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When is the best time to get a cat?

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Have you ever felt that the missing piece to your life puzzle was a four-legged furry companion with whiskers and a tail? We get it. Owning a cat is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

But how do you know when is the best time to get a cat? Read on to find out all the answers to your questions to help you decide if you are ready to become a cat owner.

Questions to ask yourself before getting a cat

Do I have enough time?

One of the greatest attributes of cats is that they’re pretty independent. But while they don’t demand a lot of attention, they should also not be left alone for long periods of time. Why? Cats can be like kids in that way. Left to their own devices for too long and things might get, well, messy.

So if you’re thinking about getting a cat, make sure you have a schedule that allows you enough time to devote to your new furry feline. It’s ok if you have to leave every day to go to work, as long as you’re at home in the mornings and evenings for kitty playtime. If, however, your job requires you to travel away from home often, you might want to consider waiting until you have a more consistent schedule before bringing a cat into the mix.

Do any family members have allergies?

Most people know if they have allergies to certain foods or things in their environment. But unless you’ve ever been around a cat for an extended period of time, you may not know if you’re allergic to them. And since studies show that a third of the US population has some type of allergy to cats, it’s always good to know about the members of your family before adding one to the brood.

But how can you know if you’re allergic to cats before owning one? Simple. Go visit a local animal shelter and ask to spend some time with the cats. Or, if you have a friend who owns a cat, ask to spend some time at their house to see if you have any reaction. If you or any other member of your family does indeed have an allergy to cats, you’ll know very quickly after spending just a little time with them. Watch out for itchy eyes, sneezing or even skin irritations – if any of these start to happen, you might have a cat allergy.

So does that mean I can’t own a cat? Not at all! There are many cat breeds like Sphynx, Bengal and Siamese that are relatively ‘hypoallergenic’ for people with mild cat allergies. So your dreams of having a feline friend can still come true!

Can I keep up with the upkeep?

Cats are notoriously one of the most low maintenance pets to own. But that doesn’t mean owning a cat requires no effort on your part. If you’re thinking about getting a cat, you must first ask yourself if you’re ready to be a pet parent. Here’s what that involves:

  • Regular cleaning of the cat litter box. It’s a dirty little job, but someone’s gotta do it!
  • Hairball picker upper. Cats and hairballs go hand in hand and often in the most unsuspecting places.
  • Beauty groomer. While cats are naturally pretty self-sufficient in cleaning themselves, regular brushing and nail trimming is still something they need help with.
  • Lots of love – because really that’s the best part of owning a cat!

Do I live in a cat-friendly place?

Cats are creatures of habit and will find their own cat space within your home. That being said, it’s important to make sure that where you live is accommodating to cats. If you live in an apartment or condo where you rent, be sure to ask if having cats in your place is allowed.

You also want to ensure your interior space is conducive to cat living. Small spaces need not scare you away from owning a cat as there are many products to help you still entertain your cat and not feel too cramped. Have a balcony instead of a backyard? No problem. You can quickly turn your outside space into a kitty playground with a safe and secure cat enclosure.

Is your living room adorned with beautiful leather furniture? If so, you definitely want to invest in a cat tree and scratcher so your furry friend exercises their nails on something other than your sofa. No space is too big or too small for cats as long as you are prepared.

Do I have any major life events looming?

Before deciding to add a four-legged member to your two-legged family, you need to first assess your current life circumstances. While you can’t always predict the ebbs and flow of life, you want to make sure you are not about to embark on any big life changes when thinking about getting a cat.

Upcoming moves or new jobs that require heavy travel may prohibit your ability to give your new cat the attention and time they need. Cats need consistency at the beginning of their new life with you to feel comfortable and at ease. This is why you also want to avoid bringing home a new cat during big celebrations like birthdays, Christmas or Fourth of July. Best rule of thumb? Wait until all is calm on the domestic front before bringing home a new cat.

Best place to get a cat?

If your answers to all the questions above are still pointing you in the direction of cat ownership, congratulations! The next decision you need to make is where are you going to get a cat. There are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the best cat for you: breeders, pet store, rescue/shelter and even family and friends.

We highly recommend rescuing a cat from a shelter or rescue organization for a variety of reasons:

  • Typically the adoption cost is much less.
  • Most cat adoptions from rescues or shelters include vaccinations, neuter/spay, and even a first free visit to a local veterinarian.
  • Most cats at a rescue or shelter are of the “mixed-breed” variety and these cats tend to actually live longer, healthier lives than their pure breed counterparts.
  • But most importantly, you’ll be saving a life.

Certainly, if you have identified a real cat allergy in yourself or other family members but still long for a feline friend, going through a breeder of a specific hypoallergenic breed would be best. Regardless of where you get your cat from, you are sure to receive far more love in return.

Everything you need for your new cat

Once you have identified it’s the right time for you to get a cat, the real fun begins. Having the essential cat products at home when your feline friend arrives will make their adjustment that much easier. Here is a list of everything you need for your new cat:

  • Litter box: Cats need their private bathroom space, too. The Maya Cat Litter Box from Omlet gives your cat the discreet potty breaks they crave while also minimizing the mess of kitty litter on your floor. Plus it looks great in your home, too.
  • Donut cat bed: You’ll quickly learn that cat napping is a real thing. And since you want your cat to be as comfortable and cozy as possible, you want to make sure they have a snuggly sleep spot to catch all their zzzs.
  • Cat tree: Cats are curious. Their need to explore, jump, climb and scratch is imperative to their existence. So give them what they need and get them an indoor climbing wonderland that will enhance their curiosities.
  • Outdoor cat enclosure: Can my new cat play outside? Absolutely. With the Catio designed by Omlet, senses are heightened and freedoms are found as your cat safely explores the outside world.

Knowing the best time to get a cat comes down to knowing if you are ready to commit to the time and resources needed. Taking the time to ask yourself these questions and prepare accordingly will make your relationship with your new cat all the more enjoyable. So, all that is left to answer is, are you ready to get a cat?

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