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Omlet Newsletter December 18th 2006

Merry Christmas

What a wonderful time of year this is, with just a week to go Omlet’s Christmas tree is up and there is a distinctly festive feel amongst the chickens too, they can’t wait to get their beaks into all those left over brussel sprouts.

One of the best things about Christmas is all the delicious things that come out of the kitchen.   We always look forward to this time of year when, first the aroma of sweet, spicy biscuits fills the air and then before they’ve properly cooled and as soon as mums not looking they fill our tummys too!    Now, you may have already guessed where this is going.  Yes that’s right we are going to end the year with a grand Bake Me Happy Christmas Competiton!   The idea is simple, make something fantastically festive, take a photo and email it to for a chance to win. To inspire you the chefs at Omlet made this fairytale gingerbread house.   The closing date is the 1st of January 2007.  Good Luck, may the best biscuit win!

At an awards ceremony in central London the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown sensationally revealed to Omlet that he likes chickens and star of Dragons Den, Simon Woodruff said he thought the eglu was great.  Despite this celebrity backing we didn’t win but Simon did pose for a photo which will make our mums proud.

In other news, the eglu made a star appearance on top entertainer Paul O’Gradys Channel 4 show along with that other symbol of the good life Felicity Kendall.  Look out for the eglu on BBC1’s To Buy or Not to Buy on the 3rd of January at 11am too.  Surely it can’t be long before they give the eglu it’s own TV show?

Elsewhere in the newsletter, Barbara has a great recipe for eggnog and the forum poses the interesting question “do chickens blush?”  Did you know, the forum has over 1500 users now and it really is the best place on the web for friendly advice, a good gossip and pictures of eglus.

It’s been a fantastic year, thank you for all your enthusiastic support, especially everyone who has been an eglu owner of the week, sent in entries to the competitons, helped at shows, made us laugh and been involved in any way.  We hope you have a really smashing Christmas and now in the last peaceful moments before the whole family decend on you, sit back and enjoy the newsletter.

The Omlet Team

PS.  Need a last minute Christmas present?  If you’re quick we can send a gift voucher for an eglu by Special Delivery until the 21st of December – just give one of Santa’s little helpers a call on 0845 450 2056.

The Omlet gingerbread house sets the standard for this years Bake me Happy competition

Simon Woodruff of Yo!Sushi and Dragons Den was delighted to finally meet the fab four.

An eglu waits in the wings before it’s star appearance on the Paul O’Grady Show.

Star Photos

Virgin Radio’s Leona spotted wearing an Omlet tshirt live on air.

eglu owners of all ages were out in force last weekend for their Christmas get together at Jimmy’s Essex Pig farm.

Helen and Susan, two hens who live in Victoria, Canada get stuck into the figures on the first ever International take your chicken to work day.

Four gingernut rangers enjoying a…hang on a minute that one on the right looks a bit suspicious.


Barbara’s Weekly Diary!

Christmas is coming! The countdown has started. Time to start thinking about Christmas food and presents – for the chickens, of course! As a special treat on Christmas morning, I usually get up early and take the girls out a nice bowl of warm porridge with a little honey and some sultanas stirred in along with a corn cob and a handful of grapes – all their favourites at once! The day is so busy that I’d hate for them to miss out on their treats on such a special day. They don’t get a present as such but it’s a nice time to introduce a new feeder or a seed block as well as a new tub of mealworms for a little snack each afternoon. As it’s suddenly turned so dark and gloomy during the day, egg production has really slowed down so I may not get a Christmas present from any of the girls but I’m sure come mid-January, they’ll start to feel the urge again and we’ll be back to our usual number of eggs each day. The heavy moult the poor girls went through didn’t help the egg situation either! Now that it’s colder, I have been filling their drinker up at night and leaving it in the house so that it’s at room temperature for them when I take it out to them.  The temperature of the water is not such a shock to their little tummies when they have their breakfast drink. If Christmas Day dawns cold and frosty or hopefully even snowy, they will all be treated to a comb rub with some Vaseline to stop them from getting frostbite. They really do seem to enjoy that.

Well, that’s the girls looked after and happy. Time for the adults in the household to enjoy a lovely warming Christmas drink. I found a recipe for Egg Nog in one of my old recipe books the other day and am going to be serving this to my visitors on Christmas Day. If the hens have managed to oblige me with an egg or two, it will be lovely to serve up a festive drink which features our own eggs as the main ingredient!

Egg Nog

Ingredients per person :-

1 egg, separated

2 tsp sugar

1 cup milk or half milk and half single cream for a richer drink

A little grated nutmeg

a little brandy, rum or sherry

Beat the egg yolk and sugar together, pour on the hot milk, add the brandy, rum or sherry and fold in the stiffly beaten egg white then grate on a little nutmeg.

What’s on the forum?

The big question on the forum this week is, do chickens blush?

Debbie. My lovely little chook Penny blushes alot. Why does this happen, it doesn’t seem to happen at any particular time eg. treat time. Any Ideas

Mel and Paul. Is she laying yet? I think that as they get closer to POL and their combs and wattles get redder they tend to blush more when they are excited (treats / you coming along as their great leader!) and so on

Claret. Describe what you mean Debbie. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any of mine do that

Kannie.  Blushes?!! What exactly is it that blushes? The only bits not covered with feathers on our chooks are red anyway, I think. Apart from beak, legs, and eyes. Or am I missing something….

Snowy Howells.  Oh I know what you mean – (I think!) I noticed that Florrie’s comb and wattles looked very red and flushed yesterday (was watching her through the window). But when I went out later, they seemed back to just ‘normal’ red, not quite as bright. I thought I’d imagined it!

Sheila.  Someone else has mentioned this before, so don’t worry, you’re not the only one to notice! I think the consensus then was that it’s probably hormonal! and perfectly natural.

Claret. I know exectly how they feel – hormonal hot flushes.

Debbie.  Hi, sorry only just managed to get to computer. Its Penny’s cheaks that blush, it happens lots of times during the day, her comb and wattles stays a lovely red colour all the time its just her cheaks. They go brilliant red and then in a little while they go a sort of fleshy colour. I wondered if she was pleased to see me or its treat time, it just facinating to see.

Penny is laying well (she is a gingernut ranger). Her sister Tuppence is a pepperpot, and she doesn’t blush.

It could be hormones I suppose.

I love chatting about my chooks.

Cinnamon. Funny – I noticed that Sherbets little face looked very red earlier today.

I put it down to the cold – well, if my nose is red………………

Looney.  Gwen now has a bright red face for most of the time but sometimes it goes a bit paler…not sure why!

Laura and CTB.  I get this with Gucci when I pick her up – her earlobes(?) go a bright red then pale again when I put her down – she seems to enjoy being held though.

Cabbagepatch.  Too much port in her water? Any signs of gout?

Eglu Owner of the Week

Harry Evans

Age: 2 and a half

Occupation: Train Driver

Where do you live? Surrey

What pets do you have? 2 dogs, 10 fish, tortoise, cockatoo, 2 chickens

If you were stranded on a desert island what luxury item would you have? Thomas the Tank Engine

How many chickens do you have? 2

What breeds are they? Miss Pepperpot and a Gingernut Ranger

How old are they? 19 weeks

What are your chickens called? Annie & Clarabel

How many eggs do you get a week and what is your favourite way of cooking them? None yet – eagerly awaiting my first!!

Do your chickens have a party trick? “They like to frighten the birds off of the bird table so they scatter their seeds as they fly off!”

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Omlet team


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