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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 9th April 2010

We hope you all had a Happy Easter and stuffed yourself silly with chocolate! The Bank Holiday is over but the sun is shining and the weekend is here so there’s lots to be happy about. And here’s a joke to start you off…

Q) Why did the chicken go to the library? A) To check out a bawk, bawk, bawk!

If you’ve got a better joke (that won’t be hard) send it to

Win Win Win!

In the last newsletter we announced our latest competition. We haven’t received many entries yet and the only thing we can put it down to is that children everywhere are just too busy eating chocolate to give it a go. Come on kids, you must have finished your eggs by now, and we know you’ve still got a week off school so there’s really no eggscuse not to enter. In case you missed it, the challenge is to decorate an egg. Simple, eh!? Let your imagination run wild and decorate your egg however you like. Kennedy grew cress from hers to create one very crazy egg indeed!

Send a photo of your amazing egg to for your chance to win a £25 voucher to spend in the online shop. The closing date is April 16th and the competition is open to grown up kids too!

Books that Buzz

Now that Spring has sprung and the British weather is starting to warm up, it is the perfect time to start keeping bees. And if you are planning to start this fascinating and rewarding hobby we have got a bee-rilliant range of books available to help you along the way. Whether you are a complete beeginner and you want to know the basics, or you have some experience but want to learn about breeding or making your own honey wine, we have a book to suit everyone.

Click here to visit the library now.

The Chicken Man

Anyone that reads the Observer might have noticed an eggstraordinary article in the magazine recently. The Eglu, chickens and Alex Horne were spread across four pages of the mag, for a very hentertaining read about keeping hens. Alex went from stand up comedian to chicken man in a few months and this article tells all about his journey from novice to bird obsessive.

He decided to keep chickens after his wife suggested it, and it wasn’t long before he came across Omlet on the internet, saying “Omlet’s iconic Eglu chicken house design looked so (yes, I’m going to use the word) hip that I was sure my impulsive decision was a good one”. He wasn’t disappointed with his decision, and after watching the new arrivals shake their booties for a while he named them Beyonce and Shakira. Alex soon became Mother Hen to the pair and was devoted, but that was not the end of it…

To read the whole of Alex’s story click here.

Feeling Crafty

The Omlet shop is full of eggciting and eggstraordinary gifts and gadgets but we are about to launch a brand new category of handmade crafts and we need your help. There are already a few handmade goodies available, but we want to give you the chance to add your own creations to the collection.

If you have crafty fingers and have something you think we could sell on our shop just contact Send a photo and description of your creation and we will get in touch. If you prefer to send a sample of your product you can – just send to Omlet Ltd, Tuthill Park, Wardington, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 1RR. Don’t be shy – anything goes!

Design Museum

You might remember us mentioning that the Beehaus had been nominated for the Brit Insurance Design of the Year award, a few weeks ago. It was a great achievement to bee nominated, but unfortunately we didn’t quite make it to the top this time. Min–Kyu Choi was crowned the overall winner for his innovative design of a folding plug. (You never know when you might need one of those.)

The good news is that the Beehaus is still on display at the Design Museum until October 31st. This is an exciting exhibition showcasing all the award nominees and anyone with a passion for design and technology will find it fascinating. For more information please visit the website.

The even better news is that we have two exhibition tickets to give away. Just answer this simple question for your chance to win the pair: Which five colours is the Beehaus available in? Send your answer to by April 16th. Good luck!

The Omlet Team

P.S. If you want to learn more about beekeeping why not go on a course? They’re running all over the country, so click here to find one near you!

Another newsletter so soon? That’s right, and this one isn’t just for rabbit owners… The sunny weather means those of you that keep chickens should be getting loads of lovely eggs by now, so you will love Tom’s recipe for a popular picnic treat. Talking of eggs, we finally reveal the results of the Decorate an Egg Competition, and Barbara will tell you all you ever wanted to know about your breakfast favourite! So pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy a cracking good read – after all, it is fryday!

It seems like ages ago since it was Easter and even longer since we launched the Decorate an Egg competition, but we can finally reveal the long awaited results. It was a tough decision for our eggheads which is why it took so long to reach a verdict, but the winning egg was entered by Mimi Thorne. We were very impressed by her creativity. Her egg was laid by her own pet hen Dottie and she covered it with tissue paper, drawings and glitter, creating a sparkling specimen of an Easter egg! Well done Mimi, enjoy spending your £25 in the Omlet shop.

