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Omlet Newsletter – 21st February 2014


You might have noticed that the shops have been filling their shelves with cards recently, because there’s a certain special date coming up. No, we’re not talking about Easter (although we’re tremendously eggcited about that too), we mean Mother’s Day. Now, there’s no need to get your feathers in a twist just yet, because this fabulous day doesn’t fall until March 30th. That gives you plenty of time to plan and perfect the ultimate breakfast in bed for your Mum.

Do you think your Mum deserves something a little eggstra this year though? Do you want to thank her for being such a marvellous Mum? Do you think she should be just plain spoilt rotten? Then look out for our Mum in a Million Competition. Coming soon, this is going to be our best competition yet, with prizes from Naked Wines, Belvoir, Jersey Pearl, Choc on Choc, Bunches, Wish Uk and Omlet. We’ll reveal more next week, but for now, Mum’s the word…..

5 Reasons to Buy an Eglu

The Eglu Classic is our original chicken house, and still a favourite for many first-time chicken keepers. Stylish, bright and easy to clean, the Eglu is a cracking henvestment, but don’t take our word for it… Here’s what customer Stephanie Orde had to say about her purchase:

1. Absolutely stellar design.

2. Easy to clean out poo, easy to get eggs, easy to put them away and open up.

3. The hens love it and were up to laying one a day very quickly

4. We are complete novices and have been able to learn the basics very quickly

5. I was a bit concerned about the bright colour in our traditional garden but actually it is not nearly as garish as I thought and many people have commented how stylish it is.

Tempted? Read more about the Eglu Classic here!


How to Make a Giant

Creme Egg

We like eggs. We love creme eggs. But, giant creme eggs!? Now you’re talking! TheDaily Mailrecently reported on a craze for supersizing snacks that’s taking place on What started as one man’s hobby has now grown into a popular site where anyone can upload photos and recipes of their attempts at making giant versions of favourite treats. Giant Yorkies, Custard Creams, Snickers, Liquroice Allsorts and Peanut Butter Cups, the list is endless, but one the of the most recent, and most highly rated, was the giant cadbury creme egg. Containing 1.5kg of chocolate, 1.5kg of sugar, 280g of liquid glucose and a lot of food colouring, we certainly wouldn’t advise eating this in one sitting. But, if anyone wants to try making one themselves, there are several volunteers at Omlet HQ that would be happy to oblige in the taste test.

Now to decide what snack to pimp for Omlet’s 10 year anniversary…

Really Crunchy Mom Really Rates the Qute

Kids love keeping pets, and there are loads of benefits to having a small animal or two at home. Homeschooling mother of two Jen Stanbrook, AKA the Really Crunchy Mom, recently introduced two gerbils to her home ‘classroom’ in Michigan, and she’s been thrilled with the results.

Jen decided it was time to get a pair of gerbils for her 3 and 5 year old children, Tink and Bean, but she was disappointed at the choice of cages. She thought they were all too small, too colorful and not toddler-proof, until she stumbled on the Qute. This quickly became Tink’s “best present ever” for her 5th birthday.

The Qute has proved to be the perfect choice for Jen and her young children. She loves that it is “sturdy, attractive, and very easy to clean”, and it keeps the gerbils safe from her dogs. Tink and Bean love watching their pets through the clear bedding tray, and removing it to use as a mobile pet station to play with the gerbils everyday. They love the Qute so much, in fact, that Jen posted a brilliant review on Youtube too, which you can watch here! Read her full Qute review on the Really Crunchy Mom Blog.

Facebook Post of the Month

February’s Facebook Post of the Month came from Louise Boon Nea Towell:

“Using your own egg shaper I tried to make my hubby a special dinner today”

We were seriously impressed by the Valentine’s meal Louise cooked for her husband, and he must have had a hoot of an evening. It must be twit-twoo love!

If you’ve been inspired by this culinary masterpiece you can pick up your own Owl Egg Mould here.

LandLove Magazine Features the Eglu Go

Pick up your copy of LandLove magazine this month for a hentastic article on keeping chickens. If you’ve been thinking about adding a small flock to your garden, this is well worth a read, with info on getting started with your new hobby, how many birds to buy and which breeds are suitable. It also gives advice on housing your hens, featuring the Eglu Go as an eggcellent option.

With Spring upon us, we think it’s the perfect time to start keeping chickens, and a brightly coloured Eglu Go is sure to liven up your garden. Even if the sun isn’t shining, a Daffodil Yellow Eglu and its pair of hentertaining residents will give you a warm glow every day. Click here to read more about the Eglu Go.

Eglus at Tuinidee Show this Weekend

Two of our best products are on display at theTuinidee showin ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, this weekend. See theEglu Go Hutch, complete with a very well-behaved (pretend) bunny rabbit and theEglu Cube, with real chickens, set up in a real vegetable garden. Luckily the run will stop our hens helping themselves to the fresh greens on offer. Find our products by walking through the Fifty Shades of Green show gardens, and get some inspiration for your outdoor space this Spring.

If you want to keep up to date on more NL news, why not subscribe to the new Omlet Benelux Newsletter? Email to sign up.

Where to Find the Egg Skelter

We are thrilled to have some fantastic new shops to add to our list of Egg Skelter stockists. Although you can still order this popular product from Omlet, we know that some of you prefer to see a product in the flesh before you buy, and maybe pick up a few other gorgeous kitchen accessories along the way. Plus, it’s a great way of checking out the colour options before you make your choice. Find the Egg Skelter in the following:

Hunt Bespoke Kitchens in Bloxham, Oxfordshire

UK Cookshop in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

Hobbs – The Kitchen Shop in Penzance, Cornwall

Classy Cooks in Emsworth, Hampshire

Whisk Cookshop in Chiswick, London

Southmead Poultry in Leatherhead, Surrey

This Month’s Favourites!

Eglu Go Hutch in Purple – The Eglu Go Hutch is now available in a rich pinky purple colour that will look fab in every garden. Keep two guinea pigs happily and be amazed at how quickly you can spring clean the Eglu.

A great guinea hutch for £299.99

Moo Moo Egg Cup Set – Find it hard to get going in the morning? Well, these are bound to help you get a moo-ve on. These are so udderly cute that you will always make time to have breakfast.

Don’t have a cow, it’s only £9.50

Nature’s Grub Fruit Garden Blend – Your hens will love this complementary food. With seeds, cooked cereals, native berries and dried fruit, this is a tasty treat, and the BHWT will receive a donation for every tub sold.

A tasty treat for £9.75

Happy shopping!

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