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Newsletter November 5th 2014

Keeping Pets Safe on Bonfire Night

Remember remember the 5th of November…and your pets! We’re not here to spoil your night of fun, frolics and fireworks, but we just want to remind you that it can be a frightening time of year for animals. Follow our simple advice and your furry friends will be safe and sound.

  • Chickens – If there are going to be fireworks nearby it may be best to bring your chickens into the house. Put them in a spacious cardboard box lined with straw and with plenty of air holes and then pop them back into the garden in the morning. Chickens will head straight for any ashes left over from a bonfire so just make sure that they have cooled down to avoid any accidental recipe ideas.

  • Rabbits and guinea pigs – To avoid giving them a sleepless night you should take them indoors as far away from all the commotion as possible. Do this earlier in the day, not five minutes before, and it will give your rabbits and guinea pigs a chance to acclimatise to their new surroundings.

  • Cats and dogs – Keep them indoors but don’t confine them to one room as they may want to find their own safe place to hide. Rather than supervising, allow them to go where they choose so they don’t feel stressed. Close the curtains and try putting on some music to muffle the sound of the fireworks.

    And now that you’re prepped, just wrap up warm and enjoy the show!

Beat the Chill with an Extreme Temperature Jacket

It’s hard to believe that Friday was the warmest Halloween on record now that the cold weather has made its dramatic arrival. Yesterday’s temperature was a shock to everyone’s system, and your chickens may have been somewhat surprised when stepping out of their Eglus too. There’s no need to panic though – we have all sorts of fantastic products in stock to keep your pets happy and healthy through the winter, starting with these…

Offer your chickens the ultimate protection from extreme weather with an Extreme Temperature Jacket or Liner. Designed to fit the Eglu Classic, Cube and Go, these jackets and liners are filled with Flectalon, a material developed by NASA to keep astronauts warm. Flectalon combines trapped air thermal insulation with mirrored surfaces that reflect infra red heat back into the Eglu making it the most efficient insulator known to chickens. In simple terms: stick one of these on your Eglu and your hens and bunnies will be as snug as bugs in rugs!

Cube Jacket – £99, Classic Jacket – £49 and Go Liner – £35 In Stock at Omlet!

Time to Take Cover

Don’t let the rain ruin your winter – put on your anorak and invest in a cover for your Eglu run! Available in heavy duty, clear or a combination of the two, these covers will provide brilliant protection from wind, snow and showers. As well as keeping your pets dry while roaming around their run, a cover with help to prevent the ground from getting muddy, keeping little feet happy too.

With a large range of sizes available for different Eglu products, the hard part will be deciding whether to opt for a Clear, Heavy Duty or Combi cover. The Clear version will allow the sun to shine through and you’ll have a good view of your hens. Choose Heavy Duty and it’ll provide shade in the summer as well as being extremely hardwearing. The Combi Covers offer the best of both!

Buy your Eglu Cover today, from £9, and be prepared for whatever the British Winter has to throw at us!


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