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How to Maintain Your Eglu or Walk In Run

Are you a long term Eglu or Walk in Run owner? Omlet products are known to be extremely long lasting, but we do recommend checki… Read More

Treat Your Pets This Summer – 25% off Caddi

Save 25% on the Caddi Treat Holder until 2nd August! Fill the slow-release treat dispenser with summer snacks to keep your pet… Read More

Why Do Chicken Eggs Sometimes Look Weird?

Chickens sometimes lay eggs that look nothing like a standard supermarket egg. Some are huge, some are tiny, some are ball-shape… Read More

Using a Topology Dog Bed With a Puppy

Choosing the perfect dog bed for your puppy can be tricky - or at least it used to be! Omlet’s Topology Dog Beds tick all boxe… Read More

How Rabbits Decide Who’s Boss

Like all social animals, rabbits have a ‘pecking order’. Young rabbits who have grown up together will sort this out witho… Read More

10% Off AND Free Delivery on the Geo Bird Cage

Double savings? Yes, please! [button link="" color="lightre… Read More

Get 15% Off Qute Hamster and Gerbil Cage – Don’t Miss Out!

Treat your hamster or gerbil to a Qute new home, with this ama… Read More

Free Delivery on Selected Eglus – Don’t Miss Out!

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Summer Savings – Free Delivery on Chicken Feed and Corn

Treat your chickens this summer with some fresh Omlet Chicken … Read More

What’s the Difference Between Clay Cat Litter and Pine Cat Litter?

Choosing the right litter for your cat is an important decis… Read More

Amazing Facts About Chickens’ Eyes

Photo by Blaž on Unsplash Chickens are fascinating creatures, an… Read More

What’s the Easiest Dog Bed to Keep Clean?

Dog beds become dirty and smelly over time, and they can also harbour flea eggs or ticks. Washing them is essential, and this … Read More

How to Reduce Odour From an Indoor Cat’s Litter

Photo by Erica Leong on Unsplash As indoor cats frequentl… Read More

How to Help Your Chickens Through a Moult

During their moult, chickens shed their old feathers and grow new ones. They usually stop laying eggs at this time, or reduce … Read More

20% off Geo Bird Cage and Accessories – Give Your Pet Birds The Home They Deserve

Fly into summer with a shiny new home for your pet birds! You… Read More

Record Breaking Chickens and Eggs

World’s Heaviest Chicken The heaviest chicken breed, White Sully, was developed on a farm in California. It’s a hybrid br… Read More

What Colours Can Dogs See?

It is a common myth that dogs only see in black and white. This is not the case, although their colour vision is limited compa… Read More

Can I Compost My Cat Litter? 

With the increasing awareness of how the environment is being affected by humans, it is understandable that many pet owners ar… Read More

Match Your Dog’s Personality to Their Perfect Bed

For years dog owners have been limited to beds in dull shades … Read More

Care and Hygiene of Your Guinea Pig

Keeping your pets and their homes clean and hygienic is one of the best ways to prevent illness or distress. It’s obvious wh… Read More