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A day in the life of a cat

Have you ever wondered, “What does my cat do all day?” In the realm of domesticated animals, few embody the enigmatic allure and effortless grace quite like our feline friends. Where naps reign supreme and curiosity knows no bounds, cats are an exquisite example of dancing between elegance and mischief. Yet in order to truly deliver the nuances of what a day in the life of a cat is really like, we felt it was only able to be done one way. From the viewpoint of a cat.

Cat climbing down the freestyle cat tree to bowl of food

The dawn of the feline empire

It’s the crack of dawn – the time when the world is still draped in a blanket of silence, and the promise of a new day beckons. But not for us cats. No, we have our own alarm clock, and it goes off precisely when the first rays of sunlight sneak through the curtains. Forget gentle nudges or soothing melodies; we believe in the power of persistent meows and strategically placed paw taps to rouse our beloved human servants from their slumber. Hangry? Who, me? Nah, just eager to start the day with a delightful symphony of demands and complaints.

The breakfast buffet

With the sun peeking over the horizon, it’s time to indulge in the most important meal of the day – breakfast. But don’t be fooled by our animalistic inclines; we cats are connoisseurs of cuisine, with a discerning palate that can rival any food critic. Expect us to turn our noses up at yesterday’s leftovers or anything that doesn’t meet our lofty standards of culinary excellence. And don’t be lulled by our gentle purrs and strokable fur – unlike undiscerning dogs, who’ll try almost anything, we cats are carnivores to the core. 

The art of the nap

After a meaty breakfast, it’s time to tackle the first nap of the day. But make no mistake; this is not your average snooze fest. Oh no, this is a carefully choreographed performance that involves finding the most comfortable spot in the house. Whether it’s on our cosy cat bed, our cat tree hammock or your freshly laundered clothes this is our time to assume a regal repose. Cat naps are not to be disturbed, lest you incur the wrath of a grumpy cat.

Morning stretches

After the morning nap, it’s time for our daily yoga session. Did you know the “cat pose” was actually named after us? Our ability to embrace the zen of flexibility is shown effortlessly in a series of stretches that would make any contortionist jealous. But the reality is we cats stretch to help our physical and mental well-being. We have lots we have to do throughout the day – napping, jumping, clawing, napping, pouncing – so stretching keeps our muscles loose and our minds engaged, releasing a fantastic burst of endorphins in the process. You humans should try it more often. 

We incorporate our luxuriant stretches into another of our favourite pastimes: scratching. Do yourselves a favour, and ensure there’s a high quality scratcher somewhere convenient – we’re happy to use the couch, but something with a deep vertical groove for ultimate scratch and stretch satisfaction is preferable.  

Playtime and the hunt for the perfect toy

As the day unfolds, so too does our insatiable appetite for mischief and mayhem. Enter playtime – a whirlwind of activity where every object becomes a potential toy waiting to be pounced upon. Whether we use your toys or ours is at your discretion. Your furniture is fine, but here are a few suggestions for superior alternatives:

  • Cat climbing tree: We’re born to climb. It’s in our DNA, and we feel safest when we seek higher ground. So if you want to delight our senses in the best way possible, invest in a sturdy cat tree, such as the Freestyle Cat Tree by Omlet. Why? Because it can be customized to suit every cat’s style, with endless possibilities of places to hide, scratch, nap and play. 
  • Cat scratching post: Our obsession with scratching isn’t something that should be untrained. It’s an innate instinct that helps us maintain healthy claws and loose, limber muscles. Top tip? Pop a Switch cat scratcher by Omlet in your basket – this epic post is a scratcher and lightshow in one, with settings that replicate the movements of prey we love to chase. Combining two of our favourite pastimes, this is the ultimate two LED birds with one stone.
  • Outdoor cat run: We may be indoor cats but our ancestors come from the wild. So heading outside to smell the fresh air and hear the sounds of nature on the breeze is a sure source of feline fun and joy. We’re not averse to you joining us, we’ll admit (grudgingly), we quite like your company. The Catio outdoor cat run is almost as clever as we are, as it allows us to enjoy the great outdoors safely with you by our sides, should we fancy a chin tickle. 
  • Cat toys: When it comes to cat toys, we’re really not that picky. Whether it’s a feather on a wand, a squeaky stuffed mouse or a catnip filled treat, we cats love to play with toys. Be sure to carve out time each day to play though, as playing with us is your favourite way to pass the time, and we’re happy to indulge you.

Cat stretching up the Omlet Switch cat scratcher

Midday Siesta

As the sun reaches its zenith, it’s time to retreat to the designated nap zone again. Choosing the perfect nap spot is an art, and we cats have perfected it. Whether it’s a sun-drenched windowsill or a cosy elevated cat bed, this is our time to close our eyes to the world, drifting into a realm where mice and laser pointers abound. The midday siesta is a sacred cat tradition that gives us an oasis of tranquility amidst the chaos of our thrilling existence.

Afternoon grooming

After our midday siesta we implore the grace of a seasoned spa enthusiast and embark on a grooming session that rivals the most sophisticated beauty routines. A cat’s coat is a masterpiece that demands meticulous care. For us cats, our tongues are like a brush, gliding through fur with unparalleled finesse. Humans may spend fortunes on hair care products, but we find solace in the simplicity of a well-executed grooming session.

Dinner time

As the shadows grow longer, our hanger takes centre stage once again. It’s dinner time and we fully plan on letting our humans know we are ready for our next culinary delights through ear splitting meows and powerful nudges. Meals are a cornerstone in our lives. With a consistent feeding routine we are better equipped to handle any unexpected changes in the household that could otherwise throw us off. So please remember to fill our cat food bowls at the same time everyday. You’re welcome.

Evening shenanigans

With a satisfied belly, it’s now time to embark on the evening’s mischief. A toppled vase here, a strategically placed furball there – our artistic endeavours know no bounds. We might even spend the evening weaving through the legs of our beloved human as a silent reminder of our presence in their world. But really, this is when our nocturnal instincts come to life. A quiet house is a signal to us that it’s time to prowl. We are apex predators after all.

Bedtime bliss

With the moon as our witness, it’s finally time to retire to the warm embrace of our cosy cat bed. As cats, we need to log 12-16 hours of sleep each day, so it’s important that we make the most of every nap, snooze, and snuggle. The day may end, but in our existence, this is just the beginning of another opportunity to conserve our energy so we can be ready for whatever leaping, pouncing or scratching awaits when we wake. 

Omlet and your cats

We ask questions so we can invent – like, “What does a day in the life of a cat look like?” Fun as it is to slip into the fictional mind of our feline favourites, our relentless quest to understand their behaviour and needs is driven by our commitment to inventing products that take caring for the cats in our homes to new and unexpected levels. Our aim? To enhance the bond between cat and human in innovative and inspiring new ways, with designs like the Freestyle cat tree and the Switch cat scratcher. So the next time you wonder what’s going on in that mysterious feline mind, why not connect with us? What makes cats tick is one of our favourite topics. 

Cat sleeping on the Omlet Freestyle cat tree platform


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