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Ten Things Humans Do That Cats Hate

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What Is the Best Dog Bed for an Anxious Dog?

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Christmas Gift Guide – For the Dog Lover

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Christmas Gift Guide – For the Rabbit Owner

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Christmas Gift Guide – For the Chicken Keeper

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The Omlet Winter Sale – Up to 20% off your Omlet favourites!

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How to Catch a Chicken

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Don’t Miss the Last Delivery Dates Before Christmas

For delivery in time for Christmas, please ensure you have pla… Read More

Moving House with Chickens

Moving house is stressful for everyone involved – and that includes pets and chickens. As far as your hens are concerned, the … Read More

50% of the Nation’s Dogs Sleep in Dirty Beds – NEW Topology Dog Beds

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Which is the Best Rabbit for you?

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Meet the Topology Stars and Their Favourite Toppers

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How to Care for an Older Dog

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How Long Can I Leave My Chickens Alone for?

As with all pets, you as the owner have the main responsibility for making sure the animals are safe and happy. That means tha… Read More

Cats and Stress – Why It Happens and How to Spot It

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Will My Rabbits Be Okay Outside in Winter?

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50% off Peck Toys when you sign up to the Omlet newsletter this Halloween

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How Much Should I Be Feeding My Chickens?

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Autumnal Ginger Cupcakes Recipe

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Why Chickens Make Great Pets for Families With Children

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