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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 16th December 2013

Fun for every little chef.

The must-have eggcessory.
Love me…Keyring, £3.49

Mmmm nom nom gnome…
Gnome Cutters, £3.50

Fun & funky for chicken fans.
Chicken Purse, £6.50

Scrabbled eggs anyone?
Scrabble Magnets, £6.95

Tea-riffic for Beatles fans.
Yellow Tea Sub, £8.15

An eggcellent friend for kids.
Chicken Roller, £16.00

Turns paper into plant pots!
Eco Potmaker, £18.35

Nothing beastly about these…
Beasties Egg Cups, £14.00

Award-winning nutcracker.
Drosselmeyer, £24.50

Better than a real dog…
Dog Kennel Set, £29.50

For seasoned greetings!
Animal Seasoning Set, £25

The gift of keeping chickens!
Eglu Cube, from £555

Great for kids and parents.
Rabbit Eglu, from £314.99

Have a Qute Christmas.
Qute Hamster Cage, £119.99

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