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Omlet Newsletter – Thursday, 21st April 2011

Easter is here again already and it’s set to be a scorcher – quite eggstraordinary as it’s only April. We’re not complaining though, in fact we’re lighting up the barbie here at Omlet HQ to make the most of the sun. Chickens will be loving the sunshine and it’s perfect weather for a dustbath. Bees are busy flying and it looks like it will be a bumper year for honey production. Oh, and most of us get a four day weekend. Hooray! If you’re not eggcited enough already, this newsletter should put a spring in your step…so let’s crack on shall we!?

Happy Easter!

Win 12m of New Omlet Chicken Netting!

How would you like to get your hands on some of the New Omlet Chicken Netting? It’s easy! All you need to do is guess how many eggs there are in the flowerpot. Send your number to with ‘Easter Competition’ as the subject line. The winner will receive 12m of the netting, worth £69.00! Only one entry will be allowed per person, and the winner will be randomly selected from the correct entries. Competition closes on Sunday 31st April so you’ve got plenty of time to carefully calculate your answer! Happy guessing!

Lucky the Hen

This month we heard an unbelievable story, from John and Lynne Biggins, that we just had to share with you.

“As I pulled off the M1 motorway and up the slip road I glanced across at the lorry by my side, and could not believe my eyes. Sitting between the cab and the trailer was a little brown hen. I took a photo with my mobile, because no one would believe me; but what to do? I pulled across and flagged down the lorry to inform the driver. He was not too pleased initially until he saw for himself. He then told me he had just come from a farm but that was two hours ago and he had been on the road for 100 miles.

Needless to say I rescued her and took her home, telephoning forward to my wife to have a bath ready. We gently washed off all the grease and made her comfortable. Lucky now lives happily with our two leghorns Twitter and Rightie and lays a lovely brown egg every day in return. Although I sometimes suspect she’s building a glider in preparation for her next great escape!”

If you have a strange story we’d love you to share it with us. Email

Get Paid for your Photos

Are you a fan of Omlet products? Want to start earning a bit of eggstra money? Then you are going to love our latest feature to the website. You can now get paid for uploading photos of our products. That’s right, take a photo of yourself using something you’ve bought from Omlet, upload it on the website, and if it’s good we will pay you £1.00! If you take lots of photos you could really start to build up a nice little nest egg.

Stuck for ideas? How about a nice image of you modelling a pair of oven gloves, baking with the cupcake cases or filling up a grub? Or simply take a snap of your Eglu and chickens in this lovely sunny weather. To upload your image just find the product on the website and you’ll see the link!

Caption Competition Results

We had loads of entries to our annual Caption Competition, with some seriously creative one-liners, and the Caption King is now feeling slightly threatened as a result. There could only be one winner though, and the £20 Omlet voucher has been awarded to Ann Jones. You’ll see her winning caption on the right! Commendations also go to John Caddy for his entry “Open wide and we’ll get on with the eggxtraction!” and Micky Brophy’s “The Things a girl has to kiss to find a prince?”.

We can now also reveal the winners of the highly popular Teapigs competition. The first lucky name to be drawn was Allison Millgate, who wins the cracking hamper of various Teapigs and a teapot and mug to drink them with. Amanda Spalding was our runner-up and she wins the sample selection of teas.

Deep Fried Creme Eggs

As if Easter wasn’t sickening enough with all that chocolate, one chip shop owner in Yorkshire has come up with a treat that combines chocolate, sugar and a whole lot of grease…the deep-fried crème egg! After the success of his deep-fried mince pies at Christmas, chippy owner Martyn Bilby decided to try this as an Easter special, saying “I will try anything”. And they have already proved to be pretty popular. According to Martyn “People turn their noses up at first, but once they try them they eat their words and agree that they are really tasty”.

It’s all for a good cause too! He is planning to donate all proceeds from the deep-fried crème eggs to charity, so if you find yourself in Doncaster over the Easter break, why not try one? And make sure you tell us what you think!

The Omlet Team

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