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Omlet Newsletter – September 19th 2014


The weekend is almost here and there’s no better eggscuse for a lazy lie-in and breakfast in bed (as long as you can convince someone to bring it to you). Not only do eggs makes a tasty treat in the morning, but they are eggstremely nutritious too, and even better when they’re from your own garden hens. If you’ve never tasted a just-laid egg, you don’t know what your missing, so why not think about keeping a few pet chickens? You’ll be rewarded with delicious eggs every day that taste a hundred times better than those you can buy at the supermarket.

However you cook them, enjoy those eggs and have a sp’egg’tacular weekend!

Win £100 for you and £100 for charity in Peinture Pet Competition!

Do you have a pet that you love to bits? Fancy winning a £100 Omlet voucher and £100 for the animal charity of your choice? Well it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and enter our Peinture Pet competition.

Show us how special your pet is by sending us a portrait for your chance to win this brilliant prize. You can paint, draw, collage, stencil, sew, knit or carve a portrait of your pet (or anything else you can think of), then email a photo to, post on our Facebook page, send us a tweet using #peinturepet, or pop it in the post to this address: Peinture Pet, Omlet Ltd, Tuthill Park, Wardington, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 1RR. Please include your name, age, email address and your pet’s name. The closing date is 30th September and postal entries cannot be returned.

Good cluck!


Inside a bottle of Diatomaceous Earth

If you keep chickens there’s a good chance you’re familiar with a product called Diatomaceous Earth, a fine powder that can help with the treatment of mites or lice. What you’re less likely to be aware of is what actually goes into a bottle of the stuff…and it is really quite incredible. Feed additive is made of ground up fossilized remains of diatoms. But, what are diatoms?

Diatoms are a single cell algae that create jewel-like glass shells around themselves. A little more interesting than you first thought, right? Invisible to the naked eye, these diatoms are quite spectacular when viewed under magnification, and even more so incredible when arranged into complex patterns. The complexity certainly hasn’t put Klaus Kemp off his work though; he has dedicated his like to perfecting the Victorian art of diatom arrangement.

This short film, The Diatomist, showcases his mind-boggling work, and if you’ve ever bought a bottle of Diatomaceous Earth, you’re going to find this fascinating!

This Week’s Top 3 Strange Pet Stories

3 – Bunny turns 10 following a diet of custard creams.
A 10 year old Dwarf Lop in Birmingham could be one of the oldest pet rabbits in the UK, but what’s the key toHarry’s health and happiness? A custard cream a day, apparantly. His full social life and plenty of exercise must play a part too (before you get any ideas.)

2 – Dachshund takes part in 13,000 feet skydive.
Uncontent with a walk in the park,Riley the Dachshundhopped out a plane at 13,000 feet with his adrenaline junkie owner. His custom made harness held him onto regular skydiver Nathan Batiste and luckily the jump went without a glitch.

1 – Hamster competes against competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi in a hot-dog eating contest.
Despite having previously won a record for eating 110 hot dogs in 10 minutes, Takeru lost out toTiny Hamsteron this occasion. T.H had no problem munching his way through his own pile of tiny veggie hot dogs. What a chap!

Beekeeping in September

‘Bee’fore you start dreaming of eating a spoonful of honey, you need to make sure your bees have enough stores. They need at least 20-30kg of stores to see them through the winter, which is equivalent to 6-9 full brood frames. If they have less than 20kg, you should feed them until it has reached that weight. Meanwhile, if you have an excess of honey in the brood frames, these can be removed, along with the supers. Use the clearer board under the supers 24 hours before you removed them for honey extraction. You should leave bees on 9 brood frames for the winter.

It is also important to monitor the natural mite drop, if you didn’t last month. Use a treatment of Apiguard if the drop is higher than 10 mites a day, but ensure you do this after the honey collection.

Now go and enjoy that delicious honey!

Tweet of the Month

It’s magical enough keeping bees on a rooftop, but when a double rainbow makes an appearance behind the Beehaus, it’s an unforgetable scene to ‘bee’hold. @HighgateHoney were lucky enough to discover this stunning moment and luckily they were able to capture it too.

They tweeted @omlet I’ve found my pot of gold!

And now we’re sharing the glow with you… Follow us on Twitter to send us your own ‘bee’rilliant pics!

Latest Products

Minnie and Mickey Egg Cups – Who doesn’t have a secret soft spot for Mickey and Minnie Mouse!? No matter what your age, we bet that Disney never fails to put a smile on your face. Now you can bring the Disney magic to the breakfast table, with this splendid set of egg cups.

Enjoy a Disney breakfast every day for only £7

Madeleine Floyd Chicken & Egg Apron – This linen tea towel is as good as they get. It is absorbent and lint free, making it the perfect choice for quick drying and sparkling dishes. The charming print of chickens and eggs make it a tea towel that you will be proud to display in your kitchen.

Makeover your kitchen for just £6

Maxi Cup Drinker for Chickens – The Maxi Cup is a semi automatic drinker that will fix to most containers to turn them into reservoirs for your hens’ drinking water. Attach to old water tanks, buckets or other containers, fill the container with water and watch as the Maxi Cup fills up too.

Turn any container into a drinker for £14

Happy shopping!

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