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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 21st September 2012

The Guinea Pig Eglu has been given a brilliant review on parenting blog site ‘Susan K Mann’. Susan bought her children two guinea pigs earlier in the year and they had been living indoors in a ‘boring but large’ cage up until this month, but then she was introduced to the Eglu. Although she compares it to Mork’s space ship from Mork and Mindy (that’s a new one), she does call it ‘the funkiest and coolest looking guinea pig habitat in the planet’. Well, we don’t like to brag!

The Eglu withstood Susan’s kids test-driving toy cars up and down it, and it has proved to be the perfect choice of guinea pig house for the whole family. She loves the bright colour, ease of cleaning and convenient access to the food and water. Plus, living in Scotland, the twin walled insulation and draught free ventilation is a dream!

You can read the full review by visiting her blog, or visit our website to read more about the Guinea Pig Eglu.

It may be cold outside but it’s always sunny in an orange Eglu!

Keeping chickens is not only fun, but greatly beneficial for many people, as Heronsbridge School in Bridgend has proved. They have been keeping hens for a few years now, and have found it to be brilliant for their pupils with learning needs.

Gardening teacher Anthea Guthrie said this: “I’ve kept chickens for years and when I first got involved at Heronsbridge I didn’t know any school which did, but I knew how tame they can be and how much fun….We have a huge mix of kids with special needs, many can speak, but others can’t, anything sensory is good, it’s all about stimulating the senses and helping each child to achieve their very best – generally far more than you would realise at first sight. Our kids interact with the ‘girls’, they have to clean out the Eglu, collect the eggs which they use in our coffee shop (where the kids cook), or take home, feed the hens, let them out top free range, herd them back in to their run, this all teaches them life skills which are essential for the day they leave us. The hens are so tame now they will sit next to you and share a sandwich, in fact they really are very cheeky.”

Keep an eye out in the Guardian this Saturday for a feature on Heronsbridge School.

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