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Omlet Newsletter – Thursday, 4th November 2010

Rememember remember the fifth of November! Yes, we know we are a day early but we thought we’d better send you this before you start your celebrations. So enjoy the newsletter and we hope your weekend goes with a BANG!


Competition Results

Did you have a spooktacular Halloween? By the number of entries we received to our pumpkin carving competition it looks like lots of you were enjoying the fun, frights and frolics of October 31st and your efforts were just as scaretastic as ever. The judging process was tricky and there were a few white faces by the time we’d reached our verdict, but we picked a worthy winner that’ll put hairs on your chest – 7yr old Daniel Brache, with his gorsome dragon design. We hope you enjoy your new found gory! (And your prizes.)


Pumpkin Pecking

And it’s not just people that can carve a decent pumpkin you know!? Rumour has it that there are one or two chickens out there that can do the job just as well. We spotted Kay’s photo of her chickens on the forum having a good old chomp at the Halloween veggie, and it goes to prove that pumpkin pecking really is the latest poultry past-time craze. Either that or they just like the taste of it. We much prefer the idea that these hens are learning skills in sculpting though, and that next year we will be receiving even more hentries to our Halloween competition.

Fireworks and Chickens

This weekend whether you’re planning on going to a local event, having a party or staying at home, you’re bound to hear the bangs and whistles of a few fireworks. Although bonfire night is a very eggciting time for many, it’s important to think of your pets, because chances are they will find it more frightening than fun. Although many chickens won’t be bothered by the noises at all, there are a few that will be and you might want to bring yours in for the evening to be on the safe side. Just put them in a spacious cardboard box, lined with straw, with plenty of air holes and they will be happy until the morning. Check the garden for ashes the next day because chickens will head straight for them when they’re let loose again, and dispose of any firework debris you might come across.

National Poutry Show

If you are passionate about poultry here is a date for your diary: The National Poultry Show will be held on November 20th-21st this year, at National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park. This is one of the largest poultry shows in the country, with around 5,000 beautiful birds on display, some terrific trade stands and some pretty poultry for sale too! We will be there so if you’re thinking about buying someone an Eglu for Christmas this is the perfect opportunity to see it in action. Try opening the eggport and holding a hen, and ask us any questions you might have. We hope to see you there!

Happy Bonfire Night!

From the Omlet Team

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