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The Omlet Blog Archives: May 2014

10% off Everything Today! – 30th May 2014

Celebrate Omlet’s 10th Birthday with 10% off!

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear Omlet, happy birthday to us!

Over the last couple of months we’ve been celebrating 10 years of the Eglu and we thought it was about time that we invited you to join the party. So, here’s a very special offer to thank you all for being so brilliant!

Get 10% off EVERYTHING today!

Eglus, Qutes, Beehauses, pet accessories, egg cups, gifts and homeware – they’re all included in this one-off celebratory sale. But be quick, because this offer expires at 11:59pm tonight (bst).

There’s no code needed, just visit the website or call 0845 450 2056 to place your order.

Save 10% on Eglu Cubes!

Today’s price: £629.10 (usual price £699)

Save 10% on Eglu Classics!

Today’s price: £404.99 (usual price £449.99)

Save 10% on Beehauses!

Today’s price: £449.10 (usual price £499)

Plus 10% off thousands of other products.

Not in the UK? Don’t worry – we’ve taken 10% off in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the USA too!

So hurry, order today and save 10% to celebrate 10 years of Omlet!

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Omlet Newsletter – May 29th 2014


Are you smiling? We hope so. This photo just goes to show that hens make people happy, and we’re feeling the happiness just looking at it. Any of you that keep chickens will know that they provide far more than just the eggs (which are far superior to those bought in a supermarket, by the way). A chicken will provide you with around 6 eggs a week, but, more than that, she will entertain you, amaze you with intelligence and show you affection. Really! Chickens are some of the most amusing and fascinating pets you could own, and much easier to keep than any cat or dog.

If you have never kept chickens before, now is the time to do so. With June just around the corner, you could be brightening up the garden with a colourful Eglu and some comedian hens in no time, and while away those summer evenings with free hentertainment. If you think that sounds like a jolly good idea, find out more about the Eglu, and keeping chickens, here!


Welcome to the New and Improved Qute!

The brilliant Qute Hamster and Gerbil cage is now back in stock and better than ever. Our dazzling design team have made some clever changes to the Qute, making it even more user (and hamster) friendly than before.

Qute now comes with a new and improved exercise wheel. It has been designed to be silent when in use, meaning you won’t be kept awake at night when your darling hamster or gerbil decides to go for a midnight jog. The wheel mounting has extremely low friction bearing inside, resulting in a much smoother turn. This is good for the hamster and excellent for you. Another great feature is the new solid floor. The majority of the floor is made from clear plastic, allowing you to get a good view of both the top and bottom of the cage and your pet. A slightly raised grid surface design provides grip, without being uncomfortable on small feet, and a section of mesh either side offers good ventilation and allows bedding or debris to fall into the tray below.

Qute is available in white, birch and walnut, meaning you can choose one to fit in with your bedroom, lounge or study furniture. It’s the perfect option for anyone wanting a pet, without the eyesore of a traditional cage.

Read more about Qute or order today from £119.99

Last Chance to Enter our Competition to win a Short Break for Two!

There are just two days left to enter this month’s marvellous competition with Sawday’s Canopy & Stars. Win a relaxing short break for two in the Pembrokeshire countryside, and get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Retired BT canteen truck, Matilda, has been converted into a cosy, rustic den, at the foot of the Preseli Hills. You’ll find nothing but peace and tranquility in beautiful surroundings…oh, and the odd kune kune pig. Hidden in a glade, with a picnic table, a spacious outdoor bathroom and hot shower, this spot is so private you can even leave the door open for a view out to the trees!

If switching off from everything and getting back to nature sounds like your cup of tea, enter our competition today. Simply answer the question on our competition page and pop in your details. But be quick, because the competition closes at 11:59pm Saturday 31st May.

Enter into the Great Golden Egg Hunt and Win an Eglu!

The Eglu Egg Cups are in stock and eggcited to be travelling to locations around the world. Many of these little beauties have landed at their new homes already, and some of these tiny Eglus have been eggstra special…containing magical golden eggs. Our golden hen is still laying, and that mean there are more eggs to find, so why not order your Eglu Egg Cup today?

Find a golden egg and you could win your breakfast. A jar of marmalade, a loaf of bread, some scrumptious Dorset Cereals or an Omlet voucher are waiting to be claimed, amongst many other fun and fabulous prizes, and there is even a full sized Eglu Classic up for grabs. Sound eggciting? Join in the Great Golden Egg Hunt today!

Pigeons Love the Eglu Too!

