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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 4th November 2011


We are very excited to show you our brand new product!  You have waited long enough for this and we know you have been dying to see it, so without further ado …

Introducing Qute, a stylish new pet house designed to look great in your home and be really easy to clean.  A fusion of contemporary furniture and innovative pet housing, Qute provides an ideal house for hamsters and gerbils, that will complement any room in the house.

Qute’s Fantastic Features…

It only takes one minute to clean your Qute
Simply lift ‘n’ twist the tube to secure your pets in the top of the house.  You can then remove the slide out bedding tray for easy cleaning.

It’s fun for pets and children
Qute’s easy access doors and slide out tray allow easy interaction with your pets.  You can watch them running up and down the tube, playing on the wheel, making nests and playing with cardboard toys.

The bedding tray doubles as a mobile play station
The tray can be pulled out and taken into other rooms for you to play with your pet.

You’ll receive the whole package
As well as your stylish Qute, you’ll receive a colourful climbing tube, food bowl, water bottle, exercise wheel and some cut-out cardboard toys.  The Qute is also available with an optional storage compartment which is handy for storing the food and bedding out of sight.

Order Info

Want to find out more? Visit the website now for more information, to see more photos and to watch a great little film about the Qute!

Brand new to keeping hamsters or gerbils? Check out our online shop for everything you will need to get you started. You’ll find some of our favourites below…

We will only have a limited number of Qutes available for Christmas delivery, so please order now to avoid disappointment!

Pre-Order your Qute for £119.99

Pre-Order your Qute with Storage for £139.99

The Omlet Team

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