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Omlet Newsletter – Thursday, 11th February 2010


With Valentine’s Day fast ap-poaching there is love in the air…Call us cupid because Tom and Barbara are reunited in this newsletter with some fantastic chicken advice from our chicken health eggspert and a wonderfully romantic recipe for that special someone. But it’s not all about hearts and roses in February, there’s pancake day, and even rubgy…what a month!

Money Saving Eggspert

Thankyou to everyone that has applied to be our Money Saving Eggspert for the newsletter. We had a great response and there were some brilliant tips from all of you…so eggcellent, in fact, that it’ll be a recipe for scrambled heads trying to choose just one of you for the role. We won’t be accepting any more applications now but if you have any other eggstraordinary ideas for new features in the newsletter please email us – we are always keen to know what you think!

Pancake Day

In case you had forgotten it is Pancake Day very soon – a day to make use of your chickens’ eggs and enjoy some fun and frolics in the kitchen. So on the 16th of February forget your worries, mix up a batter and get flipping! Eat pancake after pancake and don’t feel guilty about it because it’s only once a year. If you’ve really over-indulged you can always give something up for lent the next day anyway!

Don’t forget we want to see your eggcellent pancake flipping skills in eggschange for prizes. We challenge you to prove you are the best pancake flipper in the land by sending us an action shot. Whether your pancakes are flying through the air, falling to the floor or landing on someone’s head, get someone to take a photo and send it to The crowned winner will receive a £20 voucher to spend in the online shop and we will publish the best photos in the next newsletter. Competition closes 21st Feb.

Egg Chasers

Yes, the six nations rugby competition has kicked off and although it isn’t usually something we would associate with chickens we recently heard a bit of news that made our ears prick. Apparantly two of the England rugby players keep chickens and enjoy the good life.

So we would like to know how popular keeping chickens is with rugby players. Are you a true egg chaser? Are you a pro at chicken tackles? Let us know, and why not pose in your rugby gear with your hen and send us a photo.

The Nicest of Neighbours

This month we had a lovely email from Karen Ridley that we had to share with you. An eggstraordinary tale to ruffle your feathers and warm your hearts…

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how good my neighbours were a few days ago. I’d put Harriet and Beatrice out in their large pen while I cleaned out their Eglu and run and they were having a lovely time. I’d nearly finished and had put everything back together apart from the Egg Port which I left open as I’d just gone up to the house to get some hay for their laying bed. Of course, I got sidetracked! I totally forgot to put the Egg Port door back on. Later in the afternoon I had to go out, so I took Hatty and Bea from their big pen and put them back into their Eglu run then went out. While I’m out I got a phone call from my dad to say he’d had three lots of neighbours round saying my hens had been found in one of their front gardens! I couldn’t understand at all how they’d got out. When I got home I realised what I’d done – because I left the Port open, the hens’d gone back into their Eglu, hopped out through the open Port and gone on a big adventure! I went round to all three of my neighbours houses and discovered they’d found Harriet in Carolyn’s garden, having a whale of a time! So Steve caught her (which I was proud of because often people who don’t own chickens themselves can be quite weary about picking them up) and put her back in the Eglu, shutting the Port door. Then Carolyn, Steve and Richard all spent half an hour seeking out Beatrice, worried she’d been eaten by a fox. They finally found her and put her back in the run too.

I just wanted to let you all know how good my neighbours are! So thank you Carolyn, Steve and Richard – you’re the best hen neighbours my girls could ask for!”

Spring Sale

Here at Omlet HQ we thought it was about time we had a Spring clean, and what better way to get rid of the old and make way for the new than with a sale!? It’ll soon be time to stock our shop with some gorgeous, Easter goodies, but in the mean time why not take a peek at our great reductions? You’ll find bargains ranging from books to birdfeeders at eggstraordinary prices, but you’ll need to be quick because when they’ve gone, they’ve gone!

If you fancy nabbing yourself some great gifts for ‘cheep’ click here to visit the sale.

iPhone your way to Perfect Eggs!

Now here’s something for the egg heads. Find it hard producing the perfect boiled egg? Well now there’s an iPhone application to ensure you get it right every time. It’s a very nifty app indeed! And here’s how it works:

You select the diameter of the egg, the iphone detects the altitude of wherever you are and you choose the egg temperature – whether it has been in the fridge or at room temp. It then cleverly gives you time options for a soft, medium or hard boiled egg. After selecting just how you would like your egg it will give you eggsactly the time needed in the pan and even count it down for you. Our favourite feature is the ‘egg spy’ which shows how the egg is looking in the current state of cooking, from raw to boiled (kind of like an eggs-ray).

What will they think of next?

Omlet team

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