging have they made their own little dusbath in the garden under a bush or shrub? I wouldn’t worry about it, maybe they don’t feel dirty yet . As for eating the sand mine did this when they have a sand dustbath. Do they have access to grit at all? Chickens need grit to grind up their food in the gizzard. Your girls could be eating the sand if they can’t find grit, tiny pebbles etc to help grind up the food they have eaten.

Chelsea – mine did eat their dust bath at first…to my surprise. Ella now has the hang of it and loves to go in there every afternoon and lie in it. Sam on the other hand (who is the naughty messy chicken) does like to wind Ella up by poo-ing in her dustbath so I have to keep replacing the play sand as she wont go in it with poo in there.

Kannie –Ours will never use a provided dust bath, or a tampered with dust bath, only one they’ve chosen and made entirely on their own! And they always peck at little stones and bits when they’re in there – I think its part of the fun!

Sillyclucker- This makes me laugh cos our Miss Piggy found a flower pot with some old mulch or compost in it. She sat in it filling it completely but she had a great time – they really go into ecstasy mode. So try some nice dry compost and see what happens.

Feemcg –The tray of sand – now removed – had got wet so they all decided to devour the wet sandy mixture, resulting in pure sand poos for a couple of days! They have a constant supply of grit/shell mix so I’m not sure what that was about. I’ve now seen them dustbathing when I replace the hemcore – they flatten themselves out in the fresh hemcore and seem to really enjoy it. Unfortunately it only stays dry enough for about a day.

Chocchick– They are funny creatures chickens. I cheer if I see one of them in the bowl full of compost (looking for food of course). They have their craters in the garden and are happy.

Hillfamily- I lovingly planted an old metal bath with lavenders earlier this year and my girls thought it was a lovely place to make a dust bath. In the end I removed half of the lavenders to give them a bit more room and now they have a lovely dust bath and they also smell of lavender.

Laura & CTB – Well I ‘ve had my girls two weeks now and they still wont play in their play sand..  First I put it inside the run but they just covered it in Aubiose the ignored it. Now it’s out of the run (where I have to lug it up and down the garden each time I let them out to stop it getting wet) and all they do is stand in it and kick sand everywhere.

Claret- Mine love the dry dustbath in their run, but they prefer digging their own in the borders when it’s dry.

Triphazard99– Mine have discovered the big potted palm in the conservatory…..the pot is just the right size to accommodate two chickens…they look like they are on the stereotypical desert island, with the palm in the middle!!

Christianl– Mine aren’t allowed in the house (yet) OH won’t allow it!!!! I lovingly made a dust bath out of a old shallow terracotta pot and sand. Yes, they ate the sand!! They keep making craters in the bark and auboise and make their own dust baths now.

Hillfamily- My girls come indoors as well – only the kitchen and conservatory – but they would probably wander further given the chance. When it rains they all line up at the back door (even the newbies) and wait to be let in. Then they run round to the conservatory – stopping off on the way to check to see what food the (house) bunny has, before snuggling under my daughter’s ‘art table’ conveniently situated near a warm radiator.


Eglu Owner of the Week

Lydia & Lexie Leonard

About You:

Your occupation: Dennis the Menace Impressionists!

Age? 5 & 3

Where do you live? Winterbourne South Gloucestershire

What pets do you have? Myrtle Greedypants Gingernut ~ Hen, Olive Fussybottom Pepperpot ~ Hen, Rodney Rocket ~ Basset Hound, Lots of Fish called Nemo !! 

How many eggs do you get a week and what’s your favourite way of preparing them? 10-12 large and scrummy eggs per week. Out of the bum and into the pan…dunking our toast the best that we can !

If you were stranded on a desert island what luxury item would you take? Saucepan, eggcup, spoon, breadmaker, toaster, butter, knife, bedside lamp (the dark is still scary), fairytale book, Pooh bear and Barbie..oh and sweets and chocolate….we may be small but we need many things !!!!  (hmmm not sure that could really be classified as stranded – Ed)

Do your chickens have a party trick? Impressions of the Cravendale Cows……staring through the window menacingly ! Not amazing in itself but frightens Grandma witless!!!! They also use Rodney’s slip stream to gain access to the kitchen…he can force the door open…if they are right on his tail they can get in before the door closes again !!!

Rodney the Basset hound checks for clues in the case of “the mysterious missing egg”

As the chief suspects in the case, Myrtle and Olive make off all Rodney can do is look on.

Featured Product

Omlet’s new inflatable egg cups!

Now this is my kind of egg cup!  Not only are they stylish and available in colours to match your eglu, they also float! This means you can now have a Sunday morning soak in the bath whilst enjoying a soft boiled egg – what could be better than that?

Available in a pack of 4 or as singles in green, blue, pink and orange for just £2.25 each!

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Omlet’s new inflatable egg cups are just the thing for the breakfast table and you’ll never loose them at the bottom of the washing up bowl!

 Omlet team


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