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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 28th March 2011

Free Extras with Beehaus

Have you been thinking about keeping bees? Now is a great time to get started so we’ve got a special offer to help you along the way.

Buy any Beehaus and get free delivery AND a free extra set of supers, worth over £60!

In April the flowers start appearing and bees will begin to venture out the hive in seach of nectar, so start beekeeping now and you could be collecting your first jars of honey this Summer. An extra set of supers is essential for when bees are in full swing, so that they can store as much of their honey as possible.

To get your free delivery, worth £19.99, and free extra set of supers, worth £40.85, just add your Beehaus to the basket and use this code: BEEBONUS

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