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The Omlet Blog Archives: June 2011

Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 27th June 2011

Honey I Shrunk the Prices!

Oops! It was National Pollinator Week last week and we forgot to celebrate. But bee-ing big fans of bees we thought it was only right to pay tribute to the humble honey bee this week instead, by sending you an offer that’ll have you buzzing.

This week get 10% off all Beehauses!

Usual price £495, this week just £445.50!

That’s a saving of £49.50!

It may be Summer but it’s not too late to start keeping bees. Beekeeping is a bee-rilliant hob-bee and really beneficial to the environment. Bee numbers are decreasing so by giving honey bees homes we can help to boost numbers. And let’s not forget how important bees are – without bees we’d have no pollination, and without pollination we’d have no food.

To get your 10% discount off a bright and brilliant Beehaus just enter this promotional code at the checkout: BEEHAPPY2011

Click here to buy yours now!

Get 10% off Beehauses this week!

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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 20th June 2011

5% off New Covers!

Omlet’s brand new range of covers are perfect for providing your chickens with the ultimate protection from British weather. Choose from the Heavy Duty Covers, which will also give your hens shade from the sun, or the Clear Covers, which will allow the sunlight through whilst protecting from rain.

There are 14 different types of cover available, so whether you have an Eglu Go, Classic, Cube or Walk in Run, you will find something that suits you and your chickens.

To celebrate the launch of these fantastic new products we are offering you a 5% discount on all new Covers for two days. Simply add your Cover to your shopping basket and enter this promotional code: SHADEOFFER11

Click here to see the range now!

Get 5% off our New Covers for 2 days only!

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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 17th June 2011

Brand New Eglu Covers

Eggciting news for Eglu owners – we have just launched a brand new range of run covers. Choose from the Heavy Duty Covers, which will protect hens from rain, wind and snow in the winter and provide shade in the summer, or the Clear Covers, which will prove just as effective against miserable weather whilst letting the light through.

These covers have been designed with you in mind, following your feedback and suggestions and we hope that you are going to love them! There are 14 different covers available, in different shapes and sizes, for the Eglu Go, Classic, Cube and the Walk in Run and prices start from just £9.00. Click here to see the full range and get prepped for the Autumn!

And if you like the new covers be sure to check your inboxes on Monday…


Talking of run covers, we still have a number of colourful Funshades at the reduced price of £3.00. These are selling like absolute hotcakes and we don’t eggspect them to stick around for long, so make sure you get yours now before they’re gone for good!

Win a New Cover

Congratulations to Catherine Wilkinson who was the lucky winner of the Omlet Treasure Hunt. She chose to have a green Rabbit Eglu and it was delivered on Wednesday. Catherine tells us they are really pleased with it and her daughters enjoyed helping to put it together. She said their new bunny Jasper is enjoying exploring and has loads of room. Hoorah!

Nicola Jones came in 2nd place and Gavin Armstrong was 3rd. Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time because you can enter this fantastic new competition!

We have three of our brand new Eglu Covers to give away this month – perfect for giving your chickens or rabbits a dry run on these rainy days. To win your choice of cover just answer this easy question: How many new types of cover have we just introduced? Send your answer, along with your name and address, to by Wednesday 22nd June, using ‘Cover Competition’ as the subject line. Good cluck!


Omlet have been in magazines, newspapers, on the radio and even on the tv many times, but never before had we featured in an iPhone app…until now, that is. When we heard that Toby had designed iChicken, an app for chicken keepers, we just had to give it a try.

Ichicken has all the information a chicken keeper could need, right in their pocket, making it ideal for beginners. There are sections on breeds, health, the anatomy, keeping chickens, egg trivia and droppings, with sub-sections including wing clipping, feeding your chickens and housing. Being an Eglu Classic and Cube owner himself, Toby has featured these houses at the top of the list! The app has some pretty clever features too, like the droppings identifier; as well as a gallery of different types of chicken poo, there is the option to take a photo of your own hen’s droppings to upload and compare – great for checking if there is anything you need to worry about.

The most impressive thing is that Toby is only 14, and just 13 when he started designing iChicken. He started keeping chickens due to his allergy to most other conventional pets and his interest in them has grown and grown. Developing the app was a chance for him to combine his love of technology with his interest in chickens and he is continuously improving and updating the iChicken.

To find out more visit this website, where you can also download the app for just £1.19.

Customer Photos

Are you crazy about your Eglu Classic? Do you love your Legbars? Does your Pirate Egg Cup take pride of place in your kitchen? Then why not show us just how much you love your Omlet products by taking a photo? Not only will we use your image on our website but we will pay you for the honour!

Whichever product or breed you have just take a photo, go to the relevant page on the website and upload it using the simple form. If your image is nice and clear and it shows the product, we will display it and send you £1.00. You can upload as many photos as you like so you could make enough money to save up for an Eglu! Have a look at the customer photos on the right for inspiration! We can’t wait to see your photos!

A Happy Customer

It’s always nice to hear from happy customers, and this month we received an email from a very happy Nick:

“My first coop when I started keeping chickens was an eglu classic. It was brilliant and I successfully kept 4 very happy, healthy chickens in it. The classic was easy to clean and kept the girls safe, warm and dry. Having been bitten by the chicken keeping bug, I decided to expand my flock. For various reasons I decided that, despite the success of the classic, my new larger coop would be a wooden one. Big mistake. I was constantly plagued with red spider mite virtually from day one, something I had never encountered with the classic. My chickens lost feathers, stopped laying and were obviously unhappy. No matter how hard I cleaned or what I treated the chickens and the coop with, I could not eradicate them. After months of struggle, I gave in and did what I wished I had done initially – I bought a cube. My girls have been in residence in their new bright orange home for a few months now, and guess what? The mites have gone! As with the classic, the cube is easy to clean (I power wash it down every so often) and in many ways, because it is at a higher level, it is easier to look after than a classic. The chickens made the transition to climbing a ladder to go to bed within 2 days and are thoroughly content.”

