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Rosie’s Chicken Keeping Adventure

selfie of chicken keeper rosie and dog evieSocial Media Executive Rosie has been at Omlet for a year, and when she was asked by her managers if she was interested in broadening her chicken knowledge (and to create fun content for Omlet’s social media platforms) with her very own flock, she said yes straight away.

“My partner Max has always wanted chickens – he was so excited when I got this job as he thought it would make me more keen to keep hens. So when they asked me I knew he would be over the moon, and I was right. But I’m of course also really excited!”

How much research have you done so far? 

“I read ‘What the Cluck’, Omlet’s chicken keeping book, which was really helpful. I have obviously picked up some knowledge when working with pet content and seeing the chickens at the office. I also manage Omlet’s Facebook Group for chicken keepers, that’s where you get to hear what it’s really like.”

Rosie and Max decided to go for the top notch backyard chicken setup. They have got an Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with a 2m run connected to a 3×3 Walk in Chicken Run, an Automatic Chicken Coop Door and a PoleTree Chicken Perch, plus some covers and other Omlet hentertainment accessories. 

“We set it up a few weekends ago, and we didn’t fight once! To be fair, Max did most of it by himself while I painted the fence, and it was really nice and sunny, but despite being quite a lot of products it was pretty fun actually. 

Although ‘flockdown’ is now over and the chickens are allowed to free range we will probably keep them on the run for a bit to get them used to the space and each other.”

eglu cube chicken coop with walk in chicken run in the garden

Have you decided what chickens you’re getting? 

“There’s been a lot of discussion about this, we didn’t completely agree to begin with. But in the end we decided we wanted good layers, and quite big hens rather than bantams, so we went to see someone that breeds Buff Orpingtons, and I think that might be the breed we’ll go for.”

Rosie and Max are not the only ones in the family; they also live with Evie the Sprocker. 

“I’m really not sure how she will react, but she’s been very interested in the coop going up. We will slowly try to introduce her to the chickens and hopefully she’ll be alright. She’s quite small, so maybe a big chicken will scare her a bit? We’ll see, but to start with she won’t be allowed into the garden if the chickens are out free ranging.”

What are you most looking forward to about becoming a chicken keeper?

“I really like the thought of having them around in the garden, pottering about. Of course the fresh eggs. My mum is a keen baker, so I’m sure she’ll be happy to have a few! And then I’m just looking forward to seeing Max with them, hopefully it’ll be just like he’s imagined it”.

And is there anything you’re scared of?

“I guess I’m a bit worried they are going to get ill or get some kind of parasites, it’s not nice to see your animals feel bad. But I also know that once you have a pet, making sure they are happy and healthy is not something you see as a problem or a hassle, you just do what you can to look after them in the best possible way.”

eglu cube chicken coop with walk in chicken run in garden

We’ll catch up with Rosie again next month when she’s picked up her chickens to hear how they are all getting on!

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2 replies on “Rosie’s Chicken Keeping Adventure”

Jane Taylor says:

I sorted keeping chickens last year having always wanted to and I acquired 3 beautiful brown ones on the point of lay from the smallholder at the back of us who admitted he was not very good at sexing them. All went well for 2 weeks and then one morning I went out to feed them and found them all practicing their coca-doodle-doos!! They went back and I then acquired 3 more lovey brown ones who were hens and shortly started laying 3 eggs a day.

As to your comment about the dog, I have a cockapoo and was also nervous about him meeting the hens in case he chased them. After about 6 months I decided to let them meet whereupon the hens turned on Alfie and really attacked and pecked him. Both he and I were very upset by the experience, so be careful for their meeting but probably not in the way you were expecting.

BTW Did you know chickens are the nearest living relatives of dinosaurs?

Harriet says:

I have grown up with chickens all my life. Currently we have seven: Millie, Cinnamon, Persephone, Daisy, Nutmeg, Coconut and Hazel. We have two Eglu Classics, but they all squash into one at night. We love them so much!

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