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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 6th June 2011

10% off Cleaning Products!

Summer is here, the sun is shining and your chickens will be enjoying lazing in the sun and doing a spot of dust-bathing. So while they’re out of the Eglu it’s the perfect time to give it a good clean out. Although the Eglu takes just minutes to clean with a hose-down, from time to time you might want to give it a more thorough wash and treatment, so keep germs and worms at bay. So this week we are discounting some of our favourite cleaning products.

Save 10% on cleaners and disinfectants!

Equimins Hen House Freshener now £11.07
Johnsons Clean ‘n’ Safe Cleaner now £3.01
Johnsons poultry Housing Spray now £4.27
Johnsons Virenza Disinfectant now £4.81
Nettex Sanitising Powder 2kg now £12.75
Nettex Sanitising Powder 500g now £3.55
Nettex Poultry Septi-Clense Spray now £3.87
Nettex Sterilising Solution now £5.40
Nettex Viratec-P Disinfectant now £11.79

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