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The Omlet Blog Archives: November 2006

Omlet Newsletter 15th November 2006


The Newsletter gets off to a spooky start with the results of the Pumpking carving competition 2006.  What a deliciously scary job it was judging all the glowing entries.   It was a tough job and it took a lot of deliberating before the judges came to a unanimous decision on the stroke of midnight.  And so it gives us great pleasure to announce that the prize of Princess Pumpkin (and a £20 Omlet gift voucher) goes to Kate Bellamy for her witches cat with polka dots.  There is also a joint second prize of a £10 gift voucher for family Taylor’s entry of a sorcerer’s chicken, Judy who impressed the judges with her carving skills and Martin who really got into the spirit of the competition. Well done to everyone who entered,  you’ll all be receiving a pack of Omlet Christmas cards which we will of course send out using first class ghost.

Pumpkin Competition 2006

1st Prize Winner

Kate is crowned Princess Pumpkin 2006!  “You can almost feel the cats claws – so realistic, just stunning” high praise from the judges.

Joint 2nd Prize

Family Taylor chose chickens as their theme, one Judge was heard to say, “Inspired”

Judy produced a stunning 3D tardis “It could just be an ordinary phone box – but we gave her the benefit of the doubt” said the judges.

It’s been really sunny and warm lately so much so that you could easily think it’s still summer.  It comes as a bit of a surprise then to find the days seem to have suddenly shrunk to about half their normal size.    Don’t panic!  As we share the sun with the other half of the world, it’s their turn to have a bit more of it for the next few months, all will return to normal in March 2007.  Until then don’t forget your chickens will need locking up earlier than usual and the chimney may need sweeping.

Last times eglu owner of the week was a real hoot, and we continue the theme this time too.  The forum discuss how long it’s best to keep your new chickens in before letting them out and Barbara makes a confession…

We hope you enjoy the newsletter, any thoughts, pictures or cake always gratefully received!

The Omlet Team

PS. Not long to go before Santa starts checking his email to see what all the children – big and small – want for christmas.  This year he’s asked us to say “order your christmas eglu early to make sure it gets a place on my sleigh!”


Martin’s gruesome entry was noted by the judges who said, “He clearly has an eye for this sort of thing.”

Star Photos

Poppy seems completely unaware that a giant pumpkin is eating her father.

Leanne had always been scared of spiders and then, to her horror, one appeared on her pumpkin.

Sean’s gremlin and Elizabeth’s chicken were both good entries, the judges said “they’re ones to watch for the future”


Barbara’s Weekly Diary!

My name is Barbara and I am a chickenalia addict.

It’s time to come clean and admit that I am completely hooked on all things chicken. Not content with having hens in the garden, I also have to have chickens in the home in the form of countless ornaments, pictures, doorstops and cushion covers! I’ve been buying chicken memorabilia, or chickenalia as it’s become known on the Omlet forum, for years now and my poor husband has resigned himself to the fact that resistance is futile!

What came first – the chickens or the chickenalia? Well, in my case, it was the chickenalia because it took me years to persuade my husband of the merits of keeping real hens in the garden. The chickeny bits in the house were supposed to be a way of getting it out of my system so that I was surrounded by them on a daily basis and therefore wouldn’t need the real things. Oh how that backfired!! Not only is the garden populated by the real thing but everywhere you look in just about every room, you’ll see them. I’ve even got chicken wind chimes and a chicken shaped egg timer!

Having just broken the handle off my favourite chicken mug, I’ve spent  the last few days trawling through the internet and the various Christmas catalogues dropping daily through my letterbox in search of a new one and I’ve been amazed by the quantity of chicken memorabilia out there! From tableware to clothing, jewellery to garden sculptures, you can have chickens just about everywhere! Chickens are the new black, obviously! Just popping over to the Omlet shop to see what delights await me there…..

Did a bump in the night make Tallulah the chicken lay this wopping 110g egg!? Read the full story on Motherhens  eglu blog.

You can see more photos if you click this link:  gallery

What’s on the forum?

The big question on the forum this week is “When you first get your chickens how long do you keep them in for?”

Annegel – Hi all, We’ve had our 2 girls since last Sunday. They were 18 weeks when we bought them – so no eggs yet. We were advised by the breeder to keep them in the run for about 6 – 8 weeks before we let them roam in the garden. What do you think about that? They seem quite nervous still and I wonder if letting them roam would help them to settle and feel more confident.

