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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 13th December 2013


12 days until Christmas and we’re feeling festive. That’s why if you place an order with us today you’ll be in with a chance of winning a delicious handmade ‘Nanna’s Christmas Pudding’ this yuletide. Just order by midnight and you’ll be automatically entered into our prize draw! (And they say Friday 13th if unlucky!?)

If that wasn’t Christmassy enough, did you know that today is National Christmas Jumper Day? We’re wearing ours with pride and we hope that you’re doing the same. Send us a photo of your sparkliest sweatshirts and naffest knits by email, Facebook or Twitter, and our top three will win a Santa Egg Cup and Toast Cutter Set.

And don’t forget, our Free Delivery offer is running until Christmas Eve. Spend £50 to get free uk delivery! Make sure you place your orders by Friday 20th December to ensure you get your goodies in time.

Christmas wishes,

Free Gifts with Every Qute

–>Want to treat the kids to something really special this Christmas? Look no further than our Qute Hamster and Gerbil Cage. Recently described in The Sunday Times pet gift guide as “the gift hamsters are pleading for in their letters to Santa”, this product is a hit with children, parents and the pets.

What makes Qute such a great choice of hamster and gerbil cage? It’s fun, functional and looks fantastic. You won’t be ashamed to have this cage on display, and with walnut and birch effect options available, you’ll find that it fits into the home like a piece of furniture. A removable bedding tray and lift ‘n’ twist tube make cleaning a one-minute-job, and kids will love being able to use the tray as a mobile play station. Hamsters and gerbils will enjoy nestling down in the deep bedding, hopping up and down the tube and going for a jog in the wheel.

Qute makes a gift to remember, and until Christmas we have an offer that will make it extra special.

Order a Qute for Christmas and we will send you a Rudolph Reindeer Bed, Glitter Exercise Ball and Nibble Stix Wooden Play Veg Gnaws for your pet for free! Just use promo code: XMASQUTE2013 With free delivery on orders over £50, you won’t need to worry about that either! (Both offers are valid on UK orders until 24/12/13.)

Click here to order your Qute today!

Here’s what one customer had to say about the Birch Style Qute:


It’s not just chickens that love the Eglu – cats are rather fond of them too. All over the country, fussy felines are ignoring their own beds to claim the cosiest spot in the Cube or Classic. As soon as the hens are let out to play, it would appear that hundreds of household moggies are stealing the best spot in the nesting box for a good, long kip. The chickens may not be impressed, but we think it’s rather adorable, and we love it when photos like this are sent in.

Send us a photo of your cat in an Eglu and you could win one of our best-selling Bamboo Radiator Cat Beds. With a snug, sheltered spot to call its own, your pet might just let the hens rule the roost again. Email to, post on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet by December 31st for your chance to win.

Festive Favourite Gift Ideas!

Frosted Snowman Cupcake Set– Four easy to use silicone moulds for festive snowmen shaped cupcakes.
Buy for £11.50 (rrp £15)

Eglu Go Hutch– Make your kids’ dreams come true with the most stylish and easy to use guinea pig cage.
A gift to remember for £299.99

Fried Egg Cufflinks– The perfect gift for anyone with a cracking sense of humour and a love of chickens.
Fun for henthusiasts at £7.95

Chicken Mega Treat Pack– Treat your hens to a multitude of toys and treats this Christmas.
A must-have for hens at £26.95(prices of products if buying separately = £31.01)

Forest Friends Squirrel Mug– The perfect gift for anyone with a cracking sense of humour and a love of chickens.
A squirrelly good gift for £6.95

Simpsons Pancake Pan– For pancakes that would make even Homer drool. Serve up a Simpson stack!
Treat someone for just £7.95

And don’t forget…

The Pet Blog Lady is Ithcin’ to Raise Chickens

We may not sell our products in Canada yet, but that hasn’t stopped Pet Blog Lady singing our praises. Her blog covers everything there is to know about pets, with regular posts about the latest innovative pet products, and she just loves some of ours.

Pet Blog Lady, Lisa Tarron, discovered Omlet after hearing about the High-Vis Chicken Jackets (who hasn’t!?). She said “I have often worried about the safety of chickens as they cross the road and finally someone is doing something about it!” Hear hear.

But it’s not just the Jackets that caught her attention. She was drawn to our “funky chicken coops”. Last year Lisa raised frogs (yes, really), but she is now looking to make chicken-keeping her new venture. In fact, she is filled with “itchin to raise chicken” thoughts.

If you’re eggsperiencing similar symptoms to Lisa, make sure you read our chicken keeping guide. You can go on a hen party to find out if chickens are for you, and why not watch this short video on the Eglu Classic, to see just how easy it is to keep chickens with Omlet products.

Don’t forget, order your Eglu by 20th December for Christmas delivery!

Photos of the Week

We rather like this novel way of keeping warm in Winter. Both cat and chicks look purrfectly happy snuggled up together. Much better than a hot water bottle, don’t you think!?

Sent in by Nikeesha Heath.

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