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Brand New Eglu Go UP


We’re very eggcited to finally unveil our latest chicken house to join the Eglu range. Introducing the Eglu Go UP – a coop with all the benefits of the Eglu Go, on legs!

A design speggtacular, the Eglu Go UP has the best features of the other Eglu products, under one roof, making it our favourite chicken house yet. Perfect for the first-time henkeeper, this looks fabulous, is easy to clean, straightforward to use and suitable for up to four chickens. Hens will love the plastic roosting bars and integrated nesting box. Simply fill with straw and look forward to collecting your first eggs by opening the door at the back.



Great Height for you and your Hens

The height of the Eglu Go UP is a real bonus. Your hens will love to roost up off the ground, sleeping in a warm and cosy hideaway, and having a private area to escape to lay their eggs. They will quickly learn how to use the ladder to climb up to their home, and the house will act as a sheltered spot for hens to play under too. It’s not just the chickens that will love the Go UP though – you will too! You’ll find that the convenient height makes chicken keeping a delight! There’s no need to bend down to clean the Eglu or collect the eggs.

Easy to Move!

The Eglu Go UP is available with optional wheels. This is highly recommended for anyone wanting to move their Eglu regularly, particularly if you are living on your own. Although you can choose to keep your Eglu in one place, you may want to move it around the garden regularly to allow your grass to recover, and give hens a new patch of lawn to nibble at. Using the easy foot operated wheel mechanism, one person will be able to simply push or pull the Eglu go UP around their own. The wheels can be used with your Eglu Go UP whether you have a run or not. You just need to have the frame to attach them to.

Convert your Existing Eglu Go

Do you already have an Eglu Go Chicken House? Convert it into an Eglu Go UP with our easy add-on accessories. Choose the Frame and Ladder to raise your existing Eglu Go off the ground, add the Wheel Set to the frame to make your house manoeuvrable, and choose the 2m Run to give your hens a secure area to roam in. These parts are simple to add to your Eglu Go. (Please note, they are not compatible with the Eglu Go standard 2m Run).

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