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World Egg Day 2017

How do you like your eggs in the morning?! To celebrate World Egg Day we are calling upon all of our Omleteers to help us ra… Read More

All Chickens Need to Perch – Here’s Why…

Chickens love to hop onto a perch.  This fondness for perches is instinctive. Chickens are descended from the Asian Jungle F… Read More

10% off Eglu Go and Eglu Go Up Chicken Coops in Purple for a limited time!

Hurry, there's 10% off all Purple Eglu Go Chicken Coops and Purp… Read More

Glamping at Jasper’s Bunny Hotel!

We've been in touch with Niki from Jasper's Bunny Hotel who offer luxurious glamping breaks for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs in our w… Read More

You mean the World to me Competition #WorldAnimalDay2017

To celebrate World Animal Day 2017 we are running a competit… Read More

Save 15% off Eglu Cube’s, Walk in Runs and Chicken Fencing for a limited time!

Autumn is now upon us. There's a chill in the air, falling l… Read More

A Traditional English Scotch Egg with a Spicy Twist

Makes 10 10 Soft boiled eggs 2 lbs of Sausagemeat 6oz Ch… Read More

Hens on Holiday!

We've been in touch with Sarah from Sussex Garden Poultry who has told us about a fantastic service that they offer to hens when… Read More

Poached Eggs Life Hack

We all love a good runny poached egg but it’s impossible to cook more than one at a time without them falling apart. Out of al… Read More

FREE Egg Skelter with every purchse of a Brinsea Maxi II Incubator

  Get a FREE Cream Egg Skelter 24 (worth £19.99!) … Read More

Win a £50 Omlet Voucher with the Pet Shack Summer Competition!

It’s time to get creative! Send in a picture of a hol… Read More

Ten top tips to keep your pooch looking pawsome and healthy!

We often get asked to give advice for keeping your four le… Read More