Amongst the entries we had an email from Gill Stanton, an aspiring hen owner in France. She really had her hands full at Easter, running an Easter egg hunt for all the children in the village. If that wasn’t fun enough there was then a big egg decorating session for all the kids to enjoy. Sounds messy, but Gill says “Forty odd children and paint – we were asking for disaster buy they were angels all of them.” How eggstraordinary!

Competition Reminder

Although Rabbit Awareness Week is now over, our competition is not. You still have until this Sunday to enter. This one is strictly for the rabbit owners amongst you and it is the perfect chance to show off your beautiful bunnies. Whether your pets are perfectly pretty or just funny and furry, we want to see photos. Get snap happy, send your pics to and you could win some brilliant prizes, as follows:

1st Prize – A selection of goodies worth over £60, including an Omlet tshirt for the proud pet owner, a beware of the rabbits plaque, a funshade and a complete package of Burgess Excel food.

2nd Prize – A smaller selection of Burgess Excel food.

3rd Prize – Burgess Excel Fresh Herbage and Forage.

Any photo that makes us smile could be the winner, and we have already received some brilliant entries, some that made us look twice… Good luck!

New Courses

Now that it’s sunny and dry our selection of courses is booming. There are hen parties all over the country and more and more beekeeping courses added every day. Wherever you are you should be able to find a course close to you and you will be an eggspert in bees or chickens before you know it. These courses are the perfect opportunity to get hands on eggsperience and really see if you want to take the plunge into that new hobby you’ve been considering. We hear they are a lot of fun too…you might even get a piece of cake! Click here to find a course near you.

Meanwhile, we are on the lookout for people to host Omlet’s first Grow your Own, Bake your Own and Make your Own courses. We know there are lots of you that are green fingered and hendy in the kitchen, so why not share your skills and make a bob or two. If you can think of nothing better than sharing a cuppa with a few like minded people and demonstrating your best Victoria Sponge, then why not apply? Just click on the Host your Own Form.

Bee Delicious

Fancy your chances at winning a Beehaus? If you like the idea of spending your Summer days watching busy bees dancing around the garden and enjoying homemade honey on toast this is just for you. The June edition of Delicious Magazine has a special feature on beekeeping and a competition to go with it. The magazine is available to buy now, with loads of fabulous recipes and articles that foodies will love.

The good news is you don’t have to buy the magazine to enter – just visit this website. The question is easy beesy – What is the correct term for beekeepers? Give it a go and you could win a whole Beehaus package to get you started with your new hobbee!

Gardening Products

Now that it’s warm and sunny there’s no eggscuse not to get out in the garden and get growing! Growing your own herbs, fruit and veg will save you money, give you a continuous supply of fresh, organic produce, and keep you healthy, so why not give it a go? Whether you’ve got a large garden or a small patio there are always ways to grow, and our new range of products will help you every step of the way.

The eco potmaker is a nifty gadget that will transform your old newspapers into plant pots to grow your seeds in. The trowel, fork and transplanter are ideal for transferring your paper pots into the ground, and when you’re ready to harvest your home grown goodies why not use a stylish green trug to collect them in? Our fill your own herbal tea bags are a fun way of using your eggcess herbs, or you could store them in our special herb jar.

Click here to check out these and other hendy products to help in the garden!

Rabbit Eglu Winner

Many of you are fans of the Fur and Feathers Magazine and you might have seen the recent competition to win a rabbit Eglu. Loads of people were desperate to win this rabbity good prize but there could only be one winner. That lucky lady was Thelma and she sent the magazine an email to show her appreciation. This has been published in the June issue of the mag, but here is a snippet:

“What a lovely surprise to receive a phone call from Michaela to say I had won March’s competition of the Omlet Eglu which is just perfect for my two house minilops when I put them outside, thank you very much…. It will be ideal to be able to leave my rabbits outdoors now that spring is here, safe in their new home.

The Eglu is easily accessible to clean out and has an integral hay/feeding/bottle area that keeps it all neat in one place. Alot of thought has gone into it’s design and I would certainly recommend one to other rabbit lovers.”

Thelma is clearly a very hoppy bunny!

Click here to find out more about the Eglu for rabbits!

The Omlet Team

P.S. We will be eggsibiting at both Grand Designs Live and the Malvern Spring Gardening Show until Sunday so why not visit us this weekend? The Beehaus, Cube, Eglu and Go will all be on display so it’s a great chance to see just how fabulous they are in the flesh. See you there!

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