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The Omlet Blog Archives: August 2012

Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 31st August 2012

Omlet Winter Products Newsletter Header

There’s just over one week left to bag yourself a bargain in the Omlet Golden Sale. There are hundreds of items on offer, with discounts up to 80% off, but here are a few of our favourites. Free delivery applies to non sale items too!

Winter Products Newsletter Product

Hungry Bin Worm Composter
The compost bin with rave reviews. And it’s so easy to use! Read what Compost Woman has to say about it!

Now £131.25save 25%

Winter Products Newsletter Product

Walk In Runs
Full height, fox-proof Walk in Runs to give your chickens more space.

From £423.36save 20%

Winter Products Newsletter Product

Egg Cup Kiddiwinks
For the baby that has everything. Perfect for that first boiled egg.

Now £4.75save 52%

Winter Products Newsletter Product

Doorstop – Dog
This doorstop is so delightful you’d be barking not to take him home!

Now £12.00save 40%

Winter Products Newsletter Product

Salt and Pepper Steam Boats
Journey these steam boats around the table for dinner fit for a sailor.

Now £2.00save 50%

Winter Products Newsletter Product

Eglu Classic Run Extension A
Add an exension to your Eglu run and give hens some eggstra space.

Now £63.11save 20%

Winter Products Newsletter Product

Roosting Bars Plastic – Cube
Keep your Eglu Cube sparkling with a new set of plastic roosting bars.

Now £15.00save 40%

Winter Products Newsletter Product

Doormat – Beware of the Bees
Great for beekeepers, this mat will make unwanted guests buzz off!

Now £12.00save 52%

Winter Products Newsletter Product

Tea Party Kitchenware
Ensure you look ever inch the queen of tea parties with these items.

Apron £9, Tea Towel £4, Oven Gauntlet £6save 43%

Winter Products Newsletter Product

Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu
Protects hens from wind and rain and gives shade on a sunny day.

Now £18.37 save 20%

Offers valid until 09/09/12. Available in UK only.

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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 24th August 2012

Win a Set of Chicken Racing Saddles!

Were your chickens inspired by the Olympics? If they’ve been showing signs of competitive dustbathing or if you think there’s a potential Jessica Hennis in your flock, you’re going to love this week’s competition prize – a set of six chicken racing saddles! In the same colours as greyhound racing jackets, these slip-on saddles have numbers one to six stiched on, so you can easily identify each olympeck hen. Set up a course in the garden, leave some mealworms at the finish line and have a cheeky bet on which chicken will get gold.

To win this set of racing saddles you must have six chickens. Send us a photo, their names and tell us what they would eat to prepare for a race. Send to by Friday 31st August.

Welly Woman Visits Kate Humble

This month nature blogger Welly Woman was lucky enough to be invited to tv presenter Kate Humble’s home, to discover beekeeping. Beehaus owner and wildlife enthusiast Kate bought a farm with her husband to create a rural skills centre, which now runs a range of courses for the public.

Welly woman trialled the ‘Sustainable Beekeeping’ course, and she had a bee-rilliant day learning about bees. Run by Monica and Nicola from Bees for Development, the course included learning the science behind bees, inspecting a beehive, honey tasting and a visit to Kate’s own beehives, including the Beehaus. Lots of tasty treats were included in the day, such as homemade honey biscuits, and the course was in an area of outstanding natural beauty, with only sounds of birds, bees and sheep to be ‘herd’.

Educational and enjoyable, it all sounds rather wonderful doesn’t it!? And you could win a day there for yourself! Welly Woman has one day at Humble by Nature to give away, and it’s easy to enter. Just subscribe to her blog and make a comment by this Monday, 27th August. Easy beesy!

Tweet of the Week

“We are hoping for many more starts to the day like this! Yum!”

Enjoying a breakfast like this each day is one of the many joys of keeping chickens.

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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 17th August 2012


Here’s a friendly reminder of the latest offers from Omlet. Our Golden Sale is in full swing with some fantastic savings to be had. Give you chickens some eggstra space with over £100 off all Walk In Runs, keep your hens dry with 20% off Eglu Classic Covers, and try your hand at worm composting with 25% off Hungry Bins.

We have a special offer for subscribers too – this week buy a BBQ Sword for just £10! Perfect for impressing guests around the barbie this Summer.

And don’t forget you will get free delivery on any order over £50 when using promo code GOLDDELIVERY

Have a gold weekend,

The Omlet Team


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Omlet Newsletter – Thursday, 9th August 2012

The Secret Olympecks

Olympic fever has hit Britain, but it seems that it’s not just people that are going sport crazy…chickens are at it too! The hentertaining website ‘Clickcluck’ has reported on the secret world of the ‘Olympecks HentyTwelve’, and we wanted to share it with you. Now, this article is a real giggle, and you will want to sit down with a cuppa to read it. The story features sports you never knew eggsisted, such as the Synchronised Dust Bathing, Ladies’ Nest Boxing and Mud Diving Event. And, just like the London Olympics, there have been a few hiccups along the way, including GB’s Cream Legbar Lily testing positive for Poultry Spice. Tut tut!

But after all the eggcitement and difficulties, how did Team BritHen do? You’ll have to read the story to find out!

Win a Hungry Bin!

Now for more on the Hungry Bin…this month Kitchen Garden magazine are running a competition to a win a Hungry Bin Super Starter Pack. There are also runner-up prizes of a Kneelo Ultra Cushion Kneeler and a Gardening Set for Kids up for grabs, and it couldn’t be easier to enter. Simply visit the website and fill in the online form! Competition closes on Friday 7th September.

Meanwhile, Compost Woman still has her Hungry Bin on trial and she’s very impressed with the results so far. She has been adding a couple of inches of food and garden waste every day, and after three weeks she reports that there is still no smell, despite the warm weather. She has been using the ‘worm tea’ and she says that her plants love it! Not long until she should be harvesting her first compost now, and you can keep up to date with her progress by reading her blog.

Chicken Stock Market

Times are hard and interest rates are low, so you may be considering investing your money in something a little bit different right now… So, what about chickens? We have just introduced our first Chickens Stock Tracker to help you make the right henvestment!

One of the biggest online markplaces for chickens, we have now leveraged our eggstensive database of breed prices to give you up to the minute data. See which hens have gone up in price, which have gone down, and which maintain their value, so that you can always choose the right breed for you.

So what’s the latest on the Chicken Stock Market? Dutch Bantams have gone up by 285.75% in 30 days, Ex-Batts have remained steady, and Friesians are down 82.53%. A good time to add a few Friesians to your coop perhaps!?

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