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Pet of the Month: Maverick and Goose

A little Q and A with the owner of this month’s Pets of the Month:

When and where did you get Mav and Goose from?

We got Mav and Goose in May 2015 from a lovely breeder in Northampton, we found them on Gumtree.

What are their personalities like?

Goose is overly affectionate, loves cuddles, bit of a daddy’s boy but clearly is the boss of the street.

Caught orange handed

Caught orange handed!

Do they have any favourite toys or things they like to do:

My partner plays golf, so the cats love to steal his golf balls and hide them around the house, much to his dismay.

Funniest thing they do:

They play fight with each other all day but when they go to sleep they always have to be next to each other (they’re softies at heart.)


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