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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 9th May 2011

EcoBed Cardboard Bedding

Introducing new EcoBed Cardboard Bedding, an easy to use bedding suitable for chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. Made from clean, uncontaminated offcuts cardboard, it is a great choice for comfort and cleanliness and it’s very cost-effective.

EcoBed is highly absorbant, meaning that the top surface stays dry and odourless. The corrugated card helps to trap air, meaning the bed is warm, insulated and virtually dust-free. And when you’re chickens are ready for a change of bedding, the EcoBed can be poured straight onto the compost heap, as it’s fully biodegradable.

This 20kg bale is enough to fill around 80 nesting boxes or 60 dropping trays . At the usual price of £9.00 that works out as little as 12p per fill, but this week we are offering it at a special introductory price of £8.00, making it just 10p per fill!

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