A little bird tells us that pigeons have been raving about the Eglu Classic recently. Well, one pigeon at least… a rather lovely bird that goes by name of Shiny Pigeon. She’s a crafty, creative breed that likes to blog when she’s not flying around. Earlier this year, Shiny Pigeon introduced an Eglu and two chickens to the nest to try and move one step closer living the good life. After a lot of research into keeping hens, she chose the Eglu for its ease of cleaning and to avoid red mite. She’s been eggstraordinarily happy with her choice – so much so that she’s written a marvellous blog post all about it.

It may be the first time the Eglu has been described as a hobbit hole (we will be contacting the producer of Lord of the Rings shortly), but Shiny Pigeon has written some splendid things about Omlet’s original chicken coop. She loves how quick it is to clean and that she can tip the contents of the droppings tray straight into her composter. And, who could forget those delicious fresh eggs every day!?

Whether pigeon or person, you, too, could be enjoying the benefits of keeping chickens and collecting tasty eggs with an Eglu. Click here to find out more today!


Tweet of the Month!

@omlet thought you might like this one ‘Chicken & Chips’

Thank you Joanna Coleman, we loved it! We would be interested to know if they prefer ketchup or mayo with their chips though.

Do your hens like any unusual foods? Let us know. And follow us on Twitter to see more funny photos like this!

Tom’s Banana and Blueberry Loaf

Looking for a tasty way to use up over ripe bananas? This lovely loaf is a fruity alternative to a traditional banana bread. We think it’s berry nice indeed!

You will need:

100g soft butter

200g self raising flour

125g sugar

2 large eggs

3 large bananas, mashed

1 tsp vanilla extract/seeds from one pod

100g blueberries

(you can also add 75g of sultanas or dried apricot as well)


1) Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

2) Add the beaten eggs and vanilla.

3) Add the banana and blueberries.

4) Fold in the flour.

5) Pour into a lined loaf tin and bake at 160C (fan) for 1 hour until golden brown and a skewer comes out clean. Transfer to a wire rack and allow to cool for a few minutes, then turn out. (Freezes very well. )

New products for you and your pet!

Mr Tea Infuser – You’ve heard of ants in your pants, but we bet you’ve never heard of tea in them! A fun alterntive to a boring tea bag, Mr Tea is ready to be loaded with loose tea and dunked into your mug of hot water.

A teariffic accessory for only £8.50

Justice League of America Egg Cups – To protect the world and save the day, all superheroes must eat their breakfast, and a boiled egg is perfect for packing a protein punch. Your eggs will look the part in these costumes!

Get ready to save the day for £12.75

Racing Car egg Warmer – Beep beep. Your egg will be ready to hop aboard the breakfast eggspress and take a spin around the table when equipped with this racing garment. Hand crocheted from 100% cotton.

Make breakfast eggsilirating for £6.50

Happy shopping!

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Omlet Newsletter 2nd May 2014


Are we eggsperiencing deja vu, or did we only just have a bank holiday weekend!? Are we complaining? Are we heck! It’s set to be a sunny one, so every man, dog and chicken can enjoy three days of fun and frolics, whatever you have planned. If you’re stuck for ideas, might we suggest you try a bit of egg decorating!? You could win a prize while you’re at it (see below for details).

As for us, we’ll be relaxing, after last weekend’s busy schedule. We had a splendid day out in London to celebrate Omlet’s 10th birthday, including a ride on the London Eye, speedboat experience and one or two glasses of champagne. Of course, we wanted you all to join us but we couldn’t hire a big enough bus!

Nevertheless, we hope you have a marvellous weekend, with, perhaps some of your own celebrations. Don’t be tempted to give your hens any bubbly, but please do make sure their water is topped up as the temperature rises.

Happy Friday,


Win a Relaxing Break for 2 in Beautiful Pembrokeshire

Ever wish you could escape reality for a few days? Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and find a little pocket of peace somewhere to relax? Desperate to hide away in a haven of tranquillity, where the only noise you’ll hear is the occasional cluck of a hen? Well, here’s your chance…

We’ve teamed up with the splendid Sawday’s Canopy & Stars to offer one lucky couple a unique getaway, in the glorious Pembrokeshire countryside. Think peace, privacy and pure relaxation, at the foot of the Preseli Hills, where you can switch off from everything and enjoy getting back to nature.

You’ll stay in Matilda, a retired BT canteen truck that has been converted into a cosy, rustic den with floral décor and homely touches. Hidden in a glade, with a picnic table, a spacious outdoor bathroom and hot shower, this spot is so private you can even leave the door open for a view out to the trees!

For your chance to win a three night stay for two at Matilda, simply answer the question on our competition page and pop in your details. The competition closes at 11:59pm Saturday 31st May. Good cluck!

Is this Omlet’s Oldest Chicken?

