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How To Prevent Dog Theft & What To Do if Your Dog Is Stolen

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The Seven Fascinating Senses of Cats

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Can I keep chickens with other pets?

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World Hamster Day – 10 Reasons why Hamsters make Great Pets!

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Why Spring is the Perfect Time to get Chickens!

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5 Easter Games to make the Holiday extra Hoppy

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The OMLET Easter Cake

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How to Understand the Language of Guinea Pigs

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How to teach your guinea pigs and rabbits tricks

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5 Reasons You Need the Omlet Autodoor for Summer

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Why won’t my cat sleep in it’s own bed?

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What should I consider when keeping chickens?

Note: from 14/12/2020 all chickens in the UK should be kept indoors to prevent the spread of avian flu. For more information, pl… Read More

15% off Geo Bird Cage for a limited time only!

For a limited time only, save 15% on the Geo Bird Cage from Omlet. Upgrade your budgie cage for 2021, with the stylish, easy … Read More

10 items in your home to keep away from your pets

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Reasons why a cat doesn’t meow

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