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Introducing the NEW revolutionary Eggscalator

April Fools! While an Eggscalator for lazy hens is not available (yet,) you can still bring your chicken coop into the 21st cen… Read More

Rabbit Run Checklist for Spring

Spring might be the best time of year for rabbits! The sun is returning, the grass is fresh and luscious, and they can finally… Read More

Hamster Vs. Guinea Pig – Which Is The Better Pet For You?

Choosing a small pet is a big decision. Although their needs dif… Read More

A Message from the Omlet Team

We have received many questions in the last few days regarding orders and delivery. We would like to reassure you that our distr… Read More

Five Reasons Why Budgies Make Such Great Pets

The budgie is the world’s most popular pet bird. When the first specimens were brought to Europe from Australia in the 1840s… Read More

Why Budgies and Other Pet Birds Love to Bathe

It’s a dusty business being a pet bird, in a world of sawdust, seed husks and the dry atmosphere of the great indoors. The d… Read More

Why Do Some People Dislike Cats So Much?

We’ve all been asked the age-old question at some point in our lives… “Are you a cat person, or a dog person?” For thos… Read More

Which Chicken Breed Are You? Take Our Test!

Do you like travelling and seeing new places? A: “Home is where the heart is”, as I always say. That’s where I feel the… Read More

How to teach your dog the command ‘Go To Bed’

Dogtor Adem, founder and owner of Dog-Ease, is a dog behaviouri… Read More

New Puppy Shopping List

You’re getting a puppy - congratulations! Bringing home a puppy is an extremely exciting experience, but it can also be pret… Read More

If You Buy Your Chickens One Toy This Spring…

...make it the Peck Toy! Here’s why the Peck Toy is the perfect choice for your chickens... The Peck Toy ensures a s… Read More

50% off Peck Toys when you sign up for the Omlet Newsletter

Time to revamp your chickens' hentertainment? Get 50% off the … Read More