Laura & CTB – Gosh that does seem a long time to keep them inside the run. I was told to keep them in for 5 days (mine were also 18 weeks when I got them). After this time they got used to the idea that the run was a safety zone to go back to if they were out and got scared. Sometimes now if they’re out in the garden and they hear a strange noise they’ll scoot back to the run. I’m sure others will be along soon far more knowledgeable than I to offer you some advice. Happy chook keeping

Aqualiv – I let mine out the day they arrived, and they have been fine. They are slightly older though as they are ex battery hens. As long as your garden is secure I don’t see a problem.

Egluntine – I was told 5 days too! Sweetcorn will get them back in, scatter it in bits towards the entrance to the run and then into the run when they are by the door and they will follow it.

Gooner-girl – I kept my original chickens in for 5 days and they were fine once let out. I kept my new 2 in for about 2 days and then let them out, they were fine though maybe copied original chicken in going back to the eglu. If they go into the eglu at night and your garden is secure – let them out! As Laura says 6-8 weeks is way to long!

Annegel – Thanks everyone – As its weekend coming up I think we might let them have a little look in the garden tomorrow – but will have to clip their wings first! Should we clip both wings or just one side?

Theherd123 – I think you clip just one side so it makes them unbalanced in ‘take off’ – I’m sure I read that somewhere.

Laura & CTB – I did just one wing on each of mine the first night I had them, mind you they’d have to go some to get over the 7ft fence. They can manage about 3ft but it’s half jump half flap

Chelsea – I didn’t bother with wing clipping, mine are 17 weeks and have been roaming in the garden for quite a while now. We have 6ft fence all the way around and no attempts to escape yet!

SuzyJ – I believe that you should clip just the one wing as someone above said it makes them off balance so they can not fly.

Mel (&Paul) – Yup. That’s right. Unless you have white stars who seem to be the Olympic champions of flying with one wing clipped

Annegel – Thanks everyone for your advice. Betty and Bella have spent lots of time exploring the garden this weekend, but due to dark nights now they won’t be able to explore again until next weekend. We clipped just one wing on each of them and they’ve stayed safely in the garden.

Gobeychicks – We have just bought our eglu and chicks 6 months old. They have been in the run for a week and we plan to let them out this evening for a short while. They were out at their previous home. We have woods adjoining the garden and I am concerned about their return. They seem desperate to get out. Any tips??

Claret – You might need to secure at least a part of your garden until they are used to coming back to you. I have trained mine so that they come when I whistle (it’s useful with men too), that way they come charging up the garden, or into the run when I call them (much like men whine they hear the dinner being dished up).

If you aren’t an eglu owner then you can have a trial access to the forum, simply by clicking this link here -> forum


Eglu Owner of the Week

Hana & Hawa Salim

About You:

Your occupation: Mum’s little garden helpers and chief egg collectors.

How old are you? I’m 4 and my little sister Hawa is 2

Where do you live? We live in Greenwich –London.

Do you have a hidden talent? We can make chapattis and we love to dance.

What’s your most annoying habit? Hmmm, Mum and Dad would probably say – “getting us up in the morning”

What’s your favourite song? Automatic High by S CLUB JUNIORS (wow that’s mine too! -Ed.)

You can go anywhere in the world, where would you go? To our aunties house in Greenwich because they have a big trampoline!

How many chickens do you have? We have two, one called Charlie (pepperpot) and the other is called Lola (gingernut).  We love stroking them and also sprinkling corn on the lawn for them to find.

How many eggs do you get a week and what’s your favourite way of preparing them? 14 eggs a week- boiled is the best, although grandma likes to fry them for us as a treat

Do you get lots of double yolkers? sometimes –when dad runs out of there food and gives them weetabix and muesli.

Do you bake more cakes now you have your own chickens? Mum says we are too messy

What do your chickens like more than anything else in the world? Grapes and corn, and when we clean their eglu

What’s the funniest thing your chickens have ever done? When they peck us! Hana and Hawa’s favourite job is to collect the eggs every morning.

Can you imagine life without chickens ever again?No- We love Charlie and Lola!  We still remember the day we came up to Omlet to collect our chickens and pink eglu. We were very excited and when we saw all the chickens we kept saying “cock a doodle do”!  (But we don’t supply cockerels! – Ed.)

Hana and Hawa discuss the merits of chicken keeping over a cup of ice cream.

Cats can provide a useful still life subject for artistic chickens.

The chickens like going out for a spin in the pram.

“Cold, cold, warmer, warmer…boiling hot!” An important game of hunt the sweetcorn directed by Hana

The chickens decide to let the cat join in the fun in a friendly game of 40/40 home.

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Omlet team

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