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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 5th September 2011

15% off Honey Jars!

Calling all beekeepers!!! September is an exciting time in the beekeeping calendar as it is time to see how busy your bees have been and harvest any surplus honey. Hopefully they’ll be enough to fill a few jars and store in the cupboard for those cold, winter mornings when you need a taste of summer on your toast. September is also the time to treat your bees for varroa and start some Autumn feeding to ensure a happy hive throughout the Winter.

A busy month for beekeepers, and it can be expensive, which is why this week there’s a deal that’ll have you buzzing…

15% off Honey Jars, Apiguard & Liquid Feed!

12 Honey Jars & Labels – just £6.20
6 Honey Jars & Labels – just £3.57
10 pack of Apiguard – just £22.10
Bee Feed Syrup 2.5kg – just £4.08

Simply add the items to your shopping basket and enter this discount code: SEPTEMBERBEE

15% off Honey Jars, Apiguard & Bee Feed

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