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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 12th August 2011

Chicken Chic

Last week we were very eggcited to hear about an article that had just been published, in the Wall Street Journal: “Putting the Chic in Chicken Coop”. The Eglu, being the most chic chicken house on the market, was featured, as was one of our lovely hen party hosts, Sara Ward.

As well as keeping chickens and running courses, Sara also keeps bees, grows fruit and veg, bakes and makes cheese. An authentic domestic goddess! All of this developed after she read about the dangers of pesticides and started wondering where her food came from, and she’s not the only one, as more and more urbanites are starting to join the trend. But a trend like this calls for a trendy chicken house, and Sara recently bought her Eglu to hatch chicks.

Although it sounds like she’s as self-sustainable as you can get, Sara does have one aim: “To be able to make almonds in honey with my almonds from my almond tree and honey from the bees.”

(We just hope she sends us a sample when she does!)

Beehaus on the News

Meanwhile, we were also making the news on the BBC with the brilliant Beehaus. The news piece was all about a huge study that’s taking place all over Britain to find the best habitats for insect pollinators. Researchers at Bristol university are gathering data in 12 cities, 12 farmland habitats and 12 nature reserves around the country, making it probably the largest field study ever of pollinators and their habitats in the UK. In each location they are moving along a 1km long straight line, stopping every 10m to count the number of flowers and insects they find. It is a huge job!

Although urban life has often been blamed for the decline in bee numbers, the scientists believe that the city may actually offer a much more reliable habitat, with great variety of flora and fauna. And the increase of urbanites keeping bees in their garden or rooftop is helping the population. All those Beehauses around the cities are making us proud!

Read more or watch the news clip here!

Here at Omlet HQ we’ve started a bit of a game of taking our resident chicken hand puppet on holiday with us. Rocky has been to Berlin with Andre, London with Helen and Madagascar with Quin, and he is fast becoming the most well-travelled chicken in the country. This got us thinking though, wouldn’t it be great to see more Omlet products jetting of on trips around the world!? And that’s where you come in… next time you go away, whether it’s to Blackpool or Bali, why not take your favourite Omlet item with you and send us a photo? Ok, it might not be practical to take your Eglu, but we’re thinking toys, t-shirts, egg cups or anything else you love. Send to and we’ll feature our favourites in every newsletter. Happy holidays!

When they go on holiday chickens also have to try exotic foods…

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