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Omlet Newsletter – Wednesday, 13th January 2010


Happy new year to all! Yes, the day has finally come for the first newsletter of 2010 and you must all be breathing a sigh of relief to hear from us again. Christmas may have been and gone but the winter weather is hanging around, so we hope this newsletter brightens your day. Enjoy!

And the Winners are…

We’ve made you wait a whole month for this newsletter so you must have all been checking your inboxes every day for the results of the two christmas competitions we set you. The moment has finally arrived to reveal the winners…we know you’re eggcited.

We asked you what you get if you cross Father Christmas with a duck. And the answer is Christmas Quackers! Lots of you emailed with the right answer but Adrianne Pizer was the winner this time. Our best-selling soldier egg cup is on its way to you!

The christmas crossword was a bit more of a challenge and hopefully you enjoyed having a go at it during the festive holiday. Most of you got the answer, but for those of you that were left scratching your head, the secret word was Christmas Tree. Our lucky winner was Karen Hall, who will receive a £25 voucher to spend in the Omlet shop. We hope you enjoy your new year treat.

Winter Worries

With the cold weather showing no sign of budging anytime soon we have been receiving a lot of calls from eglu owners worried about their chickens. There’s no need to panic – as Barbara eggsplains later on in the newsletter they will be fine in their eglu during these freezing temperatures. There are a few products that will benefit your hens during the winter chill though:

Petroleum Jelly – 450g

Protect hens from getting frostbite on their combs by rubbing on some petroleum jelly a couple of times a day.

Buy now for £3.34

Snugglesafe Microwave Heatpad with Cover

Heatpad will provide your pets with warm, cushiony comfort wherever and whenever they might need it.

Buy now for £22.50

Winter Shade

Keep your little darlings dry and comfortable in the winter months when they’re out in the run.

Buy Eglu Classic Shade for £19.98

Buy Eglu Cube Shade for £19.98

Snow Chickens

Speaking of snow it looks like lots of you have been having fun in this winter weather. There have been snow chickens popping up in the forum again and we have been very impressed by your creativity. As the snow is still falling in parts of the country why not make the most of it, and if you haven’t yet, build a snow chicken too!

And so the launch of the 2010 snow chicken competition begins…Send us your photos of your eggstraordinary sculptures and we will feature them in the next newsletter. And don’t worry if you’ve made something else out of snow, whether it’s a traditional snowman or an eglu, our favourite will win a selection of goodies from the Omlet shop.

Inspired by the photos in this newsletter? If you think you can do better what are you waiting for? Get outside and build that snow chicken! Send your photos to Photos of real pet chickens in the snow also welcomed.

Last Chance

Were you lucky enough to find an Omlet 2010 Calendar under the Christmas tree? If Father Christmas disappointed you this year and you have spent the last two weeks missing dentist appointments and forgetting your Aunt’s birthday, there is still time to get your mitts on a calendar. We have a few left and they are now available at the reduced price of £5.00 – a small price to pay for staying organised through the year! Click here to buy yours now (and start writing in those birthday’s straight away!)

If you were a lucky recipient of our fabulous calendar you might be looking through and thinking you want to star in the next calendar. Well, it might only be January but we thought we would give you plenty of notice this time. Our calendar theme for 2011 is…Ordinary Chickens. No that is not a typo. It may sound like a title you are familiar with, but this will be very different. We agree plain old pictures of hens would be boring, so we’ve added a twist – these ordinary chickens need to be doing eggstraordinary things. Think chickens mowing the lawn, baking a cake or building a sandcastle…

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Send your photos to Please sent photos at 300dpi.

Bees Buzz into 2010

Have you made any new year resolutions this month? Perhaps you want to beecome a bit more self sufficient and do you bit for the environment? If you started keeping chickens last year maybe the next step for you is to keep bees. The Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine recently featured the A to Z of the hottest lifestyle trends for 2010, and keeping bees was one of the ‘must-do’s’.

Although it’s still snowing it won’t be long before the sun is out and we will all have a spring in our step. Spring is the perfect season to start your new beekeeping hobby and you can order your Beehaus starter kit right now to bee prepared. Click here to find out more!

Eglu Stores

It appears it is true that kids prefer to play with the box than the toy inside, as this photo proves. Sophia, Leon, Lena, Josh and George have transformed the box from their Eglu into the country’s first Eglu Stores. It is the one stop shop for free range eggs. We love what these budding hentrepreneurs have done, but one thing was missing t – all shop workers should have a uniform, so we have sent them all some Omlet badges to wear with pride while serving their customers.

So, the question is, what else can you do with an Eglu box? If your children (or yourselves) have turned the Eglu box into a car, boat or house, send us a photo. We might just send you something back!

A Tale about Quail

And now for some eggciting news…The Eglu Go and several quail will be appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh show on Monday. Alan himself keeps chickens in an Eglu, but after this brilliant feature we think he might be persuaded to get some new pets too. You can see the Eglu on ITV at 5pm on Monday. Don’t miss it!

Omlet team

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