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Meet Widget, the star of our new Fido Nook Video!!

Widget was recently rescued from a dogs home and now … Read More

Crate Training Tips

Why Crate Train? It's very common for people to assume that crate training is cruel and that dogs don’t like small spaces, … Read More

Keep your hens entertained!

No one likes being bored, and that goes for chickens as well! Bored chickens are more prone to start bullying each other, tr… Read More

Get a FREE Special Edition Royal Wedding Eglu Run Cover this Weekend!

  To celebrate the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry an… Read More

Guide to keeping Chickens!

Thinking about keeping chickens? Read our handy guide first that has been provided by Sarah from Sussex Garden Poultry .... … Read More

Get Free Delivery on all Incubators and Starter Packs for a limited time

Get FREE Delivery when buying any Brinsea Incubator or Starter… Read More

Buy the NEW Fido Nook and get Free Delivery!

  The NEW 2-in-1 Luxury Dog Bed with removable Crate! Finally the bed and home your dog has always wanted is here! Th… Read More

Meet Mimi and Rio – A Mischievous pair!

   … Read More

Top 15 Chicken Facts!

  Have you ever wondered what’s going on in the minds of your chickens?   [one_third] Chickens have, … Read More

25% off all Covers and Extreme Temperature Jackets

  25% OFF All Eglu Run Covers, Walk-in Run Covers & Extreme Temperature Jackets!   [one_half][/one_half] … Read More

Win a £250 voucher with Omlet’s Easter Egg Hunt!

  We all love an Easter Egg Hunt don't we? Enter tod… Read More

Chocolate Nests Recipe

Chocolate Nests A super treat, especially at Easter, that's easy enough for the children to make. It's also a handy recipe to u… Read More