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Omlet Newsletter 18th September 2015


Autumn has arrived again and so have the spiders. Have you noticed more eight-legged creatures making themselves comfy in your home recently? September is renowned for it! Our friend and artist Nicola Metcalfe sent this funny painting to summarise. And, if you like her style, make sure you keep reading our newsletter over the next few weeks for your chance to win a personalised piece of art eggsclusive to you. Meanwhile, a top tip to deter spiders from cosying up in your house is to place conkers on the windowsills. Apparently this old wives tale really does work!

Introducing the Outdoor Guinea Pig Run

Looking for a spacious run for your pet guinea pigs? Our new Outdoor Guinea Pig Run is the answer. Ideal for every type of garden, this run can be configured to just the size you need. Choose a lo-rise version to give your pets lots of floor space at a lower cost, or opt for the hi-rise to give you room to walk in an out and spend time with your pets. You can even start low and increase the height at a later date.

As with all our pet runs, this product will blend in with its surroundings while giving your guinea pigs plenty of room to run around and play. They will be safe from other animals due to the strong weldmesh and anti-tunnel skirting and you can pop their wooden hutch or other accessories inside to give them somewhere to rest and hide. If you already have an Eglu Go Hutch, this can be attached to the run with a Connection Kit, giving your pets the freedom to run in and out as they choose.

Order your Outdoor Guinea Pig Run today from £299.99 (or enter the competition below to try and win one!)


Win an Outdoor Guinea Pig Run worth £299.99

Fancy winning your guinea pigs a new Lo-Rise Outdoor Run? Here’s your chance! Show us how much you love your piggies by putting on a performance and you could be rewarding your pals with a 2x2x1 run worth £299.99!

Film a short video about your guinea pigs and send it to us in one of the following ways: email us the clip or a link to the video, post on our facebook page, tweet us or upload to Instagram and tag omlet_uk in the post.

Here are a few ideas to get it started: write a song or a poem, do a dance, put on a magic show or dress up as a guinea pig… there is no minimum or maxium length of video, and don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be of hollywood movie quality! The competition closes at midnight on 30th September. Good luck!

Facebook Post of the Week

September’s Facebook Post of the Month comes from new Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch owner Paul McEwan. He posted this very cute snap of his son camping out in their new Eglu, saying: “Let’s hope the rabbits like it as much!”

Well, we hope they do too, as long Paul can convince the little lad to give up his new den! Click here to find out more about the Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch and post your own photos to our Facebook page – we’d love to see!


Keep Covered this Autumn

Autumn is an awesome month for chickens. The great outdoors is bursting with worms, grubs and bugs for them to forage, as well as tasty homegrown fruit and veggies to peck at. (If you want to keep your pumpkin patch safe from greedy hens though, we do prescribe a healthy length of our Chicken Fencing.) Unfortunately, along with nature’s harvest comes unpredictable weather, and pets aren’t all that keen on being rained on. If hens could pull on a waterproof mac when it rains they would, but we haven’t finished developing that product quite yet, so you’ll have to step in and save the day.

Our Clear and Heavy Duty Covers are just what you need to ensure your pets don’t have to ask themselves ‘why does it always rain on me?’. Available for Eglu Runs and Walk in Chicken Runs, our range of covers come in various sizes to keep your chickens sheltered from wind and rain. Our latest Walk in Run Covers with Gutter Edge can be overlapped to provide even more coverage.

Stock up on Covers today and be prepared whatever the weather!

Little Stuff Reports on the Eglu Go UP

Thinking about keeping chickens this Autumn? Make sure you check out the Little Stuff blog. Laura and her family have been wanting to keep chickens for 23 years and they have finally ‘plucked up the courage to introduce four new pets to the garden. Laura has had her Eglu Go UP for a week now and she is loving it. Click here to read about her eggsperience so far and meet her girls Henghis Khan, Miss Egsa, Nameless and Oprah Henfrey.

This Week’s Customer Favourites

Egg Skelter – A must-have for every chicken keeper, this stylish accessory will keep your eggs in age order!

Chicken Fencing – Give your hens extra space while keeping them away from your flower beds.

Rainbow Play Bridge – Hamsters and gerbils will love climing up, down and under this wooden rainbow.

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