Nick and his family have some more good news too – they recently tried incubating some eggs for the first time and successfully hatched 12 healthy chicks.

Click here to watch Nick’s fascinating video of one of the chicks hatching!

The Omlet Team

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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 13th June 2011

Funshades for £3.00!

Summer is here so why not bring some colour to your garden with a bright and brilliant Funshade! Available in a range of coordinating colours it will give your Eglu a make-over in seconds and have it looking as good as new.

For one week only we are offering you the chance to get your hands on a Funshade for the eggstraordinary price of £3.00! That’s a saving of 75%!

As with all offers we will end the deal early in we sell out – when it’s gone it’s gone. But this really will be your last chance to buy them because we will never be getting them back in stock.

So get your hands on one before it’s too late…

We have also discounted a few of our other shades. Find the Cube Wind Shade for £7, the Cube Winter Shade for just £15 and the Classic Extension Shade for just £8!

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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 6th June 2011

10% off Cleaning Products!

Summer is here, the sun is shining and your chickens will be enjoying lazing in the sun and doing a spot of dust-bathing. So while they’re out of the Eglu it’s the perfect time to give it a good clean out. Although the Eglu takes just minutes to clean with a hose-down, from time to time you might want to give it a more thorough wash and treatment, so keep germs and worms at bay. So this week we are discounting some of our favourite cleaning products.

Save 10% on cleaners and disinfectants!

Equimins Hen House Freshener now £11.07
Johnsons Clean ‘n’ Safe Cleaner now £3.01
Johnsons poultry Housing Spray now £4.27
Johnsons Virenza Disinfectant now £4.81
Nettex Sanitising Powder 2kg now £12.75
Nettex Sanitising Powder 500g now £3.55
Nettex Poultry Septi-Clense Spray now £3.87
Nettex Sterilising Solution now £5.40
Nettex Viratec-P Disinfectant now £11.79

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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 3rd June 2011

Fried Egglu now Available!

The Limited Edition Fried Egglu is now on the shop and ready for you to buy. We’ve already sold several and with a total of just 50 available they won’t be hanging around for long.

The Fried Egglu is a unique piece of design that will really stand out in your garden. With all the features of a regular Eglu, it will make a fantastic home for 2-4 chickens, keeping them safe, comfy and cosy. And, of course, you and your girls will be the henvy of all your friends.

The Fried Egglu with 2m Run is just £425 – the same price as the normal Eglu, but for every one sold we will donate £20 to the Battery Hen Welfare Trust. You will also get a signed certificate with your Egglu! So what are you waiting for? Click here to get yours before they sell out!

Tinsel the Turkey

Last month we heard some eggstraordinary news from one very eggcited Eglu owner…her turkey had just laid an egg in her Eglu! Although Tinsel the turkey has her own home in a large wooden coop in the garden, she obviously decided that the Eglu looked like a nicer place to nest, and climbed right in. You’d think it would be a bit of a squeeze for a turkey… but just days later things got even stranger. Tinsel chose the Eglu as her nesting spot for laying another egg and ended up spending the night in there. She must have found it comfy because the next night she chose to cuddle up with the hens again, with no egg-scuse.

Janet Unitt adopted Tinsel the turkey after she saw it wandering the streets in the lead up to Christmas. The Christmas dinner escapee was caught by a local animal shelter and Janet volunteered to rehome her. She’s settled into her new home well and she has been welcomed by Zippy, Penny and Omlet the hens…though they might start getting annoyed with her if she keeps taking up the nesting box!


An Eglu Full of Kittens

Now from one unusual Eglu resident to another, with this lovely little bit of news. An Eglu owner in France is currently using her chicken house to keep a litter of young kittens. Llama Lady, as she calls herself on her blog, has had her yellow Eglu for seven years, keeping chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, rabbits, guinea pigs, and now kittens in it. Surely that must be a record for most types of animal kept in one Eglu!? But why has she chosen to use the Eglu for all these different animals? Because she says “It’s incredibly versatile, totally secure and generally brilliant.”

The kittens are safe and cosy in the Eglu for now but they will be moving to a stable when they have grown a bit more. Then it’s onto another flock of chickens!

Have you kept anything unusual in your Eglu? We’d love to know, just email

Eggsibition for Kids

The Eglu has been in various different exhibitions since it was first designed, but we’re very eggcited about its latest location – an exhibition just for kids! The Life Science Centre, in Newcastle, opened its Under 7s Area back in February and it has been a great success. The hands on area is a fun, stimulating and safe environment where children can play, explore and learn new things. As well as the Eglu and its resident toy chicken, there is a shop, cafe, kitchen, recycling centre and a garden with a tree house, Kids can play grown-ups, growing vegetables, preparing meals, sorting the rubbish and, of course, feeding the chickens.

The Eglu and chicken have proved very popular so far and we hope that these children will be the next generation of chicken keepers. The Life Science Centre is open every day until 6pm and you can find out more information by clicking here.

From the Omlet Team

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