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Newsletter 28th August 2015


We’ve heard of Eglus being used to house recovering hedgehogs before, but in the USA there are some other creatures recuperating in Omlet accommodation. After rehabilitation in a wildlife centre, these rescued opossums were released in the backyard of one of our customers, with an Eglu Classic for shelter. Apparently they loved camping in their new home before venturing back into the outside world and we are very happy in the knowledge that our product aided their recovery.

And opossums aren’t the only animals that have been checking into Eglus lately…

Home Sweet Home for Darwin

This month we heard from a family who recently turned their Eglu into a home for their tortoise. The Pass family from Newbury sent us this brilliant photo along with the following:

“I’ve had my Eglu for over ten years, and it has been the home of four happy guinea pigs over the time.

We have just dusted it down and reinstated it for our tortoise, Darwin. As he’s a bit bigger now, he can go out into the garden, but we needed to keep him safe from foxes (and our over friendly Labrador, Hogarth).

We had to build a ramp so he can get into the shelter, but he seems to cope really well. He has his gravel and house in the Eglu and chomps away in the run quite happily. I hope it will last him for many years to come! He’s only two, so another hundred years or so would be great.”

Do you keep something unusual in your Eglu? Send us a photo and your pet could star in the next newsletter!


Lily’s Amazing Recovery

Have you ever thought about rescuing some ex-battery hens? This picture may just convince you. We were both horrified and touched to be sent this before and after photo from an Eglu owner. Samantha rescued Lily, along with eight other chickens, at the beginning of this year. As you can see, this hen was in terrible condition following life in a battery farm and her prospects weren’t looking hopeful. But, wow, what a difference eight months can make. A little bit of TLC and Lily is healthy, happy and blooming gorgeous. Oh, and she’s still laying eggs! Don’t you just love a happy ending!?

If you’d like to know more about rehoming ex-batts, visit the British Hen Welfare Trust website for info.

Tom’s Tips for the Tastiest Eggs

No one can deny that the delicious orange yolks from your own hens’ eggs is a sight to behold.  Allowing your hens to free range in your garden, feeding on fresh grass is the best way to  get those wonderful yolks, but this isn’t always practical in the winter when the grass stops growing. Feeding your hens green vegetables helps them produce these amazing eggs and keeps them happy, so why not try growing a few veggies at home so both of you can benefit?

Winter isn’t the best time for sowing crops, but if you start planning now, there are a number of greens that you can grow at home to feed your hens over Winter….  click here to read more!


Qute Competition Results

You might remember our Qute Colouring In Competition back in July. We had loads of fabulous entries, full of colour, feathers and googly eyes, and the office is still covered in your awesome artwork. Unfortunately, we could only choose one winner, but thanks to everyone that enterered – you brightened up Omlet HQ a treat.

Congratulations to Emily Nash for winning. We loved the extra detail she added to the picture, especially the egg and spoon race. Three weeks on and Emily said “thankyou very very much for my Qute, I love it and so does my little hamster Pepper! (Especially the lovely quiet wheel!)”

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