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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 2nd December 2013

They look good enough to eat.

Praline Candles, £4

Egg storage with style!Egg Skelter, £19.79
Biscuits that bloom…

Seed Biscuits, £6

You must be yolking!?

Novelty Cufflinks, £7.95

For the man with everything.

Hip Flask, £7.50

This brings back memories…

Airfix Mug, £6.50

Perfect for tea parties!

Porcelain Tea Set, £12

Banish the boredom.

Puppet Kit, £4.50

Better than your average nut!

Walnut Surprise, £2.35

A Christmas disguise…

Rudolph Bed, £3.75

This season’s must-have!

High-Vis Jacket, £12

Stylish and snug.

Radiator Bed, £24.99


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