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The Omlet Blog Archives: May 2013

Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 24th May 2013

Facebook Post of the Month

“Here’s a couple pictures of Squirt my leopard tortoise 4 years ago in a pink eglu. She is much bigger than this now at over 1 foot and weighing more than 10lbs” by Raina Kirkham-Cope

StyleTails Reviews the Qute

Looking for a stylish solution to small pet housing? Look no further. The Qute Hamster and Gerbil Cage has been given the seal of approval by StyleTails, the luxury online design magazine for stylish pet owners. StyleTails features the crème de la crème of pet products, as well as interviews, celebrities and other fabulous pet related news.

Editor, Sara White, spent over eight years in the fashion and design industry, so she knows a stylish product when she sees one. Sara spotted our Qutes on display at the recent Zoomark show in Bologna, and, sure enough, it didn’t take her long to blog about it on StyleTails.

Sara reported that rodents, or ‘the wonderful world of rodentia’, are becoming more popular for pet lovers living busy city lives, which is why she ‘squealed with glee at the latest latest launch from Omlet’. Sara called the Qute ‘a clever, contemporary home…which not only looks super-stylish, but also takes less than a minute to clean’. She loved the way it looks, saying the Qute ‘beautifully integrates little critters into a contemporary living space’.

StyleTails had loads more to report on the Qute, and you can read the whole feature here. And if you want to see the stylish hamster house in action, click here.

Catherine’s Eglu Cube

Have you been thinking about buying an Eglu Cube? Catherine recently welcomed the addition of two hens and an Orange Cube, and she is chuffed to bits. Read her five star review below:

“The Eglu Cube is fantastic! I was walking on clouds… (click to read more)”

Well that’s praise indeed, thanks Catherine! Click here for more info on the Eglu Cube.

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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 10th May 2013

Rabbit Awareness Week

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) again and that means rabbit owners everywhere should take a moment to think about the health and happiness of their pet bunnies. Although rabbits are the third most popular pet in Britain, sometimes they don’t get the treatment and diet they require. RAW aims to educate rabbit owners every year, with special events, free health checks and plenty of advice on offer, so check out the website for more info.

Here are our three top tips for keeping a rabbit:

1) Rabbits need a diet high in fibre to keep their digestion healthy and wear their teeth down. The diet should consist mainly of hay, with some green vegetable leaves and a small amount of pellet or cereal mix. Hay also help to prevent behavioural problems such as over-grooming.

2) Give rabbits are much space as you can. Ideally, they should have daily access to a run, as well as a covered area that they can retreat to if they want to hide. An Eglu offers the ideal solution, as rabbits can use the run or sit in the house as they please.

3) Have your rabbits vaccinated regularly for Myxomatosis and VHD and always take your rabbit to the vet if you are concerned by any changes in behaviour, eating or drinking habits. Keep your rabbit’s weight down to reduce the chance of flystrike (rabbits eat the first set of faeces they produce, but if they are unable to reach to their backside they can get sticky and attract flies).

This weekend get 20% off our top products for keeping your rabbits healthy. (Until midnight 12/05/13. UK only).

Rabbit Photo Competition

In light of RAW you’ve been posting some brilliant bunny photos on our Facebook page this week, and we’d love to see some more. Post a picture of your pet rabbit on Facebook, tweet us (@omlet) or send to and we will include a gallery of our favourites in the next newsletter. Not only that, but we have some rabbity good goodies to give away too. Three rabbits will win a Wooden Carrot Cruncher Chew, and one lucky bunny will get its paws on a pack of Natural Meadow Hay, Selective Complete Feed, Verm-X Herbal Nuggets, Carefresh Bedding, Natural’s Carrot and Fennels Sticks and some Russel’s Crunchers with Carrot. Closing date Friday 17th May.

Eglu Go Hutch at Zoomark Pet Show

Bologna, home to spaghetti bolognaise, the oldest university in the world, and, for this week only, the Eglu Go Hutch. Omlet is eggsibiting at the Zoomark Pet Show in Bologna until Sunday, with a selection of our products on display. Zoomark is the top trade event in the pet supplies industry, and this year it’s celebrating its 15th anniversary. It attracts over 20 thousands visitors, and it showcases the most exciting and innovative pet products on the market. The Eglu is proving very popular, so, wherever you are in the world, you could see one in a pet shop near you soon…

Molto eccitante!

Feather Down Farms Competition Results

Thanks to everyone that entered the Feather Down Farms Competition to win a weekend break. Gillian McCandlish was the lucky winner, and she gets to choose one of their fabulous rural retreats to relax in with her family. Inbetween snuggling up in their luxurious tent, they will have fun with starlit pizza suppers (courtesy of their wood-fired oven), relaxing in the hot tub, and, of course, feeding the chickens.

If you are a little henvious of Gillian, don’t worry, you too can enjoy a fantastic Feather Down Farm stay. Visit the website for more info and book your family escape today!

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