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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 27th December 2013

Win an Eglu Classic Chicken House

Enter today’s 12 days of Christmas competition to be in with the chance of winning an Eglu Classic Chicken House, with 2m run, in the colour of your choice. You’ll receive a feeder and drinker, Eglu shade, chicken feed and egg boxes too.

Omletare famous for the iconic Eglu Chicken Coop, Beehaus Bee Hive and Qute Hamster Cage. Since the launch of the Eglu Classic in 2004, we have witnessed a chicken-keeping boom, with thousands of town and country folk enjoying a little bit of ‘The Good Life’ in their own back gardens. Omlet products not only look the part, but they are design to be easy to use, quick to clean and long-lasting.

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