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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 15th February 2013

A Sunny Visit to the Beehaus…

Thinking about taking up beekeeping this year? Although it’s still chilly outside, Spring will soon ‘bee’ here, and the beekeeping season will get underway, so it’s time to start planning. You’ll find some great information about keeping bees on our website, but there are also some bee-rilliant blogs to have a read of.

Girl Meets Bee is a lovely blog to get started with. First Time Beekeeper Tanya bought a Beehaus in 2011 after her passion for honey turned into a fascination with bees. She has been writing about her experience ever since, and it is well worth a read. In her latest post, Tanya is faced with the fear that her bees could be starving after an increase in hive activity. Prepped with extra fondant for the bees, she realises that there was nothing to worry about after all, as there are still lots of honey stores. Click here to read more.

The Beehaus makes feeding bees, lifting supers and collecting honey really easy, which is why it is a great choice to bee hive for bee-ginners. Click here to read more about the Beehaus and watch a video of how it works!

Win a Bundle of Dishes for your Little’un!

Last year, we teamed up with food company Little Dish to offer you the chance to win an Eglu for Christmas. Well, they were such a lovely bunch that we decided it was time to work with them again and offer you some food for thought…

Little Dish make fresh, healthy meals for kids. They only ever use 100% natural ingredients across their range of meals (including delicious Chicken Risotto and Pasta Bolognese) and their fresh filled pasta. Each meal has been designed especially for children, having been tested and approved by their team of Tiny Tasters.

You can win 1 of 20 bundles of £20 off Little Dish in vouchers by entering our competition. Just click on this link and fill in your details for your chance to win!

Competition closes at midnight on February 28th.

Half Term Hen Parties

With half term for many kids next week, why not take the opportunity to go on a Chicken Keeping Course!? If you’ve been thinking about getting a few of your own hens, going on a course will offer you the chance to learn all you need to know to start this fantastic new hobby. Talk to a chicken keeper, handle a hen and be acquainted with an Eglu in a garden near you. You might even be treated to a piece of cake!

A few of the courses are listed below, but you can click here to find the full listing!

Chicken Keeping for Complete Beginners

Comprehensive Beginners Chicken Keeping Course

Keeping Chickens as Pets


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