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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 10th December 2010

Although today’s weather seems positively tropical compared to the last couple of weeks, the weatherman says it’s going to get truly chilly again next week. The odd’s of having a white Christmas are going up and the the 25th is looming ever closer, so this week’s newsletter is full of fun and festivities. So on with the snow…

Let it Snow

With November turning out to be the coldest on record for some parts of Britain, and December showing no signs of change there has been snow chaos everywhere. (Well, everywhere apart from Omlet HQ, it seems.) Although many people have suffered due to the eggstreme weather, stuck in cars, slipping on pavements and not being able to get to work or school, it’s great to see that chicken owners are still in good spirit, sending us photos of their Eglu – turned – Igloo. The cold weather can be a worry for chicken keepers, but hens that are treated to the luxury of an Eglu will be snug inside their home due to the modern twin-walled insulation. With the help of a Winter Shade they will be able to frolic in their run too, while keeping nice and dry. We offer Winter Shades for the Eglu Classic, Eglu Cube and Eglu Go. At £19.98 each they are great value and make a perfect early Christmas present for your chickens.

If your chickens are finding the cold weather a bit too much and they’re getting the sniffles our Winter Health Pack should do the trick. With chicken spice, poultry vinegar, comb and wattle protector and citricidal it will keep them in tip-top condition whatever the weather. And if you’re suffering with the cold why not treat yourself to one of our Chicken Poop Lip Balms!? They’ll keep your lips soft and protected through the harshest weather, and they are ideal for stocking fillers.

Capital Bee

Christmas isn’t all about the chickens, this month we are thinking about bees too. The buzzing insects are often forgotten over Winter because we don’t see them flying about, especially when it’s as cold as this, but just because they’re not making much of a public appearance it doesn’t mean they aren’t still important. Don’t beelive us? Remember this fact when you’re eating your Christmas dinner: one in every three mouthfuls of the food we eat relies on bees for pollination. So in order for us to continue to produce enough food we really do need the help of the humble bee, all year round.

That’s why we’re supporting Capital Bee, the campaign for community beekeeping in London. Capital Bee promotes community-run beekeeping and campaigns for a bee-friendly city. It is part of Capital Growth, a campaign for 2012 new food growing spaces in London by 2012. As part of this campaign we will bee at the London Bee Summit on Thursday 16th December, at the Southbank Centre. There will be organisations that work with bees talking about what’s happening to the honey bee and what Londoners can do to help. There will also be time to debate, the chance to sample some local honey and display of beekeeping equipment, including the Beehaus. So if you are a beekeeper or you are thinking about keeping bees yourself or through an organisation, why not join in? Visit the website to book your place now!

Winner of Restaurant Competition

You may remember our Spot the Difference competition a while ago, with the fantastic prize of a meal for two at one of England’s finest restaurants. Well, the lucky winner of that prize was Sue Goddard, who was thrilled to hear she had won. She shared the prize with her husband and they chose to eat at L’ortolan restaurant in Reading. They were treated to smoked haddock with curried cauliflower and crispy hen’s egg, followed by slow cooked shoulder of pork with crushed celeriac, finished with majari chocolate tart with blackberries – all washed down with some champagne. Sue and Grant had a wonderful time and they have vowed to enter more competitions from now on.

Christmas Crossword

Speaking of competitions, it’s time for another so if you fancy your chances of winning a great prize, like Sue, read on. Our Christmas Crossword has beecome a bit of a tradition over the last few years and we think it’s perfect to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Plus, you could win a very tasty treat for your efforts. Just use the clues to fill in the crossword and then use the highlighted letters to find our secret Christmas message. Send your answer to for your chance to win. All the correct entries will go into Santa’s sack and the Omlet elves will pull out eight names. Five will win a mini luxury Christmas Pud and three will win a full sized version. These delicious delights are handmade locally and taste tonnes better than supermarket puds…perfect if you just haven’t had the time or energy to make one yourself! Please get your entries in by Thursday 16th December so our elves have
plenty of time to pack up the puds and send them to you before Christmas.

1) Wrapped up with string (6)
5) For the top of the tree (5)
8) Hung up in the hope of gifts (8)
9) Goes well with a mince pie (6)
10) For naughty children (4)
11) We’ve seen a lot of it lately (4)

2) Yuletide drink for hen keepers (6)
3) On every hen’s wish list (4,2)
4) Traditional roast (6)
6) Love it or hate it, it’s part of Christmas (6)
7) Might just get you a kiss (9)
8) Everone’s least favourite Christmas food (7)

From the Omlet Team

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