Having recently celebrated our 10th birthday, we have been reflecting on the last deggade of Omlet. Over the last 10 years we have delivered thousands of Eglus, met loads of wonderful customers and clipped an awful lot of chickens’ wings, but, sadly, we don’t always get to hear how our hens are getting on. That’s why we were thrilled to hear from one customer recently…

Sarah bought her first Eglu from us back in 2005, along with two hens, Cagney and Lacey, and it’s brilliant to hear that one half of the duo is still with her, and full of beans. At 9 years, Lacey may be a golden oldie, but Sarah tells us she is still happy, healthy and having a blast with three new hen pals.

Lacey may well be one of the oldest Omlet hens, but we wonder if any of your girls are sharing our 10 year birthday!? Let us know if your Gingernut or Pepperpot was delivered in 2004, and please send us a photo! They might just receive an eggstra special birthday present…

US Egg Skelters now in More Colours

Eggciting news for chicken keepers, bakers and egg aficionados in the USA – our range of Egg Skelters has just eggspanded. Now in a choice of four colours and two sizes, you can pick a skelter to suit your style, your eggs, and your kitchen.

The Egg Skelter is the perfect accessory for keeping your lovely free-range eggs in order, at room temperature and proudly on display. By adding eggs to the back of the Skelter and taking them from the front, you will ensure that you always use the oldest egg first. This is particularly hendy for chicken keepers, when eggs are collected on a daily basis. No more spending time on organising eggs and no more wastage. Hooray!

Check out the range and order your Egg Skelter today for $36.99!

Yours Magazine Give Rollabowl the Thumbs Up!

Now that the Easter Eggs have been polished off, it’s a good time to swap chocolate for fruit and get zesty! Give your snacks a makeover, and give your fruit bowl one too, with our fantastic new product, the Rollabowl. Take it from us, when apples and satsumas are displayed beautifully, they are far more a-peel-ing to eat, and the Rollabowl offers a fresh and funky storage solution that works wonders.

Recently featured in Yours Magazine, the Rollabowl stands out from regular fruit bowls, due to its clever design that allows the separation of soft and hard fruit. Keep your delicate grapes in the centre hollow and stack heavier fruit, such as apples, on the grooved edge, to prevent bruised fruit.

Yours Magazine gave Rollabowl the ‘we love’ stamp, and the folks at Omlet have certainly been getting their fix of fruit since its arrival, so why not join us and roll your way to five a day, with Rollabowl!


Decorate an Egg and Win an Eglu Egg Cup!

Need some inspiration for things to do this bank holiday weekend? We’ve got just the thing! Enter our Egg Decorating Competition and not only will you have hours of hentertainment without spending a penny, but you could win yourself an eggcellent prize. Get the kids involved too and enjoy some peace and quiet while they get eggsperimental.

We suspect you might like a challenge, which is why we put our own egg decorating skills to the test to show you what you’re up against. Now, Omlet employees have a lot of eggsperience in the egg department, so it’s fair to say that our entries could have given Fabergé a run for his money. (Ok, that might be pushing it). The winning office egg, titled ‘Romany Lady’, is pictured above but we want to see if you can do better.

Think you’ve got it cracked? Then here’s how to enter. Decorate your egg, take a photo, and send to Please include your name, age and address, and use ‘Egg Decorating Competition’ as the subject line. The competition will close on 31st May and we will be choosing winners in the following categories: under 12s, 12-17yrs and 18yrs+. Two winners from each category will win an Eglu Egg Cup Breakfast Set, and we may award some eggstra prizes too, depending on their eggstravagance. Ok, ok, en-ouef puns for now.

Celebrate Omlet’s 10th Anniversary with 6 Issues for just £10

Get 6 issues of either Country Smallholding or Your Chickens magazines for just £10! Saving up to 61% that is less than £1.70 an issue! Visit or call us on 0844 848 8056 and make sure you quote VMMO10YR!

New products for you and your pet!

Popcorn Treat with Garlic – As your hens are unlikely to be going to the cinema any time soon, why not treat them to some popcorn in the comfort of their coop!? Flavoured with garlic, this ones is eggstra yummy!

Treat your hens for just £1.75

Ms Food Face Plate – We wouldn’t usually encourage kids to play with their food, but this is just too much fun not to. Add a broccoli bouffant, pasta pigtails or onion ear(rings) to get the children to eat their veggies.

Many mealtimes of fun for £10.50

Snugglesafe Gobble Stopper – Does your dog’s dinner disappear in a flash? This clever device is the perfect solution. Place over your pet’s food to instantly slow eating speed and make meal times far more civilised!

Stop that gobbling for £3.99

Happy shopping!

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