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Eglu Cube Mk1 Chicken House – Box Dimensions

Eglu Cube Mk1 (House Box A)
W1250mm x D250mm x H250mm 0.078m3 = 2.76 cubic feet
The box include: Base, Droppings Tray x2, Ladder, Partition, Eggboxes, Roosting Rack 25kg

Eglu Cube Mk1 (House Box B)
W1250mm x D700mm x H200mm 0.175m3 = 6.18 cubic feet
The box includes: Front Face, Rear Panel 14kg

Eglu Cube Mk1 (House Box C)
W1000mm x D850mm x H300mm 0.255m3 = 9.01 cubic feet
The box includes: Lid, Side Panel Left, Side Panel Right, Eggport 21kg

Eglu Cube Mk1 (House Box D)
W850mm x D850mm x H250mm 0.181m3 = 6.38 cubic feet
The box includes: Wheel Assy left and right, Super Glug, Grub, Shade, Fastener Pack. 16kg

Eglu Cube Mk1 (Run Box E)
W1200mm x D240mm x H1040mm 0.299 m3 = 10.55 cubic feet 20kg
The box includes: The run panels

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