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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 26th August 2011

Eggciting news for shopaholics!!! We are now accepting payments through paypal on theOmlet shop

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Chicken Chic


Beehaus on the News

Read more or watch the news clip here!

When they go on holiday chickens also have to try exotic foods…

First Egg Sausages in Fiji

USA Heatwave Fries Eggs

Contest in China to Beeware of

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Beehives in Churchyards

fabulous feline, thebrilliant birdhouseor thecharming chickendoorstop just let us know which one you want and why.

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The Omlet Team

feeder drinker standis perfect for hanging out an extra glugful of water. They should always have a shady spot that they can rest and cool down in. OurHeavy Duty Coversare ideal for this, and you can choose one that willcover the whole of the runor one that willgive semi-coverage.

good mite-kill spray

You Must be Yolking!?

Take a look at the video to see for yourselves!

fabulous feline, thebrilliant birdhouseor thecharming chicken. To win just

From the Omlet Team

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Omlet Treasure Hunt

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Bunny Museum

The Omlet Team

Easter is here again already and it’s set to be a scorcher – quite eggstraordinary as it’s only April. We’re not complaining though, in fact we’re lighting up the barbie here at Omlet HQ to make the most of the sun. Chickens will be loving the sunshine and it’s perfect weather for a dustbath. Bees are busy flying and it looks like it will be a bumper year for honey production. Oh, and most of us get a four day weekend. Hooray! If you’re not eggcited enough already, this newsletter should put a spring in your step…so let’s crack on shall we!?

Lucky the Hen

The Omlet Team

Easter Chicks

Click here – it’s well worth a read!We have a great range of incubators and other incubation and chick rearing equipment available in the shop to help you every step of the way.Click here to see the range.

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The Omlet Team

I’m no YOKer but I’m not EGGSactly an EGGspert in customer care but nevertheless I must say the service I received from Omlet UK was EGGcellent,I’m sure my family will be EGGstatic when they receive their gifts. It bEGGar’s belief that people would shop anywhere else as Omlet UK certainly isn’t home to any BootlEGGs.

Anyway I will enjoy my weekend listening to rEGGae music whilst riding around on my sEGGway. .

Take care,EGGward”

chicken health products

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s section

The Omlet Team

click here to see it. And if after looking at the photos you decide that you, too, would like to get rid of your old wooden hen house or rabbit hutch and replace with a clean and colourful Eglu, you canclick here for more details!

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From the Omlet Team

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