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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 6th May 2011

Win Win Win!

Fancy getting your mits on an eggtastic prize? This week you can win three of our top selling egg products; ‘Eggs’ book by Michel Roux, an Egg Skelter in the colour of your choice, and your choice of novelty egg cup. This prize is worth almost £35 and all you need to do to win it is send us your best chicken or egg jokes. Just email your joke to, with ‘Joke Competition’ as the subject line. If it cracks us up you’re onto a winner!

We know we’ve forgotten the kids recently, so this week there’s a special competition for them too! Send us your jokes about creepy crawlies and you could win a Big Bug Magnifier, Earthworm Nursery and Living Twig Kit. The subject line for your emails should be ‘Kids Joke Competition’. You have until Sunday 15th to enter so good luck!

Competition Results!

There were loads of entries to our Easter Competition of ‘guess the number of eggs in the flower pot’, and several people were clever enough to guess the correct number of eggs as 30. We could only choose one winner though, and the lucky lady was Catriona Heeraman. She wins 12m of the New Omlet Chicken Netting. She’s thrilled to have won and we hear her girls are really looking forward to getting there home eggstended!

In the Press

If you read the Times you might have spotted an article on keeping Quail last weekend. The lovely lady in the photo was Cathie Phillips, one of our hen party hosts. She is a bit of an eggspert in keeping quail and the journalist went on one of her courses to learn all about the latest craze! The quote of the article had to be: “Phillips quails, like mine, are housed in an Eglu, which is probably the best way of keeping birds without turning your garden into a self-service takeaway for local foxes.”

Meanwhile, in Germany, the Beehaus has appeared in magazine called Garten! Trends – that’s Garden Trends to you and me. The rather stylish glossy mag has a Honeymoon feature, with accessories for busy bees and beekeepers, including the yellow Beehaus. It’s good to see other countries picking up on the beekeeping trend!

Eggshell Garden

Easter might be over but we just couldn’t resist sharing this seasonal story with you… One couple in Ohio created a cracking Easter display in their garden, using none other than broken egg shells. They spent weeks preparing for the display, designing it carefully and painting every eggshell. And can you believe there were more than 30,000 of them!? How eggstraordinary!

The Manolios have been creating eggshell displays every Easter since 1957 so they are very eggsperienced, but this one was bigger and better than ever before. The display featured a huge cross, cartoon characters and the word ‘Eggshelland’, and apparantly the kids love it. They have had to work hard though, visiting a local restaurant every morning between Thanksgiving and Easter to collect eggshells.

Limited Edition Fried Egglu

You may have heard of the Battery Hen Welfare Trust. They are a charity that re-home ex-battery hens, giving them a second chance at a happy life. Many Eglu owners have chosen to re-home ex-batts in the past, and now one very special family has just re-homed the 250,000th.

To celebrate reaching the milestone of quarter of a million, BHWT held a special event at the charity’s headquarters in Devon, with loads of press, supporters and volunteers. There were lots of families looking to keep chickens and the Dawsons chose the 250,000th hen. They then got a brilliant surprise when they were presented with the first limited edition ‘Fried Egglu’ from Omlet. The chicken has been named Kate, in the spirit of the Royal Wedding, and we think the Eglu really is fit for a princess!

Feeling rather henvious of the Dawson family? Well, you might be interested to know that we have 49 more of the Fried Egglus at Omlet HQ, and they will be available to buy shortly. Omlet will be donating £20 from each Fried Egglu to the BHWT. Keep an eye on the website for more information. If you can’t wait email


You might remember that a couple of years ago two of our chickens starred in a play in London. Jerusalem was a funny and hentertaining play based around the rural life and was shown at the Royal Court Theatre throughout the Summer. Well, we thought we’d heard the last of that, but eggciting news just in…Jerusalem has now made it to Broadway!

Jez Butterworth originally wrote the play in New York, so although the play is about life in England, he thought it was only natural to bring Jerusalem back to where it was born. And we’re so glad he did, because our girls are becoming the biggest hens in showbiz! And as if things couldn’t get any better, the play has just been nominated for six 2011 Tony Awards. The chickens are bigger than Barbara Streisand!

Jerusalem is showing at the Music Box Theatre until the end of July. We are still waiting for our comp tickets as guests of the chickens but let us know if you go. To find out more or to order ticketsvisit the website!
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