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Time to Get the Nations’ Felines Fit

Omlet launch customisable indoor cat tree system

Freestyle set up and cat in a hammock on a cat tree

There are an estimated 12.2 million cats in the UK, and numbers have increased significantly after a year of lockdown. The majority of UK cat owners view cats as more than just pets, but as an important and loyal source of happiness, affection and love. With all they do for us, the least we can provide them with is a way to let them be exactly what they are meant to be – cats!

According to the annual PDSA Paw Report, obesity is seen as one of the top 5 welfare concerns for cats by veterinary professionals, and it’s estimated that a shocking 39 to 52 percent of cats in the UK are overweight or obese. Most of these are indoor cats who are limited in terms of exercise and movement, which often leads to frustration and behavioural problems, as well as health issues.

As a nation we clearly need to get these tubby tabbies moving, and Omlet has got the perfect solution!

The new and innovative Freestyle Cat Tree is a floor to ceiling, completely customisable cat play system available with a wide range of fun accessories that will encourage cats to live out their natural behaviours – jumping, climbing, grooming, stretching and scratching, as well as a fair bit of serious relaxing. By providing an irresistible opportunity to exercise and explore, Omlet hopes that cats will be able to find the joy in playing that they might have lost after years of rickety scratching posts and dull fluffy toys.

Even the laziest of cats won’t be able to resist exploring this amazing play system, which in combination with a well balanced diet will make them lighter and leaner, healthier and happier!

The Freestyle Cat Tree centers around strong, extendable vertical poles that can be accessorised with platforms, steps and scratching posts, and connected with ramps and bridges. It’s got everything cats need, including optional dens or hammocks where cats can hide away from the world and properly relax. As an added bonus, it will look great in any home, and can be adjusted in numerous ways to allow cat owners to cater to their pets’ needs.

Omlet’s Head of Design, Simon Nicholls, said: “We wanted to acknowledge that not all cats are the same and create a cat tree that was customisable and extendable over time, and that could provide indoor cats with everything they needed. The versatility of this product is truly unique and we can’t wait for cats around the world to explore it!”

bengal cat moving across the freestyle cat tree



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