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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 7th October 2011

Eglu Survives Bear Attack!

Remember the story of the Eglu Go that survived Hurricane Irene, without a scratch? Well, news just in from Vermont, not only did an Eglu Cube stand up to the storm too, it also survived not one but two bear attacks! Just a week after Irene blew into Canada, a black bear tried to break into the nesting area of Carol Hatcher’s Cube twice. Although the bear obviously fancied a chicken dinner to help stock up for the Winter, it failed to get to the hens, leaving deep claw marks as a result of its effort. Carol said “I am thankful that bear paws do not have the dexterity to turn the black nesting box knob, and that the thick plastic body of the Cube stood up to strong bear claws.”

Having had no success with the chickens, the bear has since moved onto raiding the neighbour’s pear tree instead. Carol spotted two black bears tucking into the pears just a few days later and even managed to get a photo of them! You can see a photo of one of the bear scratches too – proof that the Eglu has been brilliant again!

Having a chicken rustler this big is bad enough but Carol could bearly believe her eyes when she saw

him paddington around her neighbours garden! Is he now wandering into the bushes to have a winnie the pooh?

The Results are in!

Thanks to everyone that entered last month’s Crossword Competition. The lucky winner was Cara Carey, and she wins a £50 voucher to spend in the Omlet shop. If you didn’t manage to get all the answers you can click here to see the full solution!

And remember the Eggbods competition back in August? Well we have been sent a photo of 11 year old Liam having fun with his Eggstraterrestrial prize egg cup! His grandma, Avril, won it for him to encourage him to eat a boiled egg – although he loves chickens, he just did not like eggs! The good news is that with the help of the fun new egg cup he finished his first boiled egg. Hip hip hooray!

Liam loves his eggstraterrestrial breakfast

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