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How to use platforms with your rabbits

Why do rabbits need platforms? Compared to a one-level play area, having an additional floor height in your rabbits' enclosure … Read More

Exclusive interview with Jamieleigh from the Youtube channel “BirdTricks”

Photography by Rachael Baker Photography   How an… Read More

Help, my chicken keeps flying away!

Note: from 14/12/2020 all chickens in the UK should be kept indoors to prevent the spread of avian flu. For more information, pl… Read More

Help Your Pets Beat The Winter Blues

With the holiday season winding down, it’s always a struggle to get back into a routine and avoid the winter blues. And that… Read More

Holiday Pet Quiz: Omlet Edition

Holiday Animal Quiz: Can you identify the roles of these animals in these holiday movie favourites? 1.What does the Grinch tie … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Hygiene from Dogtor Adem

Dogtor Adem, founder and owner of Dog-Ease, is a dog behaviourist and trainer with over 15 years experience working with dog … Read More

10 Tips to Help Your Pet Have an Amazing Christmas Break

[caption id="attachment_8514" align="aligncenter" width="920"] P… Read More

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Owners

Still looking for the perfect gift for a pet-lover in your life? You’ve come to the right place! Take a look at our last minut… Read More

Why Are Black Cats Said to be Unlucky?

In Britain, the fact that black cats are considered unlucky is a complete reversal of the original belief that black cats we… Read More

Can Different Chicken Breeds Get Along?

All different breeds of chicken have been developed from the same ancestor, the Asian Jungle Fowl, and so most chickens get … Read More

What You Need to Know About Avian Flu in 2020

Important update on 3 December 2020 from "The Chief Veterinary Officers for England, Scotland and Wales have agreed t… Read More

Ten Things Humans Do That Cats Hate

Photo by Aiden Craver on Unsplash While all cats are different, there are certain traits common to most felines. Most cats, f… Read More

What Is the Best Dog Bed for an Anxious Dog?

Anxiety is an issue that affects many dogs. Some breeds are prone to nervousness, and some individual dogs may have had a toug… Read More

Christmas Gift Guide – For the Dog Lover

Fido Studio in White Is someone in your family getting a new puppy that they are planning to crate train? Or have your parent… Read More

Christmas Gift Guide – For the Rabbit Owner

2 x 2 Outdoor Rabbit Run Any rabbit owner looking for more space for their pets will be delighted to receive this 2x2 Outdoor… Read More

Christmas Gift Guide – For the Chicken Keeper

Eglu Cube / Eglu Go / Eglu Go UP This is the ideal time to tr… Read More

The Omlet Winter Sale – Up to 20% off your Omlet favourites!

Are you planning on finally giving up on your rotting chicken … Read More

How to Catch a Chicken

Photo by Jim Tegman on Unsplash Only very tame pet hens enjoy being picked up. Most chickens find the whole procedure stressf… Read More

Don’t Miss the Last Delivery Dates Before Christmas

For delivery in time for Christmas, please ensure you have pla… Read More

Moving House with Chickens

Moving house is stressful for everyone involved – and that includes pets and chickens. As far as your hens are concerned, the … Read More